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Demon Altar / Crimson Altar
Demon Altar.png Crimson Altar.png
Type Furniture
This article is about Altars in the Corruption or Crimson. For the altar located in the Lihzahrd Temple, see Lihzahrd Altar.

Demon Altars and Crimson Altars are naturally-occurring crafting stations found mainly in and around Chasms in The Corruption or The Crimson, and more rarely in other areas underground. They are used to craft boss-summoning items and the Night's Edge. Altars emit some light, making them easy to spot. They cannot be freed, picked up, placed, or crafted. After a world enters Hardmode, they can be destroyed with Hardmode-tier hammers, but attempting to hit them with a hammer before that causes the player to lose half their health, and the Altar will not be affected.

Eight Demon Altars.
A world after smashing a large number of Crimson Altars leaving the Crimson and Hallow to spread.


See also: Ores#Hardmode

After the Wall of Flesh has been defeated in a world, Altars can be destroyed with the Pwnhammer or any superior hammer. Each destroyed Altar causes one type of Hardmode ore to appear in the world, with the appropriate message displaying in the player's chat: "Your world has been blessed with (ore)". If a player attempts to destroy the altar with a lesser hammer, or in a world in which the Wall of Flesh is not yet defeated, the altar will be unaffected and the player will lose half their current health, as stated above.

  1. First Altar: Cobalt Ore or Palladium Ore, chosen randomly
  2. Second Altar: Mythril Ore or Orichalcum Ore, chosen randomly
  3. Third Altar: Adamantite Ore or Titanium Ore, chosen randomly
  • Destroying a fourth Altar spawns another round of whichever type spawned for the first Altar (Cobalt or Palladium). A fifth spawns more of whichever type spawned for the second Altar (Mythril or Orichalcum), etc.
  • Destroying more Altars will never spawn Hardmode ore types beyond the 3 that were randomly assigned to your world during the initial round of destroyed Altars. A world with Palladium Ore deposits will never spawn Cobalt Ore deposits, or vice versa.
  • Each time an Altar is destroyed, 1-3 Wraiths spawn, regardless of the time of day. When destroying multiple Altars in rapid succession, the resulting Wraith swarm may become difficult to deal with.

Which ores are generated is not determined until you smash an Altar. For example, it is not determined which ore your world has, cobalt or palladium, until the first altar has been smashed. The same goes for Mythril/Orichalum with the second altar, and Adamantite/Titanium for the third.

In addition to spawning new ore, a small patch of Corruption or Crimson and a patch of hallow will be spawned at a random location on the map. Smashing a large number of Demon Altars will often result in a chaotic world splotched with corrupted/crimson and hallowed areas underground.

Additionally, smashing an altar will start spawning mechanical bosses randomly at night, and will start to trigger Pirate Invasions.


Used to craft[edit]


Demon Altar / Crimson Altar

Result Ingredients
Night's Edge.png Night's Edge Light's Bane.png Light's Bane
Blade of Grass.png Blade of Grass
Muramasa.png Muramasa
Fiery Greatsword.png Fiery Greatsword
Night's Edge.png Night's Edge Blood Butcherer.png Blood Butcherer
Blade of Grass.png Blade of Grass
Muramasa.png Muramasa
Fiery Greatsword.png Fiery Greatsword
Suspicious Looking Eye.png Suspicious Looking Eye Lens.png Lens (6)
Worm Food.png Worm Food Rotten Chunk.png Rotten Chunk (15)
Vile Powder.png Vile Powder (30)
Bloody Spine.png Bloody Spine Vertebrae.png Vertebrae (15)
Slime Crown.png Slime Crown Gold Crown.png Gold Crown
Gel.png Gel (99)
Slime Crown.png Slime Crown Platinum Crown.png Platinum Crown
Gel.png Gel (99)
Abeemination.png Abeemination (Console only.png) Honey Block.png Honey Block (5)
Crispy Honey Block.png Crispy Honey Block (3)
Stinger.png Stinger
Hive.png Hive (5)
Obsidian.png Obsidian (2)
Bottled Honey.png Bottled Honey

Hardmode Ore locations[edit]

A Crimson Altar in the snow.


  • Altars are not used to craft hardmode boss summoners.
  • Altars cannot be collected as items.
  • Altars generate less and less new ores as more are destroyed. The second set of altars create 1/2 as much ore as the first set, the 3rd set creates 1/3 as much as the first, and so on.
  • Cobalt(Palladium) is roughly twice as common as Adamantite(Titanium), with Mythril(Orichalcum) halfway between.
  • Each time an Altar is destroyed, there is a 66% chance that a single random tile in the rock layer will be converted. Only stone blocks can be converted, and they will be converted to ebonstone, crimstone or pearlstone. This will grow to become a new underground Hallow, Crimson or Corruption if given enough time.
  • For players that dislike the thought of a random block in the world turning to ebonstone, crimstone or pearlstone, try breaking altars in another world.
  • Altars encountered outside of the Corruption/Crimson on a given map will always be found at a depth of around zero feet.
  • Attempting to destroy an Altar with a hardmode hammer before killing the Wall of Flesh will hurt you just like a regular hammer.
  • Ore spawns will never overwrite existing Minerals or placed Wood blocks of any type, only biome blocks (Dirt, Mud, Stone, etc).
  • With the introduction of crates, you no longer have to smash any altars, but can obtain enough ore and bars via fishing. Although it's time-consuming, it's safer and you don't have to worry about having to deal with pirates or mechanical bosses early and unprepared.


  • Players about to enter Hardmode may benefit by mining paths to several known Altars beforehand, as navigating Hardmode Corruption/Crimson is dangerous at first.
  • If you destroy every Altar in a world, it then becomes impossible to use them for crafting (at least within that world). Leaving one that's easily accessible in your world might be wise, there is usually one in the nearest cave from spawn at underground level. Alternatively, you can also create a new world and use Altars there for crafting.
  • Players should not destroy all the altars just for ore as the amount of ore spawned reduces for every 3 destroyed altars, as well as spawning a tile of Corruption, Crimson, or Hallow, making the world chaotic, as stated above.


  • In the past, people didn't know what Demon Altars were and called them "Purple Spikey Things". This eventually lead to a joke in the Terraria community.


  • Fixed the problem with altars/pots/chests spawning in bugged conditions.
  • 1.2.3: Fixed dying by demon altar having no message. Crimson Altar now shows up when you hover over it on the map.
  • 1.2: Worlds which have the Crimson instead of the Corruption will have Demon Altars replaced with Crimson Altars.
  • 1.1: When smashed with a Pwnhammer during Hardmode, either Cobalt, Mythril, or Adamantite will be spawned in the world. Also, it now has a chance to summon a few wraith and create additional Underground Corruption or Hallow spreading point somewhere in the world when smashed.
  • Pre-Release: Introduced.
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