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[edit] Item IDs

Note that not every item has its own ID; these are differentiated via their names. They're listed anyway for completeness' sake. See Item IDs for a list of all item IDs.

[edit] NPC IDs

See NPC IDs for a list of NPC IDs.

[edit] Buff IDs

See Buff IDs for a list of all Buff IDs.

[edit] Projectile IDs

Picture Value
Wooden Arrow.png Wooden Arrow 1
Flaming Arrow.png Fire Arrow 2
Shuriken.png Shuriken 3
Unholy Arrow.png Unholy Arrow 4
Jester's Arrow.png Jester's Arrow 5
Enchanted Boomerang.png Enchanted Boomerang 6
Vilethorn (Projectile).png Vilethorn 7
Vilethorn (End Projectile).png Vilethorn (end) 8
Starfury (Projectile).png Starfury Star 9
Purification Powder.png Purification Powder 10
Vile Powder.png Vile Powder 11
Fallen Star.png Fallen Star 12
Grappling Hook (Projectile).png Hook 13
Musket Ball.png Bullet 14
Ball of Fire.png Ball of Fire 15
Magic Missile (Projectile).png Magic Missile 16
Dirt Ball.png Dirt Ball 17
Shadow Orb (Projectile).png Shadow Orb 18
Flamarang.png Flamarang 19
Space Gun.png Green Laser 20
Bone.png Bone 21
Aqua Scepter.png Water Stream 22
Harpoon (Projectile).png Harpoon 23
Spiky Ball.png Spiky Ball 24
Ball 'O Hurt (Projectile).png Ball 'O Hurt 25
Blue Moon (Projectile).png Blue Moon 26
Water Bolt (Projectile).png Water Bolt 27
Bomb.png Bomb 28
Dynamite.png Dynamite 29
Grenade.png Grenade 30
Sand Ball.png Sand Ball 31
Ivy Whip (Projectile).png Ivy Whip 32
Thorn Chakram.png Thorn Chakram 33
Flamelash (Projectile).png Flamelash 34
Sunfury (Projectile).png Sunfury 35
Meteor Shot.png Meteor Shot 36
Sticky Bomb.png Sticky Bomb 37
Harpy Feather.png Harpy Feather 38
Mud Ball.png Mud Ball* 39
Ash Ball.png Ash Ball* 40
Hellfire Arrow.png Hellfire Arrow 41
Sand Ball.png Sand Ball 42
Tombstone.png Tombstone 43
Demon Scythe (Projectile).gif Demon Sickle 44
Demon Scythe (Projectile).gif Demon Scythe 45
Dark Lance.png Dark Lance 46
Trident.png Trident 47
Throwing Knife.png Throwing Knife 48
Spear.png Spear 49
Glowstick.png Glowstick 50
Seed (Projectile).png Seed 51
Wooden Boomerang.png Wooden Boomerang 52
Sticky Glowstick.png Sticky Glowstick 53
Poisoned Knife.png Poisoned Knife 54
Hornet Stinger.png Stinger 55
Ebonsand Ball.png Ebonsand Ball 56
Cobalt Chainsaw.png Cobalt Chainsaw 57
Mythril Chainsaw.png Mythril Chainsaw 58
Cobalt Drill.png Cobalt Drill 59
Mythril Drill.png Mythril Drill 60
Adamantite Chainsaw.png Adamantite Chainsaw 61
Adamantite Drill.png Adamantite Drill 62
Dao of Pow (Projectile).png The Dao of Pow 63
Mythril Halberd.png Mythril Halberd 64
Ebonsand Ball.png Ebonsand Ball 65
Adamantite Glaive.png Adamantite Glaive 66
Pearlsand Ball.png Pearlsand Ball 67
Pearlsand Ball.png Pearlsand Ball 68
Holy Water.png Holy Water 69
Unholy Water.png Unholy Water 70
Silt Ball.png Silt Ball 71
Blue Fairy.png Blue Fairy 72
Blue Dual Hook.png Hook (Blue) 73
Red Dual Hook.png Hook (Red) 74
Happy Bomb.png Happy Bomb 75
Note 1.png Note (small) 76
