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Debuffs are temporary, negative status effects. Unlike Buffs, they cannot be cancelled by right-clicking the icon. Currently, all debuffs apply to players, but only Poisoned, Confused, Cursed Inferno, Venom, Frostburn and On Fire! can be inflicted onto enemy NPCs. (Console only.pngMobile only.pngThe Tizona also has a chance to cause Bleeding.)

Note that damaging debuffs don't stack; if you are both Poisoned and On Fire!, the latter will take precedence.

The Nurse can heal players debuffs, with a cost of 7 silver 50 copper per active debuff, however if the player has the Potion Sickness debuff then the icon will only be removed and not the buff itself until the timer hits 0.

Icon Name Effect Tooltip Duration
Potion Sickness Mana Sickness Magic damage is reduced by 25%, the amount of damage reduced is reduced by 5% every second. Magic damage is reduced by 1-50% 5-10 seconds
Potion Sickness Potion Sickness Prevents the player from drinking healing potions and restoration potions. Cannot consume anymore healing items 60 seconds
Bleeding Bleeding Prevents the player from regenerating life naturally. Cannot regenerate life 45 seconds
Poisoned Poisoned Players turn green and slowly lose life over time. Also restricts their life regeneration. Slowly losing life 7-10 seconds
On Fire! On Fire! Players are engulfed with flames and lose life over time. Also restricts their life regeneration. Slowly losing life 3-7 seconds
Frostburn Frostburn Players are engulfed with Frostburn flames and lose life over time. Also restricts their life regeneration. It's either really hot, or really cold, but it REALLY hurts 1-8 seconds
Venom Venom Players turn purple and slowly lose life over time. Also restricts their life regeneration. Losing Life 8 seconds
Darkness Darkness Lowers the brightness of light. Decreased light vision 15 seconds
Cursed Cursed Prevents the player from using anything. Cannot use any items 4 seconds
Tipsy Tipsy Player's melee abilities are improved along with lowered defense after drinking ale. Increased melee abilities, lowered defense 2 minutes
Confused Confused LEFT key makes the player move right and the RIGHT key makes the player move left. Movement is reversed 7 seconds
Slow Slow Slows down the player's speed. Movement speed is reduced 15 seconds
Weak Weak Causes the player's Physical abilities to decrease. Werewolf buff negates this debuff. (Please Confirm) Physical abilities are decreased 5 minutes
Silenced Silenced Prevents the player from using anything that requires mana. Cannot use items that require mana 7 seconds
Broken Armor Broken Armor Causes the player's defense to go down to half of its normal defense. Defense is cut in half 5 minutes
Horrified Horrified Acts as a warning to prevent the player from going too far from the Wall of Flesh or attempting to escape the Underworld. You have seen something nasty, there is no escape. While fighting Wall of Flesh
The Tongue The Tongue Causes the player to get tangled by the Wall of Flesh's tongue and be pulled into its mouth. You are being sucked into the mouth While being dragged into the Wall of Flesh
Cursed Inferno Cursed Inferno Ignites the player with cursed flames that deal damage over time. Cursed flames can not be extinguished by water. Losing life 7 seconds
Blackout Blackout Player's light vision is heavily reduced making it near impossible to see most light. Light vision severely reduced 4 seconds
Chilled Chilled Slows down the player's speed. Movement speed is reduced 20 seconds
Ichor (debuff) Ichor Causes the player to glow yellow along with the loss of 20 defense. Armor reduced by 20 15 seconds
Frozen Frozen Prevents the player from moving and using anything. You cannot move 1 second
Chaos State Chaos State Takes life whenever a player uses the Rod of Discord too fast. Using the Rod of Discord will take life 8 seconds
Suffocation Suffocation Causes the player to lose life over time while buried in sand, slush or silt. Losing life While in contact with falling Silt/Sand/Slush (or standing in it while it's not falling)
Burning Burning Players will burn and lose life along with movement speed being reduced when touching meteorite or hellstone and restricts life regeneration. Obsidian skull or similar accessory negates the debuff. Losing life and slow movement While in contact with a hot material
 Water Candle (debuff) Water Candle Whenever a player stands near a water candle that is placed (not in hand). Increased monster spawn rate Whenever near a Water Candle(not in hand)

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