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Buffs are status boosts granted to a player upon consuming, equipping, or otherwise activating various items. Active buffs are shown as icons below the hotbar, along with their remaining duration. Buff icons can be right-clicked in order to deactivate them prematurely. In contrast, debuffs are status effects that cannot be cancelled, and are usually negative in effect.

Buffs are always deactivated upon death.

A player can have up to 22 simultaneous buffs in effect at any given time. Once that limit is reached, activating another buff deactivates the leftmost buff in the bar. Activated buffs carry over from server to server, and from world to world.

Buffs can be easily activated with the buff hotkey (default B on PC), which activates all the buff-granting consumables in the player's inventory (starting from the top-left). The hotkey will not re-activate buffs already in effect.


Icon Name From Effect Tooltip Duration
Ammo Reservation Ammo Reservation Ammo Reservation Potion Gives the player 20% chance to not consume ammo. Gives 20% chance to not consume ammo 10 minutes
Builder (Buff) Builder Builder Potion Increases block and wall placement speed and range (+1 range) Increases block and wall placement speed and range 15 minutes
Obsidian Skin Obsidian Skin Obsidian Skin Potion Causes the player to become invulnerable to lava. Immune to lava 4 minutes
Regeneration Regeneration Regeneration Potion Players regenerate life over time. Provides life regeneration 5 minutes
Swiftness Swiftness Swiftness Potion Increases the players speed by 25%. 25% increased movement speed 4 minutes
Gills Gills Gills Potion Allows the player to breathe underwater. They will drown while in air. Breathe water instead of air 2 minutes
Ironskin Ironskin Ironskin Potion Causes the defense of the player to increase by 8. Increase defense by 8 5 minutes
Mana Regeneration Mana Regeneration Mana Regeneration Potion Mana regenerates quicker. Increased mana regeneration 2 minutes
Magic Power Magic Power Magic Power Potion Magic damage is increased by 20%. 20% increased magic damage 2 minutes
Wrath Wrath Wrath Potion Increases weapon damage by 10%. 10% increased damage. 4 minutes
Rage Rage Rage Potion Increases critical strike chance by 10%. 10% increased critical strike chance. 4 minutes
Featherfall Featherfall Featherfall Potion Slows the players falling speed. DOWN key lets the player fall normally. UP key lets the player fall more slowly. Press UP or DOWN to control speed of descent 5 minutes
Spelunker Spelunker Spelunker Potion Allows the player to see ores and chests more clearly. Shows the location of treasure and ore 5 minutes
Invisibility Invisibility Invisibility Potion Make the player invisible. Armor will still be visible, along with certain equipped items. Grants invisibility 2 minutes
Shine Shine Shine Potion Makes the player shine to see properly. Emitting light 5 minutes
Night Owl Night Owl Night Owl Potion Allows to see light better. Increased night vision 4 minutes
Calm Calm Calming Potion Enemy NPC spawn rate decreases. Decreases enemy spawn rate 5 minutes
Battle Battle Battle Potion Enemy NPC spawn rate increases. Increased enemy spawn rate 7 minutes
Thorns Thorns Thorns Potion Melee attackers take a small amount of damage upon harming the player. Attackers also take damage 2 minutes
Water Walking Water Walking Water Walking Potion Allows the player to walk on water, honey and lava. DOWN key allows the player to fall in liquids. Press DOWN to enter water 5 minutes
Archery Archery Archery Potion Arrow speed and damage from bows and repeaters is increased by 20%. 20% increased arrow damage and speed 4 minutes
Hunter Hunter Hunter Potion Allows the player to find enemy NPCs easily. Shows the location of enemies 5 minutes
Gravitation Gravitation Gravitation Potion Players gravity can be reversed by pressing the UP key and DOWN to normal. Press UP or DOWN to reverse gravity 3 minutes
Shadow Orb Shadow Orb Shadow Orb Shadow orbs follow players to provide light. If the orb is too far from the player, it will teleport to the player. A magical orb that provides light Infinite
Well Fed Well Fed Numerous Food Items. Consuming food items gives the player a few improvements such as damage, defense, swing rate, etc. Minor improvements to all stats 3-15 minutes depending on what food is used.
Fairy Fairy Fairy Bell A fairy follows the player to provide light. If the fairy is too far from the player, it will teleport to the player. Summoned fairies will have a random color of blue, green, or pink. A fairy is following you Infinite
Clairvoyance Clairvoyance Crystal Ball Right clicking on a placed Crystal Ball increases the player's magic power. Magic powers are increased 10 minutes
Ammo Box Ammo Box Ammo Box Right clicking on a placed Ammo Box gives the player a 20% chance not to consume ammo. 20% not to consume ammo 10 minutes
Merfolk Merfolk1 Neptune's Shell/Moon Shell Turns the player into a merfolk when the player enters water, allowing infinite breathing and better swimming. Can breathe and move easily underwater While underwater
Werewolf Werewolf1 Moon Charm/Moon Shell Gives improvements to physical abilities, as well as giving the player a cosmetic werewolf skin. Physical abilities are increased During the night
Honey Honey standing in Honey Player's life regenerates permanently while standing in honey and remains for 30 seconds after exiting it. Life regeneration is increased 30 seconds
Panic! Panic! When hit with the Panic Necklace / Sweetheart Necklace Causes the player to move more quickly after taking damage. Movement speed is increased 5 seconds
Shadow Dodge Shadow Dodge After striking an enemy while wearing Titanium armor Allows the player to dodge the next incoming attack. Two clones of the player will appear, mimicking the player's movements. You will dodge the next attack 20 seconds
Rapid Healing Rapid Healing After striking an enemy while wearing Palladium armor Gives improved life regeneration Life regeneration is greatly increased 5 seconds
Campfire Campfire When standing near a Campfire. Gives improved life regeneration to nearby players. Life regen is slightly increased When standing near a campfire
Heart Lamp Heart Lamp When standing near a Heart Lantern. Gives improved life regeneration to nearby players. Life regen is increased When standing near a heart lantern
Lifeforce Potion Lifeforce Lifeforce Potion Increased max health 20% increased max life 5 minutes
Warmth Potion Warmth Warmth Potion Reduces damage from cold themed enemies. Reduced damage from cold sources 25 minutes
Crate Potion Crate Crate Potion Higher chance to fish up a crate Increases chance to get a crate 3 minutes
Dangersense Potion Dangersense Dangersense Potion Highlights traps You can see nearby hazards 10 minutes
Endurance Potion Endurance Endurance Potion Every source of damage is reduced 10% reduced damage 4 minutes
Fishing Potion Fishing Fishing Potion Fishing power increased Increased fishing level 8 minutes
Flipper Potion Flipper Flipper Potion Movement speed won't be affected by liquids Move like normal in water 8 minutes
Heartreach Potion Heartreach Heartreach Potion Improved heart pickup range Increased heart pickup range 8 minutes
Inferno Potion Inferno Inferno Potion Summons a fire barrier around the player Nearby enemies are ignited 8 minutes
Love Potion Lovestruck Love Potion Floating hearts appear around you You are in love! 30 seconds
Mining Potion Mining Mining Potion Increases mining speed 25% increased mining speed 5 minutes
Sonar Potion Sonar Sonar Potion See the name of your catch while fishing You can see what's biting your hook 4 minutes
Summoning Potion Summoning Summoning Potion +1 Minion capacity Increased max number of minions 6 minutes
Titan Potion Titan Titan Potion Increases knockback of all weapons Increased knockback 4 minutes
Weapon Imbue: Venom Weapon Imbue: Venom Flask of Venom Melee attacks inflict Venom debuff on enemies Melee attacks inflict Venom on enemies 15 minutes
Weapon Imbue: Cursed Flames Weapon Imbue: Cursed Flames Flask of Cursed Flames Melee attacks inflict Cursed Inferno debuff on enemies Melee attacks inflict enemies with cursed flames 15 minutes
Weapon Imbue: Fire Weapon Imbue: Fire Flask of Fire Melee attacks inflict On Fire! debuff on enemies Melee attacks set enemies on fire 15 minutes
Weapon Imbue: Gold Weapon Imbue: Gold Flask of Gold Melee attacks inflict Midas debuff on enemies Melee attacks make enemies drop more gold 15 minutes
Weapon Imbue: Ichor Weapon Imbue: Ichor Flask of Ichor Melee attacks inflict Ichor debuff on enemies Melee attacks decrease enemies defense 15 minutes
Weapon Imbue: Nanites Weapon Imbue: Nanites Flask of Nanites Melee attacks inflict Confused on enemies Melee attacks confuse enemies 15 minutes
Weapon Imbue: Confetti Weapon Imbue: Confetti Flask of Party Melee attacks cause bursts of confetti Melee attacks causes confetti to appear 15 minutes
Weapon Imbue: Poison Weapon Imbue: Poison Flask of Poison Melee attacks inflict Poisoned on enemies Melee attacks poison enemies 15 minutes

