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Banners (enemy)

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Banners (enemy)
Stack digit 9.pngStack digit 9.png
Slime Banner (placed).png Skeleton Banner (placed).png Zombie Banner (placed).png Medusa Banner (placed).png
Type Furniture
Placeable Tango Tick1.png
Dimensions 1 wide ˣ 3 high
Use time 14 (Very Fast)
Tool Pickaxe
Grants buff Banner.png Banner
Buff tooltip Increased damage and defense from the following: [enemy name(s)]
Rarity Rarity Level: 1
Sell 2 Silver Coin
Internal Buff ID: 147
Internal Tile ID: 91
This is about functional enemy-dropped Banners. For decorative Banners, see Banners (decorative).

Enemy Banners are functional furniture items that can be placed on the underside of blocks. They are dropped by enemies.

In the Pc only.png Desktop version, when placed, enemy Banners provide a buff to players within a 50-tile radius. The buff grants players +50% damage inflicted (+100% in Expert Mode) and -25% damage taken from melee attacks (-50% in Expert Mode) against the corresponding enemy.

Multiple Banners of the same type will not grant stacked buffs. Multiple different banner types in the vicinity will however all take effect, and consolidate into a single buff icon.

  • In the Pc only.png PC version, an enemy Banner automatically appears in the player's inventory on every 50th kill of that enemy in a particular world.
  • In the Console only.png Console and Mobile only.png Mobile versions, an enemy Banner has a 1/200 (0.5%) chance of dropping from its corresponding enemy.

The are currently 242 enemy Banners: 92 pre-Hardmode, 150 Hardmode. An additional 7 enemy Banners are unobtainable.

Pre-Hardmode[edit | edit source]

