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Crossover content is content added from a different game, while the other game also adopts some content from Terraria, with mutual permission. Homages and references, however, are not crossover content. For example the Creeper costume is not crossover content with Minecraft, however a Creeper enemy would be, especially if Minecraft adopted something from Terraria in return.

Edge of Space[edit | edit source]

Edge of Space is a 2D sandbox game developed by Handyman Studios, similar in gameplay to Terraria, but in a space setting.

Reciprocal content[edit | edit source]

Edge of Space has a boss, "Omegatron", which is based on Skeletron.

Pixel Piracy[edit | edit source]

Pixel Piracy is a 2D RTS game developed by Quadro Delta and published by Re-Logic. To celebrate the publishing deal, version 1.2.4 added crossover content into Terraria.

Reciprocal content[edit | edit source]

The weapon Starfury is present in Pixel Piracy.

Dungeon Defenders 2[edit | edit source]

Dungeon Defenders 2 is a 3D tower-defense game developed by Trendy Entertainment which has crossover content in Terraria since version 1.3.4. Its setting is called "Etheria" so elements from this game are called "Etherian" to distinguish from the Terrarian versions when ambiguity could exist, such as for example between Etherian Mana and Mana, or Etherian Goblin and Goblin.

The game features four core classes, which are represented in Terraria by the selection of player equipment.

Class Sentries Tier 2 Armor Tier 3 Armor Tier 2 Weapon Tier 3 Weapon Accessory
Apprentice Flameburst Rod.png Flameburst Cane.png Flameburst Staff.png
Apprentice armor.png Apprentice Dark Artist armor.png Dark Artist Tome of Infinite Wisdom.png Tome of Infinite Wisdom Betsy's Wrath.png Betsy's Wrath Apprentice's Scarf.png Apprentice's Scarf
Huntress Explosive Trap Rod.png Explosive Trap Cane.png Explosive Trap Staff.png
Explosive Trap
Huntress armor.png Huntress Red Riding armor.png Red Riding Phantom Phoenix.png Phantom Phoenix Aerial Bane.png Aerial Bane Huntress's Buckler.png Huntress's Buckler
Monk Lightning Aura Rod.png Lightning Aura Cane.png Lightning Aura Staff.png
Lightning Aura
Monk armor.png Monk Shinobi Infiltrator armor.png Shinobi Infiltrator Ghastly Glaive.png Ghastly Glaive Sky Dragon's Fury.png Sky Dragon's Fury Monk's Belt.png Monk's Belt
Squire Ballista Rod.png Ballista Cane.png Ballista Staff.png
Squire armor.png Squire Valhalla Knight armor.png Valhalla Knight Brand of the Inferno.png Brand of the Inferno Flying Dragon.png Flying Dragon Squire's Shield.png Squire's Shield

Sentries and armor sets are bought with Defender Medals from the Tavernkeep when the corresponding tiers are unlocked (Tier 1 is available from the start, one Mechanical Boss defeated in Hardmode for Tier 2, Golem defeated for Tier 3). Tier 2 weapons and accessories are dropped by the Ogre while Tier 3 weapons are dropped by Betsy. Other content include:

All the crossover content in Terraria is obtained through the Tavernkeep NPC, either directly from him or indirectly by triggering the Old One's Army event.

Reciprocal content[edit | edit source]

As part of the crossover, Dungeon Defenders 2 incorporated some Terrarian content as well. The Dryad became an additional hero class, able to use Vile Powder, Purification Powder, Fallen Stars, Slimes, Harpies, Moss Hornets, and Angry Nimbuses to attack enemies. She also retains her Dryad's Blessing, and can use Leaf Wings. In that game, she is also able to transform between her normal form and a corrupt form, modifying the effects of her powers.

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