Note 2.png Note (medium) 77
Note 3.png Note (large) 78
Rainbow Rod (Projectile).png Rainbow 79
Ice Rod (Projectile).png Ice Block 80
Wooden Arrow.png Wooden Arrow (Goblin Archer) 81
Flaming Arrow.png Flaming Arrow (Skeleton Archer) 82
Retinazer.png Eye Laser 83
Gastropod.png Pink Laser 84
Flamethrower.png Flames 85
Pink Fairy.png Pink Fairy 86
Green Fairy.png Green Fairy 87
Laser Rifle.png Purple Laser 88
Crystal Bullet.png Crystal Bullet 89
Crystal Fragment.png Crystal Shard (Fragment) 90
Holy Arrow.png Holy Arrow 91
Holy Arrow Star.png Hallow Star 92
Magic Dagger.png Magic Dagger 93
Crystal Storm (Projectile).png Crystal Storm 94
Cursed Flame (Projectile).png Cursed Flames 95
Spazmatism.png Cursed Flame 96
Cobalt Naginata.png Cobalt Naginata 97
Poison Dart Trap (Projectile).png Poison Dart 98
Boulder (Projectile).png Boulder 99
Retinazer.png Wall of Flesh.png Prime Laser.png Death laser 100
Spazmatism.png Eye Fire 101
Skeletron Bomb.gif Bomb (Skeletron Prime Cannon) 102
Cursed Arrow.png Cursed Arrow 103
Cursed Bullet.png Cursed Bullet 104
Gungnir.png Gungnir 105
Light Disc.png Light Disc 106
Drax.png Drax 107
Explosives.png Explosives 108
Snow Balla.png Snow Ball 109
Snowman Gangsta.png Bullet 110
Bunny.png Bunny 111
Baby Penguin.png Penguin 112
Ice Boomerang.png Ice Boomerang 113
Unholy Trident.png Unholy Trident 114
Unholy Trident.png Unholy Trident 115
Beam Sword Beam.png Sword Beam 116
Bone Arrow.png Bone Arrow 117
Ice Bolt.png Ice Bolt 118
Ice Bolt.png Frost Bolt 119
Frost Arrow.png Frost Arrow 120
Amethyst Bolt.png Amethyst Bolt 121
Topaz Bolt.png Topaz Bolt 122
Sapphire Bolt.png Sapphire Bolt 123
Emerald Bolt.png Emerald Bolt 124
Ruby Bolt.png Ruby Bolt 125
Diamond Bolt.png Diamond Bolt 126
Pet Turtle.png Turtle 127
Ice Bolt.png Frost Blast 128
Ice Bolt.png Rune Blast 129
Mushroom Spear.png Mushroom Spear 130
Glowing Mushroom.png Mushroom 131
Terra Blade Beam.png Terra Beam 132
Grenade I.png Rocket I Grenade 133
Rocket I.png Rocket I 134
Mine I.png Rocket I Priximity Mine 135
Grenade II.png Rocket II Grenade 136
Rocket II.png Rocket II 137
Mine II.png Rocket II Priximity Mine 138
Grenade III.png Rocket III Grenade 139
Rocket III.png Rocket III 140
Mine III.png Rocket III Priximity Mine 141
Grenade IV.png Rocket IV Grenade 142
Rocket IV.png Rocket IV 143
Mine IV.png Rocket IV Priximity Mine 144
Green Solution.png Pure Spray 145
Blue Solution.png Hallow Spray 146
Purple Solution.png Corrupt Spray 147
Dark Blue Solution.png Mushroom Spray 148
Red Solution.png Crimson Spray 149
Nettle Burst (1).png Nettle Burst (I) 150
Nettle Burst (2).png Nettle Burst (II) 151
Nettle Burst End.png Nettle Burst (End) 152
The Rotted Fork.png The Rotted Fork 153
The Meat Ball (Projectile).png The Meatball 154
Beach Ball.png Beach Ball 155
Excalibur Beam.png Light Beam 156
Night's Edge Beam.png Night Beam 157
C Shot.png Copper Coin.png Copper Coin 158
S Shot.png Silver Coin.png Silver Coin 159
G Shot.png Gold Coin.png Gold Coin 160
P Shot.png Platinum Coin.png Platinum Coin 161