Angry Bones Banner (placed).png Angry Bones Banner.png Angry Bones Banner Anomura Fungus Banner (placed).png Anomura Fungus Banner.png Anomura Fungus Banner Antlion Banner (placed).png Antlion Banner.png Antlion Banner Antlion Charger Banner (placed).png Antlion Charger Banner.png Antlion Charger Banner Antlion Swarmer Banner (placed).png Antlion Swarmer Banner.png Antlion Swarmer Banner Blood Crawler Banner (placed).png Blood Crawler Banner.png Blood Crawler Banner
Blood Zombie Banner (placed).png Blood Zombie Banner.png Blood Zombie Banner Blue Jellyfish Banner (placed).png Blue Jellyfish Banner.png Blue Jellyfish Banner Bone Serpent Banner (placed).png Bone Serpent Banner.png Bone Serpent Banner Cave Bat Banner (placed).png Cave Bat Banner.png Cave Bat Banner Cochineal Beetle Banner (placed).png Cochineal Beetle Banner.png Cochineal Beetle Banner Crab Banner (placed).png Crab Banner.png Crab Banner
Crawdad Banner (placed).png Crawdad Banner.png Crawdad Banner Crimera Banner (placed).png Crimera Banner.png Crimera Banner Cursed Skull Banner (placed).png Cursed Skull Banner.png Cursed Skull Banner Cyan Beetle Banner (placed).png Cyan Beetle Banner.png Cyan Beetle Banner Dark Caster Banner (placed).png Dark Caster Banner.png Dark Caster Banner Demon Banner (placed).png Demon Banner.png Demon Banner
Demon Eye Banner (placed).png Demon Eye Banner.png Demon Eye Banner Devourer Banner (placed).png Devourer Banner.png Devourer Banner Doctor Bones Banner (placed).png Doctor Bones Banner.png Doctor Bones Banner Drippler Banner (placed).png Drippler Banner.png Drippler Banner Eater of Souls Banner (placed).png Eater of Souls Banner.png Eater of Souls Banner Face Monster Banner (placed).png Face Monster Banner.png Face Monster Banner
Fire Imp Banner (placed).png Fire Imp Banner.png Fire Imp Banner Flying Fish Banner (placed).png Flying Fish Banner.png Flying Fish Banner Fungi Bulb Banner (placed).png Fungi Bulb Banner.png Fungi Bulb Banner Giant Shelly Banner (placed).png Giant Shelly Banner.png Giant Shelly Banner Goblin Scout Banner (placed).png Goblin Scout Banner.png Goblin Scout Banner Granite Elemental Banner (placed).png Granite Elemental Banner.png Granite Elemental Banner
Grolem Banner (placed).png Grolem Banner.png Grolem Banner Harpy Banner (placed).png Harpy Banner.png Harpy Banner Hellbat Banner (placed).png Hellbat Banner.png Hellbat Banner Hoplite Banner (placed).png Hoplite Banner.png Hoplite Banner Hornet Banner (placed).png Hornet Banner.png Hornet Banner Ice Bat Banner (placed).png Ice Bat Banner.png Ice Bat Banner
Jungle Bat Banner (placed).png Jungle Bat Banner.png Jungle Bat Banner Lac Beetle Banner (placed).png Lac Beetle Banner.png Lac Beetle Banner Man Eater Banner (placed).png Man Eater Banner.png Man Eater Banner Medusa Banner (placed).png Medusa Banner.png Medusa Banner Meteor Head Banner (placed).png Meteor Head Banner.png Meteor Head Banner Mushi Ladybug Banner (placed).png Mushi Ladybug Banner.png Mushi Ladybug Banner
