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Type Town
Max Life 250
Defense 15
Knockback Resist 50%
Item (Quantity) Rate
Red Hat.png Red Hat 100%
This is a town NPC. You may need a home in order for it to appear.

The Clothier is an NPC vendor who sells only Vanity items (items that do not provide enhancements to your character, and are for aesthetic value only).

The Clothier is the same character as the Old Man who used to guard the Dungeon before Skeletron was defeated. After you defeat Skeletron, you will have freed the Old Man from his curse, wherein he will disappear from the Dungeon entrance. Once a suitable vacant house is available, he will spawn and sell items. His clothes are no longer tattered, his eyes have turned blue, and he is wearing a red hat.

If the Clothier is killed, he will drop the Red Hat, another Vanity item. Since players can not harm NPCs with weapons, only enemies, Dart Traps, Boulders or lava can kill him. Note that lava of sufficient depth may also destroy the Hat, though. As of 1.2, the Clothier also has a voodoo doll, named the Clothier Voodoo Doll, that when equipped allows you to kill him (similar to the Guide Voodoo Doll) and summon Skeletron.


[edit] Items sold

Once the Clothier has moved into a house, he will sell the following:


Item Cost Availability
Black Thread.png Black Thread 1 Gold Coin Always available.
Pink Thread.png Pink Thread 1 Gold Coin Always available.
Summer Hat.png Summer Hat 1 Gold Coin During the day.
Plumber's Shirt.png Plumber's Shirt 25 Gold Coin During a full moon.
Plumber's Pants.png Plumber's Pants 25 Gold Coin During a full moon.
Familiar Shirt.png Familiar Shirt 1 Gold Coin Always available.
Familiar Pants.png Familiar Pants 1 Gold Coin Always available.
Familiar Wig.png Familiar Wig 1 Gold Coin Always available.
Beanie.png Beanie 1 Gold Coin When present in a Snow biome.
The Doctor's Shirt.png The Doctor's Shirt 20 Gold Coin During the day after a full moon.
The Doctor's Pants.png The Doctor's Pants 20 Gold Coin During the day after a full moon.
Mime Mask.png Mime Mask 2 Gold Coin During a Blood Moon.
Guy Fawkes Mask.png Guy Fawkes Mask 2 Gold Coin During Halloween.

[edit] Hardmode Inventory

These items are sold in addition to the regular inventory, but are only available after hardmode has been unlocked.


Item Cost Availability
Clown Hat.png Clown Hat 2 Gold Coin After defeating the Clown.
Clown Shirt.png Clown Shirt 1 Gold Coin After defeating the Clown.
Clown Pants.png Clown Pants 1 Gold Coin After defeating the Clown.
Tam O' Shanter.png Tam O' Shanter 2 Gold Coin 50 Silver Coin During a last quarter moon. (2 days after a full moon)
Tiara.png Tiara 25 Gold Coin During a new moon.
Princess Dress.png Princess Dress 10 Gold Coin During a new moon.
Cowboy Hat.png Cowboy Hat 5 Gold Coin During a first quarter moon. (2 days after a new moon)
Cowboy Jacket.png Cowboy Jacket 5 Gold Coin During a first quarter moon. (2 days after a new moon)
Cowboy Pants.png Cowboy Pants 5 Gold Coin During a first quarter moon. (2 days after a new moon)
Balla Hat.png Balla Hat No value After defeating the Frost Legion.
Gangsta Hat.png Gangsta Hat No value After defeating the Frost Legion.

[edit] Names

The clothier may have any of the following names: Sebastian, Rupert, Clive, Cyril, Nigel, Mervyn, Cedric, Pip, Cyril, Fitz, Lloyd, Arthur, Rodney, Graham, Edward, Alfred, Edmund, Henry, Herald, Roland, Lincoln, Edgar, Eustace, and Rodrick.

Anomaly: Two of the possible names, Alfred and Edmund, are also possible names for the Merchant.

[edit] Tips

  • Placing a shallow Lava pit in the floor of the Clothier's house (eg. by pouring one Lava Bucket into an 8 or 9-tile long horizontal recession of one tile height) will cause the Clothier to die and respawn often, leaving behind the Red Hat each time, which can be sold for 2 Silver Coin each (or worn).
  • If you have the clothier voodoo doll equipped, making him die either by lava, or by monsters will spawn Skeletron at night

[edit] Quotes

  • "T'were I younger, I would ask [Name of Nurse] out. I used to be quite the lady killer." (Only if Nurse is present) (Reference to Ladykillers)
  • "Thanks again for freeing me from my curse. Felt like something jumped up and bit me" (Reference to Forrest Gump)
  • "Being cursed was lonely, so I once made a friend out of leather. I named him Wilson." [Reference to Castaway (Or possibly the Clothier voodoo doll)]
  • "Mama always said I would make a great tailor." (Reference to Forrest Gump)
  • "That Red Hat of yours looks familiar..." (When wearing Red Hat only)
  • "Life's like a box of clothes, you never know what you are gonna wear!" (Reference to Forrest Gump)
  • "I have vague memories of tying a woman up and throwing her in a dungeon" (If Mechanic is not housed)
  • "Of course embroidery is hard! If it wasn't hard, no one would do it! That's what makes it great." (This is a mock up of line from A League of Their Own)
  • "I know everything there is to know about the clotherin' business." (Reference to Forrest Gump)
  • "I'll give you a discount on your wears if you can convince [Name of Truffle] to come over for a ... sizing." (Only if Truffle is present)

During a Blood Moon:

  • "[Name of Player]... We have a problem! Its a blood moon out there!" (Reference to Apollo 13)

[edit] Trivia

[edit] History

  • 1.2.1: Sells the Guy Fawkes Mask for the Halloween event.
  • 1.2: Now sells more unique vanity sets during Hardmode, as well as the Balla and Gangsta hats. Can now be killed with a Clothier Voodoo Doll to summon Skeletron at night.
  • 1.1: Now has random name given to him on spawn. His deaths will be reported with this name. Also other NPCs will use it in their quotes.
  • 1.0.5: Familiar clothes, The Doctor's clothes and Mime Mask were added to inventory. Choice of goods become time of the day and event dependent.
  • 1.0.4: Introduced.
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