Cannonball.png Cannonball 162
Flare Shot.png Flare 163
Land Mine.png Landmine 164
Web Shot.png Web 165
Snow Ball.png Snow Ball 166
Red Rocket (Projectile).png Rocket (Red) 167
Green Rocket (Projectile).png Rocket (Green) 168
Blue Rocket (Projectile).png Rocket (Blue) 169
Yellow Rocket (Projectile).png Rocket (Yellow) 170
Rope Coil.png Rope Coil 171
Frostburn Arrow.png Frostburn Arrow 172
Enchanted Sword Beam.png Enchanted Beam 173
Ice Spike.png Ice Spike 174
Baby Eater.png Baby Eater 175
Jungle Spike.png Jungle Spike 176
Icewater Spit 177
Confetti.png Confetti 178
Slush Ball 179
Bullet 180
Bee.png Bee 181
Possessed Hatchet.png Possessed Hatchet 182
Beenade.png Beenade 183
Poison Dart.png Poison Dart 184
Spiky Ball.png Spiky Ball 185
Spear.png Spear 186
Flamethrower.png Flamethrower 187
Flames 188
Wasp Gun.png Wasp 189
Piranha Gun.png Mechanical Piranha 190
Pygmy 1.png Pygmy (Blue) 191
Pygmy 2.png Pygmy (Purple) 192
Pygmy 3.png Pygmy (Red) 193
Pygmy 4.png Pygmy (Yellow) 194
Pygmy Spear.png Pygmy (Spear) 195
Smoke Bomb.png Smoke Bomb 196
Baby Skeletron Head.png Baby Skeletron Head 197
Baby Hornet.png Baby Hornet 198
Tiki Spirit.png Tiki Spirit 199
Pet Lizard.png Pet Lizard 200
Tombstone.png Tombstone 201
Tombstone.png Tombstone 202
Tombstone.png Tombstone 203
Tombstone.png Tombstone 204
Tombstone.png Tombstone 205
Leaf Crystal Projectial.gif Leaf 206
Bullet (Pirate Captain) 207
Parrot.png Parrot 208
Truffle.png Truffle 209
Sapling.png Sapling 210
Wisp.png Wisp 211
Palladium Pike.png Palladium Pike 212
Palladium Drill.png Palladium Drill 213
Palladium Chainsaw.png Palladium Chainsaw 214
Orichalcum Halberd.png Orichalcum Halberd 215
Orichalcum Drill.png Orichalcum Drill 216
Orichalcum Chainsaw.png Orichalcum Chainsaw 217
Titanium Trident.png Titanium Trident 218
Titanium Drill.png Titanium Drill 219
Titanium Chainsaw.png Titanium Chainsaw 220
Flower Petal 221
Chlorophyte Partisan.png Chlorophyte Partisan 222
Chlorophyte Drill.png Chlorophyte Drill 223
Chlorophyte Chainsaw.png Chlorophyte Chainsaw 224
Chlorophyte Arrow.png Chlorophyte Arrow 225
Crystal Leaf 226
Crystal Leaf 227
Spore Cloud (Chlorophyte Weapons) 228
Chlorophyte Claymore.png Chlorophyte Orb 229
Amethyst Hook.png Gem Hook (Amethyst) 230
Topaz Hook.png Gem Hook (Topaz) 231
Sapphire Hook.png Gem Hook (Sapphire) 232
Emerald Hook.png Gem Hook (Emerald) 233
Ruby Hook.png Gem Hook (Ruby) 234
Diamond Hook.png Gem Hook (Diamond) 235
Baby Dinosaur.png Baby Dino 236
Rain Cloud.png Rain Cloud 237
Rain Cloud.png Rain Cloud 238
Rain 239
Cannonball.png Cannonball 240
Crimsand Ball 241
Bullet 242
Blood Cloud 243
Blood Cloud 244
Blood Rain 245
Stynger.png Stynger 246
Flower Pow.png Flower Pow 247
Flower Pow.png Flower Pow 248
Stynger.png Stynger 249
Rainbow 250
Rainbow 251
Chlorophyte Jackhammer.png Chlorophyte Jackhammer 252
Ball of Frost 253
Magnet Sphere.png Magnet Sphere 254
Magnet Sphere.png Magnet Sphere 255
Skeletron Hand.png Skeletron Hand 256
Frost Beam 257
Fireball 258
