Bee Hive

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A Bee Hive is an uncommon minibiome of the Underground Jungle. They are made from Hive blocks and contains Honey and a crystallized larva.

If you destroy the larva, it will summon the Queen Bee boss. Any projectile will destroy the larva, so caution should be taken around larva when you're not ready to fight the Queen Bee.


A Bee Hive.
The Larva.
Bee Hive
Characters Unique drops
Bee.png Bee (from destroying Hive blocks)
Queen Bee.png Queen Bee (boss)

From Queen Bee:
Bee Gun.png Bee Gun
Bee Keeper.png Bee Keeper
Honey Comb.png Honey Comb
Nectar.png Nectar
Hive Wand.png Hive Wand
Bee Hat.png Bee Hat
Bee Shirt.png Bee Shirt
Bee Pants.png Bee Pants
Beenade.png Beenade
Queen Bee Trophy.png Queen Bee Trophy
Bottled Honey.png Bottled Honey
Queen Bee Mask.png Queen Bee Mask
Bee Wax.png Bee Wax
Honeyed Goggles.png Honeyed Goggles
From the terrain:
Hive.png Hive
Hive Wall.png Hive Wall
HoneyLiquid.png Honey


  • The player should cover up honey pools before fighting the queen bee as the high viscosity of honey makes escaping hard if you fall in too deep.


  • 1.2.4: Increased spawn rate.
  • 1.2: Introduced.
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