Crystal Heart

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Crystal Heart
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Not to be confused with Heart or Life Crystal.

Crystal Hearts are objects found on any layer below the surface. When the player breaks a Crystal Heart using a pickaxe, drill, or explosives, it drops a Life Crystal which can be picked up. The Life Crystal can then be used to increase your maximum health by 1 heart, or 20 health. It also heals you by the same amount. Life Crystals cannot be used once the player has 400 health, at which point only Life Fruit can further increase the player's health to a maximum of 500.

While they can be hard to find, single-player mode worlds will actually contain dozens more Crystal Hearts than the player can use.

[edit] Notes

  • Multiple Crystal Hearts are usually found in the Dungeon and The Underworld.
  • Sometimes Crystal Hearts can be found right next to each other.
Bug : Mobile-phone-icon.pngVery rarely on iOS (possibly console too), two Heart Crystals can spawn inside one another, showing a quarter or half of one, and the rest of the other.
Bug : Mobile-phone-icon.pngSometimes on iOS, Heart Crystals generated in lava will be cut off, with only the top of the crystal visible.
Bug : Pc only.png Digging out silt blocks under a Crystal Heart will crash Terraria.
Bug : If a Crystal Heart spawns on Sand and the blocks are dug out from beneath it, the heart will stay floating in midair.

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