Eye Beam 259
Heat Ray.png Heat Ray 260
Boulder.png Boulder 261
Golem Fist.png Golem Fist 262
Ice Sickle.png Ice Sickle 263
Rain 264
Poison Fang 265
Baby Slime.png Baby Slime 266
Poison Dart.png Poison Dart 267
Eye Spring.png Eye Spring 268
Baby Snowman.png Baby Snowman 269
Skull.png Skull 270
Boxing Glove 271
Bananarang.png Bananarang 272
Chain Knife.png Chain Knife 273
Death Sickle.png Death Sickle 274
Seed.png Seed 275
Poison Seed 276
Thorn Ball 277
Ichor Arrow.png Ichor Arrow 278
Ichor Bullet.png Ichor Bullet 279
Golden Shower.png Golden Shower 280
Explosive Bunny.png Explosive Bunny 281
Venom Arrow.png Venom Arrow 282
Venom Bullet.png Venom Bullet 283
Party Bullet.png Party Bullet 284
Nano Bullet.png Nano Bullet 285
Exploding Bullet.png Explosive Bullet 286
Golden Bullet.png Golden Bullet 287
Golden Shower.png Golden Shower 288
Confetti.png Confetti 289
Shadowbeam Staff.png Shadow Beam 290
Inferno Fork.png Inferno 291
Inferno Fork.png Inferno 292
Shadowbeam Staff.png Shadow Beam 294
Inferno Fork.png Inferno 295
Inferno Fork.png Inferno 296
Spectre Staff.png Lost Soul 297
Paladin's Hammer.png Paladin's Hammer 300
Paladin's Hammer.png Paladin's Hammer 301
Sniper Rifle.png Sniper Bullet 302
Rocket 303
Vampire Knives.png Vampire Knife 304
Vampire Knives.png Vampire Heal 305
Eater's Bite.png Eater's Bite 306
Scourge of the Corruptor.png Tiny Eater 307
Staff of the Frost Hydra.png Frost Hydra 308
Staff of the Frost Hydra.png Frost Blast 309
Blue Flare.png Blue Flare 310
Candy Corn.png Candy Corn 311
Jack 'O Lantern.png Jack 'O Lantern 312
Pet Spider.png Spider 313
Squashling.png Squashling 314
Bat Hook.png Bat Hook 315
Bat 316
Raven.png Raven 317
Rotten Egg.png Rotten Egg 318
Black Cat.png Black Cat 319
Bloody Machete.png Bloody Machete 320
Flaming Jack 321
Spooky Hook.png Wood Hook 322
Stake.png Stake 323
Cursed Sapling.png Cursed Sapling 324
Mourning Wood.png Flaming Wood 325
Mourning Wood.png Greek Fire 326
Mourning Wood.png Greek Fire 327
Mourning Wood.png Greek Fire 328
Pumpking.png Flaming Scythe 329
Star Anise.png Star Anise 330
Candy Cane Hook.png Candy Cane Hook 331
Christmas Hook.png Christmas Hook 332
Fruitcake Chakram.png Fruitcake Chakram 333
Puppy.png Puppy 334
Christmas Tree Sword.png Ornament 335
Razorpine.png Pine Needle 336
Blizzard Staff.png Blizzard 337
Rocket I.png Rocket (I, Snowman Cannon) 338
Rocket II.png Rocket (II, Snowman Cannon) 339
Rocket III.png Rocket (III, Snowman Cannon) 340
Rocket IV.png Rocket (IV, Snowman Cannon) 341
North Pole.png North Pole 342
North Pole.png North Pole 343
North Pole.png North Pole 344
Everscream.png Pine Needle 345
Everscream.png Ornament 346
Everscream.png Ornament 347
Ice Queen.png Frost Wave 348
Ice Queen.png Frost Shard 349
Santa-NK1.png Missile 350
Santa-NK1.png Present 351
Spike.png Spike 352
Baby Grinch.png Baby Grinch 353
Crimsand Ball 354
Venom Staff.png Venom Fang 355
Spectre Mask.png Spectre Wrath 356
Pulse Bow.png Pulse Bolt 357
Water Gun.png Water Gun 358
Frost Bolt 359