1 These buffs are automatically applied by an equipped accessory under certain circumstances. They cannot be cancelled by right-click, but by removing the accessory.


Aside from the normal buffs there are also buffs that provide you with a pet. Unlike other buffs they last until the player dies or cancels the buff.

Icon Name From Item Tooltip Buff Tooltip Duration
Pygmy Staff Pygmies Pygmy Staff Summons a pygmy to fight for you The pygmies will fight for you infinite
Slime Staff Slime (buff) Slime Staff Summons a baby slime to fight for you. The baby slime will fight for you infinite
Hornet Staff Hornet (buff) Hornet Staff Summons a hornet to fight for you The hornet will fight for you infinite
Imp Staff Imp (buff) Imp Staff Summons an imp to fight for you The Imp will fight for you infinite
Spider Staff Spider (buff) Spider Staff Summons an spider to fight for you The spider will fight for you infinite
Optic Staff Twins (buff) Optic Staff Summons twins to fight for you The twins will fight for you infinite
Pirate Staff Pirate (buff) Pirate Staff Summons pirates to fight for you The pirates will fight for you infinite
Raven Staff Raven (buff) Raven Staff Summons a raven to fight for you The ravens will attack your enemies infinite
Tempest Staff Sharknado Tempest Staff Summons sharknados to fight for you The sharknado will fight for you infinite


  • The effects of the same buff do not stack.
  • The Campfire buff, Heart Lamp buff, and the Water Candle buff are the only buffs you can't remove by right clicking. They are instead cancelled by moving away from the buff's source, or destroying the source.


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