Nymph Banner (placed).png Nymph Banner.png Nymph Banner Pink Jellyfish Banner (placed).png Pink Jellyfish Banner.png Pink Jellyfish Banner Piranha Banner (placed).png Piranha Banner.png Piranha Banner Raincoat Zombie Banner (placed).png Raincoat Zombie Banner.png Raincoat Zombie Banner Salamander Banner (placed).png Salamander Banner.png Salamander Banner Sea Snail Banner (placed).png Sea Snail Banner.png Sea Snail Banner
Shark Banner (placed).png Shark Banner.png Shark Banner Skeleton Banner (placed).png Skeleton Banner.png Skeleton Banner Snatcher Banner (placed).png Snatcher Banner.png Snatcher Banner Snow Flinx Banner (placed).png Snow Flinx Banner.png Snow Flinx Banner Spore Zombie Banner (placed).png Spore Zombie Banner.png Spore Zombie Banner Squid Banner (placed).png Squid Banner.png Squid Banner
The Groom Banner (placed).png The Groom Banner.png The Groom Banner Tim Banner (placed).png Tim Banner.png Tim Banner Tomb Crawler Banner (placed).png Tomb Crawler Banner.png Tomb Crawler Banner Undead Miner Banner (placed).png Undead Miner Banner.png Undead Miner Banner Undead Viking Banner (placed).png Undead Viking Banner.png Undead Viking Banner Vulture Banner (placed).png Vulture Banner.png Vulture Banner
Wall Creeper Banner (placed).png Wall Creeper Banner.png Wall Creeper Banner Worm Banner (placed).png Worm Banner.png Worm Banner Zombie Banner (placed).png Zombie Banner.png Zombie Banner Zombie Eskimo Banner (placed).png Zombie Eskimo Banner.png Zombie Eskimo Banner
Slimes variants
Black Slime Banner (placed).png Black Slime Banner.png Black Slime Banner Blue Slime Banner (placed).png Blue Slime Banner.png Blue Slime Banner Dungeon Slime Banner (placed).png Dungeon Slime Banner.png Dungeon Slime Banner Green Slime Banner (placed).png Green Slime Banner.png Green Slime Banner Ice Slime Banner (placed).png Ice Slime Banner.png Ice Slime Banner Jungle Slime Banner (placed).png Jungle Slime Banner.png Jungle Slime Banner
Lava Slime Banner (placed).png Lava Slime Banner.png Lava Slime Banner Mother Slime Banner (placed).png Mother Slime Banner.png Mother Slime Banner Pinky Banner (placed).png Pinky Banner.png Pinky Banner Purple Slime Banner (placed).png Purple Slime Banner.png Purple Slime Banner Red Slime Banner (placed).png Red Slime Banner.png Red Slime Banner Sand Slime Banner (placed).png Sand Slime Banner.png Sand Slime Banner
Spiked Ice Slime Banner (placed).png Spiked Ice Slime Banner.png Spiked Ice Slime Banner Spiked Jungle Slime Banner (placed).png Spiked Jungle Slime Banner.png Spiked Jungle Slime Banner Umbrella Slime Banner (placed).png Umbrella Slime Banner.png Umbrella Slime Banner Yellow Slime Banner (placed).png Yellow Slime Banner.png Yellow Slime Banner
Bunny Banner (placed).png Bunny Banner.png Bunny Banner Goldfish Banner (placed).png Goldfish Banner.png Goldfish Banner Penguin Banner (placed).png Penguin Banner.png Penguin Banner Bird Banner (placed).png Bird Banner.png Bird Banner
Corrupt Bunny Banner (placed).png Corrupt Bunny Banner.png Corrupt Bunny Banner Corrupt Goldfish Banner (placed).png Corrupt Goldfish Banner.png Corrupt Goldfish Banner Corrupt Penguin Banner (placed).png Corrupt Penguin Banner.png Corrupt Penguin Banner

