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A character's Difficulty mode is selected during character creation, and only applies to the character being created. The Difficulty mode of a character determines what happens upon their Death. Once a character has been created, the difficulty cannot be changed. Therefore, you should choose wisely.


There are three different Difficulty modes:

  • Softcore mode: Drop half of your money on Death (rounded up).
  • Mediumcore mode: Drop all of your items upon Death, including money and ammo.
  • Hardcore mode: Drop all of your items and die permanently; You will become a ghost that can continue to observe the World but not affect it, and once you quit, your character is deleted.


  • Character Difficulty mode is unrelated to Hardmode, which is a change to the World that occurs after the Wall of Flesh has been defeated. Hardmode does not do the same as Hardcore.
  • It may be a good idea to place important items in chests if playing in mediumcore mode. This is not necessary in hardcore, as if you die it no longer matters what you left behind.
  • It is suggested that new players play on softcore until they are familiar with the game.
  • On console version, however, softcore is called normal and mediumcore is called difficult. Hardcore is still called hardcore.
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