[edit] Tile IDs

See Tile IDs for a list of Tile IDs.

[edit] Wall IDs

Picture Value
Sky 0
Stone Wall.png Stone Wall 1
Dirt Wall.png Dirt Wall (natural) 2
Ebonstone Wall.png Ebonstone Wall (natural) 3
Wood Wall.png Wood Wall 4
Gray Brick Wall.png Gray Brick Wall 5
Red Brick Wall.png Red Brick Wall 6
Blue Brick Wall.png Blue Brick Wall (natural) 7
Green Brick Wall.png Green Brick Wall (natural) 8
Pink Brick Wall.png Pink Brick Wall (natural) 9
Gold Brick Wall.png Gold Brick Wall 10
Silver Brick Wall.png Silver Brick Wall 11
Copper Brick Wall.png Copper Brick Wall 12
Hellstone Brick Wall.png Hellstone Brick Wall (natural) 13
Obsidian Brick Wall.png Obsidian Brick Wall (natural) 14
Mud Wall.png Mud Wall (natural) 15
Dirt Wall.png Dirt Wall 16
Blue Brick Wall.png Blue Brick Wall 17
Green Brick Wall.png Green Brick Wall 18
Pink Brick Wall.png Pink Brick Wall 19
Obsidian Brick Wall.png Obsidian Brick Wall 20
Glass Wall.png Glass Wall 21
Pearlstone Brick Wall.png Pearlstone Brick Wall 22
Iridescent Brick Wall.png Iridescent Brick Wall 23
Mudstone Brick Wall.png Mudstone Brick Wall 24
Cobalt Brick Wall.png Cobalt Brick Wall 25
Mythril Brick Wall.png Mythril Brick Wall 26
Planked Wall.png Planked Wall 27
Pearlstone Wall.png Pearlstone Wall (natural) 28
Candy Cane Wall.png Candy Cane Wall 29
Green Candy Cane Wall.png Green Candy Cane Wall 30
Snow Brick Wall.png Snow Brick Wall 31
Adamantite Beam Wall.png Adamantite Beam Wall 32
Demonite Brick Wall.png Demonite Brick Wall 33
Sandstone Brick Wall.png Sandstone Brick Wall 34
Ebonstone Brick Wall.png Ebonstone Brick Wall 35
Red Stucco Wall.png Red Stucco Wall 36
Yellow Stucco Wall.png Yellow Stucco Wall 37
Green Stucco Wall.png Green Stucco Wall 38
Gray Stucco Wall.png Gray Stucco Wall 39
Snow Wall.png Snow Wall (natural) 40
Ebonwood Wall.png Ebonwood Wall 41
Rich Mahogany Wall.png Rich Mahogany Wall 42
Pearlwood Wall.png Pearlwood Wall 43
Rainbow Brick Wall.png Rainbow Brick Wall 44
Tin Brick Wall.png Tin Brick Wall 45
Tungsten Brick Wall.png Tungsten Brick Wall 46
Platinum Brick Wall.png Platinum Brick Wall 47
Amethyst Wall.png Amethyst Wall (natural) 48
Topaz Wall.png Topaz Wall (natural) 49
Sapphire Wall.png Sapphire Wall (natural) 50
Emerald Wall.png Emerald Wall (natural) 51
Ruby Wall.png Ruby Wall (natural) 52
Diamond Wall.png Diamond Wall (natural) 53
Unique Cave Wall 1.png Unique Cave Wall 1 (natural) 54
Unique Cave Wall 2.png Unique Cave Wall 2 (natural) 55
Unique Cave Wall 3.png Unique Cave Wall 3 (natural) 56
Unique Cave Wall 4.png Unique Cave Wall 4 (natural) 57
Unique Cave Wall 5.png Unique Cave Wall 5 (natural) 58
Cave Wall.png Cave Wall (natural) 59
Leaves Wall.png Leaves Wall (natural) 60
Unique Cave Wall 6.png Unique Cave Wall 6 (natural) 61
Spider Wall.png Spider Wall (natural) 62
Grass Wall.png Grass Wall (natural) 63
Jungle Wall.png Jungle Wall (natural) 64
Flower Wall.png Flower Wall (natural) 65
Grass Wall.png Grass Wall 66
Jungle Wall.png Jungle Wall 67
Flower Wall.png Flower Wall 68
Corrupt Grass Wall.png Corrupt Grass Wall (natural) 69
Hallowed Grass Wall.png Hallowed Grass Wall (natural) 70
Ice Wall.png Ice Wall (natural) 71
Cactus Wall.png Cactus Wall 72