Hardmode[edit | edit source]

Angler Fish Banner (placed).png Angler Fish Banner.png Angler Fish Banner Angry Nimbus Banner (placed).png Angry Nimbus Banner.png Angry Nimbus Banner Angry Trapper Banner (placed).png Angry Trapper Banner.png Angry Trapper Banner Arapaima Banner (placed).png Arapaima Banner.png Arapaima Banner Armored Skeleton Banner (placed).png Armored Skeleton Banner.png Armored Skeleton Banner Armored Viking Banner (placed).png Armored Viking Banner.png Armored Viking Banner
Basilisk Banner (placed).png Basilisk Banner.png Basilisk Banner Black Recluse Banner (placed).png Black Recluse Banner.png Black Recluse Banner Blood Feeder Banner (placed).png Blood Feeder Banner.png Blood Feeder Banner Blood Jelly Banner (placed).png Blood Jelly Banner.png Blood Jelly Banner Blue Armored Bones Banner (placed).png Blue Armored Bones Banner.png Blue Armored Bones Banner Bone Lee Banner (placed).png Bone Lee Banner.png Bone Lee Banner
Chaos Elemental Banner (placed).png Chaos Elemental Banner.png Chaos Elemental Banner Clinger Banner (placed).png Clinger Banner.png Clinger Banner Clown Banner (placed).png Clown Banner.png Clown Banner Corruptor Banner (placed).png Corruptor Banner.png Corruptor Banner Crimson Axe Banner (placed).png Crimson Axe Banner.png Crimson Axe Banner Cursed Hammer Banner (placed).png Cursed Hammer Banner.png Cursed Hammer Banner
Dark Mummy Banner (placed).png Dark Mummy Banner.png Dark Mummy Banner Derpling Banner (placed).png Derpling Banner.png Derpling Banner Desert Spirit Banner (placed).png Desert Spirit Banner.png Desert Spirit Banner Diabolist Banner (placed).png Diabolist Banner.png Diabolist Banner Dune Splicer Banner (placed).png Dune Splicer Banner.png Dune Splicer Banner Dungeon Spirit Banner (placed).png Dungeon Spirit Banner.png Dungeon Spirit Banner
Enchanted Sword Banner (placed).png Enchanted Sword Banner.png Enchanted Sword Banner Floaty Gross Banner (placed).png Floaty Gross Banner.png Floaty Gross Banner Flying Snake Banner (placed).png Flying Snake Banner.png Flying Snake Banner Fungo Fish Banner (placed).png Fungo Fish Banner.png Fungo Fish Banner Ghost Banner (placed).png Ghost Banner.png Ghost Banner Ghoul Banner (placed).png Ghoul Banner.png Ghoul Banner
Giant Bat Banner (placed).png Giant Bat Banner.png Giant Bat Banner Giant Cursed Skull Banner (placed).png Giant Cursed Skull Banner.png Giant Cursed Skull Banner Giant Flying Fox Banner (placed).png Giant Flying Fox Banner.png Giant Flying Fox Banner Giant Tortoise Banner (placed).png Giant Tortoise Banner.png Giant Tortoise Banner Green Jellyfish Banner (placed).png Green Jellyfish Banner.png Green Jellyfish Banner Hell Armored Bones Banner (placed).png Hell Armored Bones Banner.png Hell Armored Bones Banner
