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Type Tool
Damage 35
Power 110% Axe
200% Pickaxe
Knockback 4.75
Max stack 1
Velocity 36
Rarity Rarity Level: 4
Use time 24 (Fast)
Tool speed 7
Tooltip Not to be confused with a picksaw
Sell 4 Gold Coin 40 Silver Coin

The Drax is an alternative to the Pickaxe Axe. Appearances and sounds aside, the two tools are functionally identical. However, unlike pickaxes, most drills cannot be reforged with size, speed, or knockback modifiers, making Demonic the best possible prefix. Drax is the one exception, as it can be reforged with knockback, allowing the Godly prefix.

It is obtained after killing the three Mechanical Bosses and combining their souls with some hallowed bars. In the mobile version, it is still named Drax but has a 0.003 percent chance of being found In a shadow chest.

Can mine any block except Lihzahrd Bricks.

Its best Modifier is Godly.



Crafting Station
Mythril Anvil.png Mythril Anvil
Orichalcum Anvil.png Orichalcum Anvil
Ingredient(s) Amount
Hallowed Bar.png Hallowed Bar 18
Soul of Might.png Soul of Might 1
Soul of Sight.png Soul of Sight 1
Soul of Fright.png Soul of Fright 1
Drax.png Drax 1


  • Due to its rapid attack speed, high damage and knockback, it can serve as a melee weapon for low-end close-range targets.


  • The Drax is the only drill with knockback.
  • It used to be called the Hamdrax as it had 85% hammer power, but as of 1.2 it no longer has hammer abilities. With the removal of the Hamdrax's hammer abilities, there are no tools that function as a hammer, pickaxe/drill, and axe simultaneously. Due to the changes made to the functionality of hammers in 1.2, it seems unlikely any such universal multi-tool will be added in later updates (and as of 1.2.4, there have been no such tools added).
  • "Drax" is a portmanteau of words, drill and axe, because it can perform the actions of both.
  • The original tooltip for the Hamdrax was “Not to be confused with a hamsaw.”


  • 1.2.3: Recipe now includes one of each of the Souls dropped by the Mechanical Bosses.
  • 1.2: Changes:
    • Removed Hammer capabilities
    • Re-named to "Drax"
    • Now only takes Hallowed Bars to craft
  • 1.1: Introduced as Hamdrax.
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