Cloud Wall.png Cloud Wall 73
Mushroom Wall.png Mushroom Wall 74
Bone Block Wall.png Bone Block Wall 75
Slime Block Wall.png Slime Block Wall 76
Flesh Block Wall.png Flesh Block Wall 77
Living Wood Wall.png Living Wood Wall 78
Obsidian Back Wall.png Obsidian Back Wall (natural) 79
Mushroom Wall.png Mushroom Wall (natural) 80
Crimson Grass Wall.png Crimson Grass Wall (natural) 81
Disc Wall.png Disc Wall 82
Crimstone Wall.png Crimstone Wall (natural) 83
Ice Brick Wall.png Ice Brick Wall 84
Shadewood Wall.png Shadewood Wall 85
Hive Wall.png Hive Wall (natural) 86
Lihzahrd Brick Wall.png Lihzahrd Brick Wall (natural) 87
Purple Stained Glass.png Purple Stained Glass 88
Yellow Stained Glass.png Yellow Stained Glass 89
Blue Stained Glass.png Blue Stained Glass 90
Green Stained Glass.png Green Stained Glass 91
Red Stained Glass.png Red Stained Glass 92
Multicolored Stained Glass.png Multicolored Stained Glass 93
Blue Slab Wall.png Blue Slab Wall (natural) 94
Blue Tiled Wall.png Blue Tiled Wall (natural) 95
Pink Slab Wall.png Pink Slab Wall (natural) 96
Pink Tiled Wall.png Pink Tiled Wall (natural) 97
Green Slab Wall.png Green Slab Wall (natural) 98
Green Tiled Wall.png Green Tiled Wall (natural) 99
Blue Slab Wall.png Blue Slab Wall 100
Blue Tiled Wall.png Blue Tiled Wall 101
Pink Slab Wall.png Pink Slab Wall 102
Pink Tiled Wall.png Pink Tiled Wall 103
Green Slab Wall.png Green Slab Wall 104
Green Tiled Wall.png Green Tiled Wall 105
Wooden Fence.png Wooden Fence 106
Metal Fence.png Metal Fence 107
Hive Wall.png Hive Wall 108
Palladium Column Wall.png Palladium Column Wall 109
Bubblegum Block Wall.png Bubblegum Block Wall 110
Titanstone Block Wall.png Titanstone Block Wall 111
Lihzahrd Brick Wall.png Lihzahrd Brick Wall 112
Pumpkin Wall.png Pumpkin Wall 113
Hay Wall.png Hay Wall 114
Spooky Wood Wall.png Spooky Wood Wall 115
Christmas Tree Wallpaper.png Christmas Tree Wallpaper 116
Ornament Wallpaper.png Ornament Wallpaper 117
Candy Cane Wallpaper.png Candy Cane Wallpaper 118
Festive Wallpaper.png Festive Wallpaper 119
Stars Wallpaper.png Stars Wallpaper 120
Squiggles Wallpaper.png Squiggles Wallpaper 121
Snowflake Wallpaper.png Snowflake Wallpaper 122
Krampus Horn Wallpaper.png Krampus Horn Wallpaper 123
Bluegreen Wallpaper.png Bluegreen Wallpaper 124
Grinch Finger Wallpaper.png Grinch Finger Wallpaper 125
Fancy Grey Wallpaper.png Fancy Grey Wallpaper 126
Ice Floe Wallpaper.png Ice Floe Wallpaper 127
Music Wallpaper.png Music Wallpaper 128
Purple Rain Wallpaper.png Purple Rain Wallpaper 129
Rainbow Wallpaper.png Rainbow Wallpaper 130
Sparkle Stone Wallpaper.png Sparkle Stone Wallpaper 131
Starlit Heaven Wallpaper.png Starlit Heaven Wallpaper 132
Bubble Wallpaper.png Bubble Wallpaper 133
Copper Pipe Wallpaper.png Copper Pipe Wallpaper 134
Ducky Wallpaper.png Ducky Wallpaper 135
Waterfall Wall.png Waterfall Wall 136
Lavafall Wall.png Lavafall Wall 137
Ebonwood Fence.png Ebonwood Fence 138
Rich Mahogany Fence.png Rich Mahogany Fence 139
Pearlwood Fence.png Pearlwood Fence 140
Shadewood Fence.png Shadewood Fence 141
White Dynasty Wall.png White Dynasty Wall 142
Blue Dynasty Wall.png Blue Dynasty Wall 143
Arcane Rune Wall.png Arcane Rune Wall 144