Herpling Banner (placed).png Herpling Banner.png Herpling Banner Ice Elemental Banner (placed).png Ice Elemental Banner.png Ice Elemental Banner Ice Golem Banner (placed).png Ice Golem Banner.png Ice Golem Banner Ice Tortoise Banner (placed).png Ice Tortoise Banner.png Ice Tortoise Banner Ichor Sticker Banner (placed).png Ichor Sticker Banner.png Ichor Sticker Banner Illuminant Bat Banner (placed).png Illuminant Bat Banner.png Illuminant Bat Banner
Icy Merman Banner (placed).png Icy Merman Banner.png Icy Merman Banner Jungle Creeper Banner (placed).png Jungle Creeper Banner.png Jungle Creeper Banner Lamia Banner (placed).png Lamia Banner.png Lamia Banner Lava Bat Banner (placed).png Lava Bat Banner.png Lava Bat Banner Light Mummy Banner (placed).png Light Mummy Banner.png Light Mummy Banner Lihzahrd Banner (placed).png Lihzahrd Banner.png Lihzahrd Banner
Mimic Banner (placed).png Mimic Banner.png Mimic Banner Moth Banner (placed).png Moth Banner.png Moth Banner Mummy Banner (placed).png Mummy Banner.png Mummy Banner Necromancer Banner (placed).png Necromancer Banner.png Necromancer Banner Paladin Banner (placed).png Paladin Banner.png Paladin Banner Pigron Banner (placed).png Pigron Banner.png Pigron Banner
Pixie Banner (placed).png Pixie Banner.png Pixie Banner Possessed Armor Banner (placed).png Possessed Armor Banner.png Possessed Armor Banner Ragged Caster Banner (placed).png Ragged Caster Banner.png Ragged Caster Banner Ravager Scorpion Banner (placed).png Ravager Scorpion Banner.png Ravager Scorpion Banner Raven Banner (placed).png Raven Banner.png Raven Banner Red Devil Banner (placed).png Red Devil Banner.png Red Devil Banner
Rune Wizard Banner (placed).png Rune Wizard Banner.png Rune Wizard Banner Rusty Armored Bones Banner (placed).png Rusty Armored Bones Banner.png Rusty Armored Bones Banner Skeleton Archer Banner (placed).png Skeleton Archer Banner.png Skeleton Archer Banner Skeleton Commando Banner (placed).png Skeleton Commando Banner.png Skeleton Commando Banner Skeleton Sniper Banner (placed).png Skeleton Sniper Banner.png Skeleton Sniper Banner Tactical Skeleton Banner (placed).png Tactical Skeleton Banner.png Tactical Skeleton Banner
Unicorn Banner (placed).png Unicorn Banner.png Unicorn Banner Werewolf Banner (placed).png Werewolf Banner.png Werewolf Banner Wolf Banner (placed).png Wolf Banner.png Wolf Banner World Feeder Banner (placed).png World Feeder Banner.png World Feeder Banner Wraith Banner (placed).png Wraith Banner.png Wraith Banner Wyvern Banner (placed).png Wyvern Banner.png Wyvern Banner
Slimes variants
Corrupt Slime Banner (placed).png Corrupt Slime Banner.png Corrupt Slime Banner Crimslime Banner (placed).png Crimslime Banner.png Crimslime Banner Gastropod Banner (placed).png Gastropod Banner.png Gastropod Banner Hoppin' Jack Banner (placed).png Hoppin' Jack Banner.png Hoppin' Jack Banner Illuminant Slime Banner (placed).png Illuminant Slime Banner.png Illuminant Slime Banner Rainbow Slime Banner (placed).png Rainbow Slime Banner.png Rainbow Slime Banner
Slimer Banner (placed).png Slimer Banner.png Slimer Banner Toxic Sludge Banner (placed).png Toxic Sludge Banner.png Toxic Sludge Banner

