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Throughout most biomes and layers, various ambient objects are randomly scattered on world creation. These are naturally-placed background objects that can be broken with a Pickaxe, but otherwise cause no effects, and generally don't drop items. They function primarily as visual ambiance and cannot be collected or placed by players.

Destroying ambient objects in a surface or Underground Jungle biome has a chance to spawn various Bait Critters that can be collected with the Bug Net (Worm, Grasshopper, Grubby, Sluggy, Buggy).

Objects[edit | edit source]

Ambient objects.png

Trivia[edit | edit source]

From left to right, the objects seem to be:

  • First row: A pile of dirt and a shovel, a tent, a wheelbarrow full of soil, a post and rope, assorted mud and jungle grass, ash with spots of hellstone, broken lihzhard brick, the broken head of a golem, a skull sitting on lihzhard bricks, various objects caught in cobwebs, a chair covered in spiderweb, a workbench covered in spiderweb, a toilet covered in spiderweb.
  • Second row: an empty mossy cage, a mossy cage with a chicken in it, a rusty minecart, an old well, assorted grassy stones, assorted jungle grassy stones, variant gobs of cobweb, a dead body covered in webs.
  • Third/fourth rows: a table covered in spiderweb, a webbed grandfather clock, a broken or looted chest with webs on it, a broken golden chandelier, various rocks, assorted hunks of ice, piles of bones, more rocks, more icy hunks.
  • Fifth row: a skeleton with a sword through the middle, 3 more piles of bones, A rock and mining helmet, A rock with a copper pickaxe stuck in it, a rock with a sword (seems to be a Tin Shortsword) in it (serves as a decoy for the Enchanted Sword stone), 3 stones covered in mushroom grass, various webbed objects, grassy rocks, tiny stones, tiny dirt chunks, tiny snow chunks, tiny ice chunks, bigger ice chunks, an axe head, a sword hilt, a hammer head, a mining helmet, an arrow, a broken arrow, a Copper Bow, bones, bloody bones, a skull, a bloody skull, a pickaxe head, and various stones.

History[edit | edit source]

  • 1.2.4: Now has a chance of spawning Worms when broken.
  • 1.2: Introduced.
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