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Console only.png Console-Only Content: This information (or parts of it) applies only to the console version of Terraria.
For the console version history, see Console Version History.

The Console version of Terraria is published by 505Games and developed by Engine Software. The console version is a port of the desktop version, which is developed by Re-Logic. This version contains exclusive content not available in the desktop version, including new enemies, achievements, music tracks and music boxes, armors, weapons, pets, and a new boss.

The console version is currently available on 7 different console systems. Terraria 1.3 is expected to be released on Nintendo Switch in 2017.[1]

Due to hardware requirement issues and memory constraints, old-gen platforms (Xbox 360, PS3, PS Vita) and the Wii U will not receive significant updates past the 1.2.4 PC equivalent, and the original 3DS won't receive significant updates past the 1.2 PC equivalent (updates for the New 3DS have not been discussed).[2][3][4]

Console Date of Last Update Current Version PC Equivalent
PlayStation 3 August 26, 2016 1.09
Xbox 360 August 26, 2016 1.09
PlayStation Vita August 26, 2016 1.09
PlayStation 4 August 26, 2016 1.09
Xbox One August 26, 2016 1.09
3DS December, 10 2015 (download)
Mar 15 2016 (physical)
1.05 1.2
+ some 1.2.4 content
Wii U September 2nd, 2016 1.08
Nintendo Switch 2017 TBA TBA

Console Release[edit | edit source]

Many items also appear in the Mobile only.pngMobile version. The mobile version also includes items introduced in Console 1.2. The initial console release contained all desktop content through version 1.1 as well as the following console-exclusive content:

Weapons and Ammunition
Console and Mobile
Sharanga.png Sharanga Spectral Arrow.png Spectral Arrow Tizona.png Tizona Tonbogiri.png Tonbogiri
Vulcan Bolt.png Vulcan Bolt Vulcan Repeater.png Vulcan Repeater
Console and Mobile
Dragon armor.png Dragon armor Spectral armor.png Spectral armor Titan armor.png Titan armor
Vanity items
Console and Mobile
Hero's clothes (console).png Hero's Clothes
(different look)
Plumber's Clothes (console).png Plumber's Clothes
(different look)
Console and Mobile
Albino Antlion.png Albino Antlion Arch Demon.png Arch Demon
Arch Wyvern Head Horizontal.png Arch Wyvern
Dragon Hornet.png Dragon Hornet
Dragon Skull.png Dragon Skull Dragon Snatcher.png Dragon Snatcher Orca.png Orca Servant of Ocram.png Servant of Ocram
Shadow Hammer.png Shadow Hammer Shadow Mummy.png Shadow Mummy Shadow Slime.png Shadow Slime Spectral Elemental.png Spectral Elemental
Spectral Gastropod.png Spectral Gastropod Spectral Mummy.png Spectral Mummy Vampire Miner.png Vampire Miner
Console and Mobile
Ocram.png Ocram
Console and Mobile
Bat Pet.png Bat Pet ( Vial of Blood.png Vial of Blood ) Tiphia.png Tiphia ( Beeswax.png Beeswax )
Guinea Pig.png Guinea Pig ( Cabbage.png Cabbage ) Werewolf Pet.png Werewolf Pet ( Wolf Fang.png Wolf Fang )
Slime Pet.png Slime Pet ( Petri Dish.png Petri Dish ) Zombie Pet.png Zombie Pet ( Brain.png Brain )
Other Items
Console and Mobile
Music Box (Tutorial).png Music Box (Tutorial) Soul of Blight.png Soul of Blight Suspicious Looking Skull.png Suspicious Looking Skull

Console 1.2[edit | edit source]

The 1.2 update was a free update released for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita platforms on April 17, 2014. The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions included this update in their November 2014 release. The update featured all content from the desktop version through (Except the Coin Gun and 10 extra inventory slots) as well as some additional console exclusive content:

Console and Mobile
Sparkly Wings.png Sparkly Wings
(added in small pre-1.2 patch)
Vanity items
Console and Mobile
Fabulous Outfit.png Fabulous Outfit George's Tuxedo.png George's Tuxedo
Console and Mobile
Ocram Trophy.png Ocram Trophy Albino Antlion Banner.png Albino Antlion Banner Arch Wyvern Banner.png Arch Wyvern Banner Arch Demon Banner.png Arch Demon Banner
Dragon Snatcher Banner.png Dragon Snatcher Banner Orca Banner.png Orca Banner Shadow Hammer Banner.png Shadow Hammer Banner Shadow Mummy Banner.png Shadow Mummy Banner
Spectral Gastropod Banner.png Spectral Gastropod Banner Spectral Elemental Banner.png Spectral Elemental Banner Vampire Miner Banner.png Vampire Miner Banner

Additions Update[edit | edit source]

Also known as the 1.2.3/4 update, another free update was released to all console platforms on June 4, 2015, bringing the Console version to parity with desktop version 1.2.3. (Does not give fishing, or any other item/mob that includes fishing). It also added a Console-exclusive vanity set and the Ocram mask.