Event[edit | edit source]

Goblin Army
Goblin Archer Banner (placed).png Goblin Archer Banner.png Goblin Archer Banner Goblin Peon Banner (placed).png Goblin Peon Banner.png Goblin Peon Banner Goblin Sorcerer Banner (placed).png Goblin Sorcerer Banner.png Goblin Sorcerer Banner Goblin Summoner Banner (placed).png Goblin Summoner Banner.png Goblin Summoner Banner Goblin Thief Banner (placed).png Goblin Thief Banner.png Goblin Thief Banner Goblin Warrior Banner (placed).png Goblin Warrior Banner.png Goblin Warrior Banner
Frost Legion
Mister Stabby Banner (placed).png Mister Stabby Banner.png Mister Stabby Banner Snow Balla Banner (placed).png Snow Balla Banner.png Snow Balla Banner Snowman Gangsta Banner (placed).png Snowman Gangsta Banner.png Snowman Gangsta Banner
Pirate Invasion
Parrot Banner (placed).png Parrot Banner.png Parrot Banner Pirate Captain Banner (placed).png Pirate Captain Banner.png Pirate Captain Banner Pirate Corsair Banner (placed).png Pirate Corsair Banner.png Pirate Corsair Banner Pirate Crossbower Banner (placed).png Pirate Crossbower Banner.png Pirate Crossbower Banner Pirate Deadeye Banner (placed).png Pirate Deadeye Banner.png Pirate Deadeye Banner Pirate Deckhand Banner (placed).png Pirate Deckhand Banner.png Pirate Deckhand Banner
Martian Madness
Martian Brainscrambler Banner (placed).png Martian Brainscrambler Banner.png Martian Brainscrambler Banner Martian Drone Banner (placed).png Martian Drone Banner.png Martian Drone Banner Martian Engineer Banner (placed).png Martian Engineer Banner.png Martian Engineer Banner Martian Gigazapper Banner (placed).png Martian Gigazapper Banner.png Martian Gigazapper Banner Martian Gray Grunt Banner (placed).png Martian Gray Grunt Banner.png Martian Gray Grunt Banner Martian Officer Banner (placed).png Martian Officer Banner.png Martian Officer Banner
Martian Raygunner Banner (placed).png Martian Raygunner Banner.png Martian Raygunner Banner Martian Scutlix Gunner Banner (placed).png Martian Scutlix Gunner Banner.png Martian Scutlix Gunner Banner Martian Tesla Turret Banner (placed).png Martian Tesla Turret Banner.png Martian Tesla Turret Banner Martian Walker Banner (placed).png Martian Walker Banner.png Martian Walker Banner Scutlix Banner (placed).png Scutlix Banner.png Scutlix Banner
Solar Eclipse
Butcher Banner (placed).png Butcher Banner.png Butcher Banner Creature from the Deep Banner (placed).png Creature from the Deep Banner.png Creature from the Deep Banner Deadly Sphere Banner (placed).png Deadly Sphere Banner.png Deadly Sphere Banner Dr. Man Fly Banner (placed).png Dr. Man Fly Banner.png Dr. Man Fly Banner Eyezor Banner (placed).png Eyezor Banner.png Eyezor Banner Frankenstein Banner (placed).png Frankenstein Banner.png Frankenstein Banner
Fritz Banner (placed).png Fritz Banner.png Fritz Banner Mothron Banner (placed).png Mothron Banner.png Mothron Banner Nailhead Banner (placed).png Nailhead Banner.png Nailhead Banner Psycho Banner (placed).png Psycho Banner.png Psycho Banner Reaper Banner (placed).png Reaper Banner.png Reaper Banner Swamp Thing Banner (placed).png Swamp Thing Banner.png Swamp Thing Banner
The Possessed Banner (placed).png The Possessed Banner.png The Possessed Banner Vampire Banner (placed).png Vampire Banner.png Vampire Banner
Pumpkin Moon
Headless Horseman Banner (placed).png Headless Horseman Banner.png Headless Horseman Banner Hellhound Banner (placed).png Hellhound Banner.png Hellhound Banner Poltergeist Banner (placed).png Poltergeist Banner.png Poltergeist Banner Scarecrow Banner (placed).png Scarecrow Banner.png Scarecrow Banner Splinterling Banner (placed).png Splinterling Banner.png Splinterling Banner
Frost Moon
Elf Archer Banner (placed).png Elf Archer Banner.png Elf Archer Banner Elf Copter Banner (placed).png Elf Copter Banner.png Elf Copter Banner Flocko Banner (placed).png Flocko Banner.png Flocko Banner Gingerbread Man Banner (placed).png Gingerbread Man Banner.png Gingerbread Man Banner Krampus Banner (placed).png Krampus Banner.png Krampus Banner Nutcracker Banner (placed).png Nutcracker Banner.png Nutcracker Banner
Present Mimic Banner (placed).png Present Mimic Banner.png Present Mimic Banner Yeti Banner (placed).png Yeti Banner.png Yeti Banner Zombie Elf Banner (placed).png Zombie Elf Banner.png Zombie Elf Banner
Lunar Events
Blue Cultist Archer Banner (placed).png Blue Cultist Archer Banner.png Blue Cultist Archer Banner
Alien Hornet Banner (placed).png Alien Hornet Banner.png Alien Hornet Banner Alien Larva Banner (placed).png Alien Larva Banner.png Alien Larva Banner Alien Queen Banner (placed).png Alien Queen Banner.png Alien Queen Banner Storm Diver Banner (placed).png Storm Diver Banner.png Storm Diver Banner Vortexian Banner (placed).png Vortexian Banner.png Vortexian Banner
Brain Suckler Banner (placed).png Brain Suckler Banner.png Brain Suckler Banner Evolution Beast Banner (placed).png Evolution Beast Banner.png Evolution Beast Banner Nebula Floater Banner (placed).png Nebula Floater Banner.png Nebula Floater Banner Predictor Banner (placed).png Predictor Banner.png Predictor Banner
Flow Invader Banner (placed).png Flow Invader Banner.png Flow Invader Banner Milkyway Weaver Banner (placed).png Milkyway Weaver Banner.png Milkyway Weaver Banner Star Cell Banner (placed).png Star Cell Banner.png Star Cell Banner Stargazer Banner (placed).png Stargazer Banner.png Stargazer Banner Twinkle Popper Banner (placed).png Twinkle Popper Banner.png Twinkle Popper Banner
Corite Banner (placed).png Corite Banner.png Corite Banner Drakomire Banner (placed).png Drakomire Banner.png Drakomire Banner Drakomire Rider Banner (placed).png Drakomire Rider Banner.png Drakomire Rider Banner Selenian Banner (placed).png Selenian Banner.png Selenian Banner Sroller Banner (placed).png Sroller Banner.png Sroller Banner

Unobtainable[edit | edit source]

