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Bone inventory icon
Type Weapon – Crafting material
Damage 22
Knockback 4
Max stack 999
Velocity 8
Rarity Rarity Level: 0
Use time 11 (Very Fast)
Sell 10 Copper Coin
Internal Item ID: 154

Bones are thrown consumable weapons that can also be used as crafting material. They are dropped by Angry Bones, Dark Casters, and Cursed Skulls in the Dungeon.

When used as weapons, Bones have a 50% chance of being retrievable after use, even if they hit enemies. They are greatly affected by gravity, and arc similarly to Throwing Knives and Shurikens. Of the three consumable throwing weapons, Bones have the least range (Throwing Knives having the greatest).

Bones can be placed as blocks using the Bone Wand, upon which they become Bone Blocks. The Bone Wand uses Bones as ammunition.


Used in[edit]

Result IngredientsCrafting Station
Bone Block Wall.png Bone Block Wall (4) Bone.png Bone Bone Welder.png Bone Welder
Bone Door.png Bone Door Bone.png Bone (6)
Bone Chest.png Bone Chest Bone.png Bone (8)
Iron Bar.png Iron Bar (2)
Bone Clock.png Bone Clock Bone.png Bone (10)
Iron Bar.png Iron Bar (3)
Glass.png Glass (6)
Bone Chair.png Bone Chair Bone.png Bone (4)
Bone Work Bench.png Bone Work Bench Bone.png Bone (10)
Bone Table.png Bone Table Bone.png Bone (8)
Bone Bookcase.png Bone Bookcase Bone.png Bone (20)
Book.png Book (10)
Bone Bed.png Bone Bed Bone.png Bone (15)
Silk.png Silk (5)
Bone Bathtub.png Bone Bathtub Bone.png Bone (14)
Bone Chandelier.png Bone Chandelier Bone.png Bone (4)
Torch.png Torch (4)
Chain.png Chain
Bone Candelabra.png Bone Candelabra Bone.png Bone (5)
Torch.png Torch (3)
Bone Lamp.png Bone Lamp Bone.png Bone (3)
Torch.png Torch (1)
Bone Lantern.png Bone Lantern Bone.png Bone (6)
Torch.png Torch (1)
Bone Piano.png Bone Piano Bone.png Bone (19)
Book.png Book (1)
Bone Dresser.png Bone Dresser Bone.png Bone (16)
Bone Sofa.png Bone Sofa Bone.png Bone (5)
Silk.png Silk (2)
Necro Helmet.png Necro Helmet Bone.png Bone (40) Work Bench.png Work Bench
Cobweb.png Cobweb (40)
Necro Breastplate.png Necro Breastplate Bone.png Bone (60)
Cobweb.png Cobweb (50)
Necro Greaves.png Necro Greaves Bone.png Bone (50)
Cobweb.png Cobweb (45)
Skull Lantern.png Skull Lantern Bone.png Bone (10)
Torch.png Torch
Cactus Piano.png Cactus Piano Bone.png Bone (4)
Cactus.png Cactus (15)
Book.png Book
Pumpkin Piano.png Pumpkin Piano Bone.png Bone (4)
Pumpkin.png Pumpkin (15)
Book.png Book
Spooky Piano.png Spooky Piano Bone.png Bone (4)
Spooky Wood.png Spooky Wood (15)
Book.png Book
Piano.png Piano Bone.png Bone (4) Sawmill.png Sawmill
Wood.png Wood (15)
Book.png Book
Palm Wood Piano.png Palm Wood Piano Bone.png Bone (4)
Palm Wood.png Palm Wood (15)
Book.png Book
Boreal Wood Piano.png Boreal Wood Piano Bone.png Bone (4)
Boreal Wood.png Boreal Wood (15)
Book.png Book
Rich Mahogany Piano.png Rich Mahogany Piano Bone.png Bone (4)
Rich Mahogany.png Rich Mahogany (15)
Book.png Book
Ebonwood Piano.png Ebonwood Piano Bone.png Bone (4)
Ebonwood.png Ebonwood (15)
Book.png Book
Shadewood Piano.png Shadewood Piano Bone.png Bone (4)
Shadewood.png Shadewood (15)
Book.png Book
Pearlwood Piano.png Pearlwood Piano Bone.png Bone (4)
Pearlwood.png Pearlwood (15)
Book.png Book
Mushroom Piano.png Mushroom Piano Bone.png Bone (4)
Glowing Mushroom.png Glowing Mushroom (15)
Book.png Book
Slime Piano.png Slime Piano Bone.png Bone (4) Solidifier.png Solidifier
Slime Block.png Slime Block (15)
Book.png Book
Frozen Piano.png Frozen Piano Bone.png Bone (4) Ice Machine.png Ice Machine
Ice Block.png Ice Block (15)
Book.png Book
Flesh Piano.png Flesh Piano Bone.png Bone (4) Flesh Cloning Vat.png Flesh Cloning Vat
Flesh Block.png Flesh Block (15)
Book.png Book
Steampunk Piano.png Steampunk Piano Bone.png Bone (4) Steampunk Boiler.png Steampunk Boiler
Cog.png Cog (15)
Book.png Book
Honey Piano.png Honey Piano Bone.png Bone (4) Honey Dispenser.png Honey Dispenser
Honey Block.png Honey Block (15)
Book.png Book
Skyware Piano.png Skyware Piano Bone.png Bone (4) Sky Mill.png Sky Mill
Sunplate Block.png Sunplate Block (15)
Book.png Book
Lihzahrd Piano.png Lihzahrd Piano Bone.png Bone (4) Lihzahrd Furnace.png Lihzahrd Furnace
Lihzahrd Brick.png Lihzahrd Brick (15)
Book.png Book
Glass Piano.png Glass Piano Bone.png Bone (4) Glass Kiln.png Glass Kiln
Glass.png Glass (15)
Book.png Book
Living Wood Piano.png Living Wood Piano Bone.png Bone (4) Living Loom.png Living Loom
Wood.png Wood (15)
Book.png Book
Mechanical Skull.png Mechanical Skull Bone.png Bone (30) Orichalcum Anvil.png Orichalcum Anvil /
Mythril Anvil.png Mythril Anvil
Iron Bar.png Iron Bar (5)
Soul of Light.png Soul of Light (3)
Soul of Night.png Soul of Night (3)
Titan Potion.png Titan Potion Bottled Water.png Bottled Water Bottle (crafting station).png Placed Bottle
Bone.png Bone
Deathweed.png Deathweed
Shiverthorn.png Shiverthorn


  • Bones may surprisingly make a useful ranged weapon during Hardmode, as their DPS (damage-per-second) is 120, which is only 3 lower than the Stynger and 3 higher than the Adamantite Repeater, though it would basically not be recommended as it has a much shorter range than the two weapons, plus being semi-automatic.


  • 1.2.3: Increased stack limit from 99 to 999.
  • 1.2: More Furniture craftable items.
  • 1.0.6: Drop rate increased significantly. Now also dropped by Cursed Skulls.
  • Pre-Release: Introduced.
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