Crimson Heart

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Crimson Heart
Crimson Heart.png
Max Life 2 hits to destroy with Pwnhammer
Item (Quantity) Rate
The Undertaker.png The Undertaker 25%
Musket Ball.png Musket Ball (25-50) 100%(with The Undertaker
Panic Necklace.png Panic Necklace 25%
Crimson Rod.png Crimson Rod 25%
The Rotted Fork.png The Rotted Fork 25%
Pc only.png Console only.png PC/Console-Only Content: This information (or parts of it) applies only to the console and PC version of Terraria.

Crimson Hearts (also referred to as Demon Hearts) are floating, pulsing red hearts found deep in the branches of the Crimson. A world with Crimson features several Crimson Hearts, and destroying some of them is often a crucial step in game advancement. This can be done using any Hammer, or Bombs/Dynamite. Crimson Hearts release a fair amount of their own flickering light, similar to Demon Altars, which helps players spot them underground.

Crimson Hearts are usually located at the ends of the branches that split from the main circular room of a Crimson area, kept inside small rooms of Crimstone Blocks. In order to reach them the player may use explosives, a Nightmare Pickaxe (or better, this includes the Deathbringer Pickaxe), or Purification Powder.

Crimson Hearts are the Crimson-equivalent of the Corruption's Shadow Orbs. Like Shadow Orbs, the third one destroyed will summon a boss, the Brain of Cthulhu.


The following messages appear upon destruction of Crimson Hearts:

  • First Heart: "A horrible chill runs down your spine..."
  • Second Heart: "Screams echo around you..."
  • Third Heart: "Brain of Cthulhu has awoken!"


  • Destroying Crimson Hearts will prompt a Meteorite to land.
  • Goblin Armies will begin to appear periodically after a Crimson Heart has been smashed.
Bug.png Bug : Sometimes when only one Crimson Heart has destroyed Brain Of Cthulhu can be awoken.
Bug.png Bug : Sometimes, when the Brain of Cthulhu is already awoken, breaking another Crimson Heart will drop a Shadow Orb item. When this happens, the breaking sound when a Shadow Orb is broken can be heard.
Bug.png Bug : Sometimes, a Crimson Heart and a Shadow orb will spawn combined making a hybrid like item.
Bug.png Bug : Sometimes when only one Crimson Heart has been destroyed the Eater of Worlds can be awoken.
Bug.png Bug : Rarely, instead of an Undertaker, a Musket will drop from a Crimson Heart.
Bug.png Bug : If you use a magic mirror after breaking a third Crimson Heart, the Brain of Cthulu will not spawn.
Bug.png Bug : Console only.pngSometimes when you destroy a Crimson Heart, two Queen Bees will spawn.


  • 1.2.3: Map now correctly refers to them as Crimson Hearts instead of Shadow Orbs.
  • 1.2: Introduced
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