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Bundle of Balloons

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Bundle of Balloons
Bundle of Balloons.png
Type Accessory
Max stack 1
Rarity Yellow
Tooltip Allows the holder to quadruple jump
Increases jump height
Sell 3 Gold Coin
Pc only.png PC-Only Content: This information (or parts of it) applies only to the PC version of Terraria.

The Bundle of Balloons is an accessory that allows the user to quadruple jump. Crafting it requires each of the variants of Cloud in a Balloon to create, requiring a total of 3 Shiny Red Balloons, meaning most players will have to visit multiple worlds to craft this accessory. Each of the jumps has an effect from the different combined items, with the first extra jump being the sandstorm jump, the second being the blizzard jump, and the final one being the cloud jump.


[edit] Crafting

[edit] Recipe

Crafting Station
Tinkerer's Workshop.png Tinkerer's Workshop
Ingredient(s) Amount
Cloud in a Balloon.png Cloud in a Balloon 1
Blizzard in a Balloon.png Blizzard in a Balloon 1
Sandstorm in a Balloon.png Sandstorm in a Balloon 1
Bundle of Balloons.png Bundle of Balloons 1

[edit] History

  • 1.2: Introduced.

[edit] Notes

  • Can also be equipped with the Fart in a Jar or the Fart in a Balloon to let the player perform a quintuple jump!
  • If the wearer also has the Fart in a Jar equipped, the fart jump will be activated after the blizzard jump and before the cloud jump.
  • The Bundle of Balloons contains a yellow, blue, and green balloon, but the green balloon seems to be a replacement for the originally white Blizzard in a Balloon. This may mean the fart in a jar was originally going to be used for it.
  • If you have Wings equipped you can slow fall after each jump by holding the spacebar down when jumping, enabling slowfall at the end of the bottle's jump. You can only fly via the wings after using up all of your bottle-based jumps.
  • Used solely without an item that grants immunity to fall damage, the Bundle of Balloons can cause severe fall damage due to the height one can reach after a quadruple jump.
  • When used with the Hoverboard, you can hover seemingly indefinitely as long as you have at least one additional jump left.
  • This accessory is the only pre-Hardmode accessory to have the yellow rarity. And with a good reforge even cyan rarity.
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