Dragon Skull

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Dragon Skull
Dragon Skull.png
Type Undead Enemy
Flying Enemy
Environment Dungeon
AI Type Flying
Damage 20
Max Life 50
Defense  ??
Coins ?? Copper Coin
Item (Quantity) Rate
Golden Key.png Golden Key 1.5% (?)
Bone.png Bone (1-3) 98.5% (?)
Mobile only.pngConsole only.png Console/Mobile-Only Content: This information (or parts of it) applies only to the console and mobile version of Terraria.
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The Dragon Skull is a flying monster found only in Dungeons. It is similar to the Cursed Skull, with high damage, slow speed, and the ability to travel through walls. It floats slowly towards the player, usually circling around them for a while, before suddenly lunging forward to attack. When striking a player, the Dragon Skull has a chance to apply the Cursed debuff. This renders the player unable to use items, including weapons, potions, and Grappling Hooks, making it very difficult to avoid further damage.

Dragon Skulls are immune to the Poisoned and the On Fire! debuffs.

[edit] Tips

  • Dragon Skulls can be attacked through walls with melee weapons. Weapons with long range like the Dark Lance work well. This may, however, result in drops being trapped inside of the wall beyond the player's reach.
  • Despite being able to inflict Cursed it does not drop Nazar and therefore cannot be farmed for it.

[edit] History

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