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Arrows are a form of Ammunition fired from a Bow or Repeater. While they require resources to craft and use, the resources required to build the basic wooden and flaming arrows are more than abundant. Arrows are particularly powerful early game, where even a Copper Bow with simple wooden arrows will deal double the damage a sword can. Wooden arrows should be upgraded to flaming arrows or frostburn arrows, as it does not require a lot of resources, and greatly increases their usefulness.

Bows consume arrows from the Inventory in order from top-left to bottom-right.

Arrow Types[edit]

Wooden Arrows are the most basic arrows available, requiring merely one Stone Block and one Wood to craft 5 arrows. Early game, they are somewhat powerful.

Flaming Arrows are "lit" Wooden Arrows, created with Torches. For realism's sake, they do not require any tools, and can be crafted anywhere. They emit light when fired or dropped as an item. The late-game bow Molten Fury lights all fired Wooden Arrows into Flaming Arrows.

Unholy Arrows are very strong arrows that can pierce through enemies multiple times. Because of this, their effective damage output is much higher than a normal arrow, especially against a boss. After defeating the Eater of Worlds on a given world, they can be purchased from the Arms Dealer for 40 Copper Coin at night. They will also be avaliable at any time of day after the Wall of Flesh has been defeated.

Jester's Arrows are found in Chests or crafted with Fallen Stars, and are consumed after use. They pierce through multiple enemies like Unholy Arrows. They are most effective against swarms of monsters, or multi-segmented bosses like the Eater of Worlds, The Destroyer, or Wyverns. Jester's Arrows leave a trail of sparkles behind them, greatly lighting up the area. They are unaffected by gravity, unlike other arrows.

Hellfire Arrows are found in the underworld or crafted using Hellstone. They are consumed after use, since they explode upon impact with anything, making them non-retrievable. After defeating the Wall of Flesh on a world, they can also be purchased from the Demolitionist NPC. The cost is 1 Silver Coin per arrow.

Holy Arrows are made by using 35 Wooden Arrows, 6 Pixie Dust, and 1 Unicorn Horn. Despite only dealing 6 extra damage, they can deal up to 24 damage with the 2-3 fallen stars summoned at the location where the arrow hit. These fallen stars seem to deal around the same damage as the arrow itself.

Cursed Arrows are created by using 35 Wooden Arrows and 1 Cursed Flame. They inflict the Cursed Inferno debuff, dealing additional damage over time.

Spectral Arrows and Vulcan Bolts are console and mobile-exclusive. They cannot be crafted, instead other arrows are converted into them when shot by the corresponding weapons.

Ichor Arrows are created by using 35 Wooden Arrows and 1 Ichor. They inflict the Ichor Debuff, reducing target's defense by 20 points.

Chlorophyte Arrows are created by using 1 Chlorophyte Bar. The arrows either ricochet once off walls in a direction relative towards where they were fired from, or pierce one enemy.

Venom Arrows are created by using 35 Wooden Arrows and 1 Vial of Venom. They inflict the Venom debuff dealing additional damage over time.

Stakes are bought from the Arms Dealer for 15 Copper Coin once the Stake Launcher had been acquired from the Pumpkin Moon event. They are exclusively used by the Stake Launcher, are consumed after use, and pierce targets up to ten times until hitting a solid block.

Ammo Damage Velocity Knockback Chance to Break Notes Made From
Wooden Arrow Horizontal.png Wooden Arrow 4 3 2 50% Basic arrow, used to craft other arrows Stone Block.png(x1) + Wood.png(x1) at Work Bench.png(makes 5)
Flaming Arrow Horizontal.png Flaming Arrow 6 3.5 2 66.6% Emits light, 66.6% chance to downgrade, may inflict On Fire! Wooden Arrow Horizontal.png(x5) + Torch.png(x1) by Hand (makes 5)
Frostburn Arrow Horizontal.png Frostburn Arrow 7 3.75 2.2 66.6% Stronger than Flaming Arrow, may inflict Frostburn Wooden Arrow Horizontal.png(x5) + Ice Torch.png(x1) by Hand (makes 5)
Unholy Arrow Horizontal.png Unholy Arrow 8 3.4 3 75% Pierces up to 4 times Wooden Arrow Horizontal.png(x5) + Worm Tooth.png(x1) at Iron Anvil.png(makes 5)
Jester's Arrow Horizontal.png Jester's Arrow 9 0.5 4 100% Pierces indefinitely, unaffected by gravity Wooden Arrow Horizontal.png(x10) + Fallen Star.png(x1) by Hand (makes 10)
Hellfire Arrow Horizontal.png Hellfire Arrow 10 6.5 8 100% Explodes on impact Wooden Arrow Horizontal.png(x25) + Torch.png(x5) + Hellstone Bar.png(x1) at Iron Anvil.png(makes 25)
Holy Arrow Horizontal.png Holy Arrow 6 3.5 2 83.3% Summons falling stars on impact Wooden Arrow Horizontal.png(x45) + Pixie Dust.png(x6) + Unicorn Horn.png(x1) at Mythril Anvil.png(makes 45)
Cursed Arrow Horizontal.png Cursed Arrow 14 4 3 83.3% May inflict Cursed Inferno, 66.6% chance to downgrade Wooden Arrow Horizontal.png(x35) + Cursed Flame.png(x1) at Mythril Anvil.png (makes 35)
Ichor Arrow Horizontal.png Ichor Arrow 15 4.25 3  ??.?% May inflict Ichor Debuff Wooden Arrow Horizontal.png(x35) + Ichor.png(x1) at Mythril Anvil.png (makes 35)
Chlorophyte Arrow Horizontal.png Chlorophyte Arrow 16 4.5 3.5  ??.?% Bounces or pierces once Chlorophyte Bar.png(x1) at Mythril Anvil.png(makes 50)
Venom Arrow Horizontal.png Venom Arrow 17 4.3 4.2  ??.?% May inflict Venom Wooden Arrow Horizontal.png(x35) + Vial of Venom.png(x1) at Mythril Anvil.png(makes 35)
Spectral Arrow Horizontal.png Spectral Arrow Console only.png/Mobile only.png 16  ?? 3 75%? Emits light, may inflict Cursed Inferno Arrows shot by the Sharanga
Vulcan Bolt Horizontal.png Vulcan Bolt Console only.png/Mobile only.png 12  ?? 8 100% Explodes on impact Arrows shot by the Vulcan Repeater
Stake Horizontal.png Stake 25 3 4.5 100% Pierces up to ten times. Usable by Stake Launcher only. Bought from the Arms Dealer

Accessories which increase arrow damage[edit]


  • It is possible to re-use many arrows, especially Wooden Arrows and Flaming Arrows which have a high drop rate after being fired. Arrows have a chance to break, regardless of what they hit (arrows break as much against Slimes as they do against Bricks).
  • Wooden Arrows fired from the Molten Fury are considered to be Flaming Arrows and have a chance to be recoverable as such.
  • Jester's Arrows and Hellfire Arrows are always consumed, and cannot be re-used.
  • Flaming arrows and cursed arrows, if they did not break, have a 2/3 chance to downgrade back to wooden arrow after being shot.
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