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Ammunition items are consumable items fired by ranged weapons. When firing a weapon requiring Ammunition, the corresponding Ammunition type must also be present in the player's inventory. Ammunition items are first consumed from the four dedicated Ammo slots of the inventory, as long as an applicable ammunition exists there; otherwise, Ammunition is taken from the other inventory slots, if present there. Damage bonuses also apply to the damage of bullets and arrows.

Types of Ammunition:

[edit] Other Forms of Ammunition

Some weapons fire items that are not primarily ammunition, while others have their own unique ammunition:

Ammo ID Ammo Type Ammo Varieties Weapons that use this ammo
1 Arrow Wooden Arrow, Flaming Arrow, Unholy Arrow, Jester's Arrow, Hellfire Arrow, Holy Arrow, Cursed Arrow, Frostburn Arrow, Chlorophyte Arrow, Ichor Arrow, Venom Arrow Wooden Bow, Demon Bow, Iron Bow, Molten Fury, Cobalt Repeater, Mythril Repeater, Adamantite Repeater, Hallowed Repeater, Ebonwood Bow, Rich Mahogany Bow, Pearlwood Bow, Marrow, Ice Bow, Tendon Bow, Shadewood Bow, Palladium Repeater, Orichalcum Repeater, Titanium Repeater, Chlorophyte Shotbow, Pulse Bow
14 Bullet Musket Ball, Meteor Shot, Silver Bullet, Crystal Bullet, Cursed Bullet, Chlorophyte Bullet, High Velocity Bullet, Ichor Bullet, Venom Bullet, Party Bullet, Nano Bullet, Exploding Bullet, Golden Bullet Flintlock Pistol, Musket, Minishark, Handgun, Phoenix Blaster, Clockwork Assault Rifle, Megashark, Shotgun, Tactical Shotgun, The Undertaker, Boomstick, Sniper Rifle, Venus Magnum, Uzi, Snowball Cannon, S.D.M.G., Red Ryder, Chaingun, Revolver, Gatligator
15 Fallen Star Fallen Star Star Cannon
23 Gel Gel Flamethrower, Elf Melter
42 Sand Sand Block, Ebonsand Block, Pearlsand Block, Crimsand Block Sandgun
51 Seed Seed, Poison Dart Blowpipe, Blowgun
71 Coin Copper Coin, Silver Coin, Gold Coin, Platinum Coin Coin Gun
246 Stynger Bolt Stynger Bolt Stynger
311 Candy Corn Candy Corn Candy Corn Rifle
312 Explosive Jack 'O Lantern Explosive Jack 'O Lantern Jack 'O Lantern Launcher
323 Stake Stake Stake Launcher
771 Rocket Rocket I, Rocket II, Rocket III, Rocket IV Grenade Launcher, Rocket Launcher, Proximity Mine Launcher, Snowman Cannon
780 Solution Green Solution, Blue Solution, Purple Solution, Dark Blue Solution, Red Solution Clentaminator
931 Flare Flare, Blue Flare Flare Gun
949 Snowball Snowball Snowball Cannon

[edit] Notes

Anomaly: Even though Wire tool tips do not say "Ammo", they can be placed in the Ammo inventory slots, because they are considered ammunition for Wrenches.

Wooden • Flaming • Holy • Unholy • Jester's • Hellfire • Cursed • Console only.pngSpectral • Console only.pngVulcan Bolt
Pc only.pngFrostburn • Pc only.pngIchor • Pc only.pngChlorophyte • Pc only.pngVenom
Musket Ball • Silver Bullet • Meteor Shot • Crystal Bullet • Cursed Bullet
Pc only.pngHigh Velocity Bullet • Pc only.pngParty Bullet • Pc only.pngNano Bullet • Pc only.pngExploding Bullet • Pc only.pngGolden Bullet • Pc only.pngIchor Bullet •
Pc only.pngVenom Bullet • Pc only.pngChlorophyte Bullet
Potions • Consumable weapons • Ammunition • Seeds • Materials (Ores • Bars) • Paint • Other
Arrows Normal Wooden • Flaming • Frostburn • Unholy • Jester's • Hellfire • Holy • Cursed • Ichor • Chlorophyte • Venom • Console only.pngSpectral • Console only.pngVulcan Bolt
Other Stake
Bullets Normal Musket Ball • Crystal • Silver • Meteor Shot • Party • Golden • High Velocity • Nano • Exploding • Chlorophyte • Cursed • Ichor • Venom
Other Candy Corn • Coins
Rockets Normal Rocket I • Rocket II • Rocket III • Rocket IV
Other Stynger Bolt • Explosive Jack 'O Lantern
Solution Green • Dark Blue • Purple • Red • Blue
Miscellaneous Flare • Seed • Poison Dart • Sand (Ebonsand • Crimsand • Pearlsand) • Gel • Fallen Star • Snowball • Cannonball • Explosive Bunny