Red Potion.png
Red Potion.png
The item(s) described in this section cannot be acquired without inventory editors or other hacks.
Blue Cultist Caster Banner (placed).png Blue Cultist Caster Banner.png Blue Cultist Caster Banner Blue Cultist Fighter Banner (placed).png Blue Cultist Fighter Banner.png Blue Cultist Fighter Banner White Cultist Archer Banner (placed).png White Cultist Archer Banner.png White Cultist Archer Banner White Cultist Caster Banner (placed).png White Cultist Caster Banner.png White Cultist Caster Banner White Cultist Fighter Banner (placed).png White Cultist Fighter Banner.png White Cultist Fighter Banner
Poisonous Spore Banner (placed).png Poisonous Spore Banner.png Poisonous Spore Banner Severed Hand Banner (placed).png Severed Hand Banner.png Severed Hand Banner Small Star Cell Banner (placed).png Small Star Cell Banner.png Small Star Cell Banner Crawltipede Banner (placed).png Crawltipede Banner.png Crawltipede Banner

Console only.pngMobile only.png Console/Mobile Only[edit | edit source]

Albino Antlion Banner (placed).png Albino Antlion Banner.png Albino Antlion Banner Arch Demon Banner (placed).png Arch Demon Banner.png Arch Demon Banner Dragon Snatcher Banner (placed).png Dragon Snatcher Banner.png Dragon Snatcher Banner Orca Banner (placed).png Orca Banner.png Orca Banner Vampire Miner Banner (placed).png Vampire Miner Banner.png Vampire Miner Banner
Arch Wyvern Banner (placed).png Arch Wyvern Banner.png Arch Wyvern Banner Shadow Hammer Banner (placed).png Shadow Hammer Banner.png Shadow Hammer Banner Shadow Mummy Banner (placed).png Shadow Mummy Banner.png Shadow Mummy Banner Spectral Elemental Banner (placed).png Spectral Elemental Banner.png Spectral Elemental Banner Spectral Gastropod Banner (placed).png Spectral Gastropod Banner.png Spectral Gastropod Banner

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • If your inventory is full when you get a banner, it will drop beside you.
  • Bosses don't have banners. Instead, they have Trophies. These do not however grant any buffs.
  • If an NPC lands the killing blow on an enemy that would have dropped a banner, the nearest player receives the banner.
  • The effective range of the buffs from banners is based on the center of your view, not where your character is at. This can be proved by using Binoculars and Sniper Scope.
  • The Crawltipede banner is currently unobtainable due to a bug that only killing the head of a worm-type enemy is counted. (The only vulnerable part of a Crawltipede is its tail.) The banner was previously attainable without editors in earlier versions of 1.3.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Each banner may be placed in a right- or left-facing orientation, but this is decided by which tile column in the world the banner is placed. Placing it one block to the left or right will flip the orientation.
  • The left half of the Nymph Banner is of the Lost Girl "NPC", while the right half is the Nymph monster.

History[edit | edit source]

    • Banners are now given to the player landing the last hit on the enemy instead of the nearest player.
    • Skeleton Mage Banner and Spider Banner have been renamed to accurately reflect against which enemies they will buff you in combat. (Now named Dark Caster Banner and Wall Creeper Banner.)
    • Enemies should no longer count towards tally counters / banners if no player has touched them before they died (i.e. random mob deaths by lava pool no *longer count).
    • Fixed banners not applying to melee hits (swords, flails, axes, pickaxes, etc)
    • Fixed certain banners turning into other banners when placed in multiplayer.
    • Fixed a large multitude of variation NPCs not dropping their banners / counting tally.
    • Fixed Goblin Archer not counting tally / dropping his banner.
    • Banners are no longer dropped with a 0.5% chance, but instead drop every 50th kill of an enemy. The banner is then placed into the inventory of the player that killed it without the need to pick it up.
    • Enemy Banners now empower players nearby when facing the same enemy displayed on the banner. You get increased damage and defense.
    • Added many new banners including Lava Bat Banner, Jungle Bat Banner, Lava Slime Banner and many more.
  • Console 1.2: Added 10 new banners, each dropped by console/mobile-exclusive enemies.
  • Added a total of 87 new banners, each dropped by enemies.
  • 1.0.6: Introduced.