Vanity items
Console and Mobile Console Only
Ocram Mask.png Ocram Mask Horned God set.png Horned God set

3DS Release[edit | edit source]

For the 3DS version history, see 3DS Version history.

Despite being considered a console release, the 3DS version contains mobile-exclusive items such as the Heart Arrow. The Hero's clothes and Plumber's clothes are their correct Nintendo colors. The 3DS version also contains the Zapinator, an item which was originally released on the Desktop version, but was removed in a subsequent update. It resembles an old Zapper gun from the NES.

The 3DS version is unlike the other console versions, not only because of some differences listed above, but also because it follows its own update line. A list of all the updates it has had, as well as a few highlights of each one, can be found at 3DS Version history.

Besides using the forums, 3DS Terraria players may also benefit from the Miiverse icon.png Miiverse 3DS Terraria Community.

3DS logo.svg
3DS and Mobile 3DS (and Desktop) 3DS Only
Valentine Ring.png Valentine Ring Heart Arrow.png Heart Arrow
Hero's clothes.png Hero's clothes
(original look)
Plumber's clothes.png Plumber's clothes
(original look)
Zapinator.png Zapinator
Lepus.png Lepus Turkor the Ungrateful.png Turkor the Ungrateful

PC Content[edit | edit source]

The 3DS logo.svg version of Terraria is largely equivalent to PC version 1.2. However, some content from future versions has been added into the game, mostly from 1.2.1 to Below is a list of said content.


Frost Moon/Pumpkin Moon Enemy Banners

All 1.2.1 changes related to the Halloween event.

Most bug fixes from PC patches

Other Features[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

Console/Mobile only items
Weapons & Ammunition Mobile only.pngEgg Cannon • Sharanga • Tizona • Tonbogiri • Vulcan Repeater • Spectral Arrow • Vulcan Bolt • Mobile only.pngHeart Arrow • Mobile only.pngHoly Hand Grenade • Mobile only.pngRoman Candle • 3DS logo.svg Zapinator
Armors, Accessories & Vanity items Dragon armor • Titan armor • Spectral armor • Mobile only.pngBoots of Ostara • Mobile only.pngValentine Ring • Sparkly Wings • Fabulous Outfit • George's Tuxedo • Mobile only.pngOktober Locks • Mobile only.pngDirndl Blouse • Mobile only.pngDirndl Skirt • Mobile only.pngAlpine Hat • Mobile only.pngLederweste • Mobile only.pngLederhosen • Mobile only.pngFestive Top Hat • Mobile only.pngMythical Costume
Pets Beeswax • Brain • Mobile only.pngBroken Heart Crystal • Cabbage • Mobile only.pngGolden Seaweed • Mobile only.pngHoliday Bauble • Mobile only.pngMysterious Package • Mobile only.pngOld Walking Stick • Petri Dish • Mobile only.pngPot o' Gold • Mobile only.pngShiny Black Slab • Mobile only.pngSuspicious Looking Apple • Mobile only.pngTurkey Feather • Vial of Blood • Wolf Fang
Music Boxes Music Box (Ocean) • Music Box (Snow) • Music Box (Space) • Music Box (Tutorial)
Banners Albino Antlion • Arch Demon • Arch Wyvern • Dragon Snatcher • Orca • Shadow Hammer • Shadow Mummy • Spectral Elemental • Spectral Gastropod • Vampire Miner
Other Ocram Trophy • Soul of Blight • Suspicious Looking Skull • Mobile only.pngWiesnbräu • Mobile only.pngStrange Looking Tombstone • Mobile only.pngRainbow Piece • Mobile only.pngCursed Stuffing • Mobile only.pngHorn 'o' Plenty • Mobile only.pngRed Envelope • Mobile only.pngFirecracker
Console/Mobile only enemies
Pre-Hardmode Albino Antlion • Arch Demon • Dragon Hornet • Dragon Skull • Dragon Snatcher • Orca • Vampire Miner
Hardmode Arch Wyvern • Shadow Hammer • Shadow Mummy • Shadow Slime • Spectral Elemental • Spectral Gastropod • Spectral Mummy
Bosses Ocram • Servant of Ocram • Mobile only.png3DS logo.svg Lepus • Mobile only.png3DS logo.svg Diseaster Bunny • Mobile only.png3DS logo.svg Turkor the Ungrateful