[edit] Prefix IDs

Prefix Value
Large 1
Massive 2
Dangerous 3
Savage 4
Sharp 5
Pointy 6
Tiny 7
Terrible 8
Small 9
Dull 10
Unhappy 11
Bulky 12
Shameful 13
Heavy 14
Light 15
Sighted 16
Rapid 17
Hasty 18
Intimidating 19
Deadly 20
Staunch 21
Awful 22
Lethargic 23
Awkward 24
Powerful 25
Mystic 26
Adept 27
Masterful 28
Inept 29
Ignorant 30
Deranged 31
Intense 32
Taboo 33
Celestial 34
Furious 35
Keen 36
Superior 37
Forceful 38
Broken 39
Damaged 40
Shoddy 41
Quick 42
Deadly 43
Agile 44
Nimble 45
Murderous 46
Slow 47
Sluggish 48
Lazy 49
Annoying 50
Nasty 51
Manic 52
Hurtful 53
Strong 54
Unpleasant 55
Weak 56
Ruthless 57
Frenzying 58
Godly 59
Demonic 60
Zealous 61
Hard 62
Guarding 63
Armored 64
Warding 65
Arcane 66
Precise 67
Lucky 68
Jagged 69
Spiked 70
Angry 71
Menacing 72
Brisk 73
Fleeting 74
Hasty 75
Quick 76
Wild 77
Rash 78
Intrepid 79
Violent 80
Legendary 81
Unreal 82
Mythical 83

[edit] Questions and answers

[edit] A Mob/Item is missing from the list! What can I do?

This means that either the item/monster is saved in the Terraria client with its name, instead of ID, or it was added in a recent update and the page hasn't been updated yet. For example, items such as Gold Pickaxe and monsters such as Pinky and a few other colored slimes, are saved with their name, and can't be indexed with an ID.

[edit] What do I need these IDs for?

Basically, these IDs are used to index monsters, items, buffs, projectiles, prefixes and tiles in Terraria. They may be useful if you are developing clientside mods or texture packs or serverside mods like TShock (i.e. if you are working with the game's code). In Terraria's sprites some of these are labeled by ID so it makes finding those easier as well.

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