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Type NPC
AI Type Passive
Max Life 250
Defense 8
KB Resist 50%
Grants buff Dryad's Blessing.png Dryad's Blessing
Buff tooltip "The power of nature protects you"
Debuff duration 2 seconds after Enchanting is over
Internal NPC ID: 20
This is a Town NPC. A House may be required in order for it to appear.
Dryad's Blessing in action

The Dryad is an NPC vendor that will spawn once the following criteria have been met:

In addition to selling items, the Dryad can report the percentages of Corruption/Crimson vs. Hallow that exist in the current world.

When enemies are nearby, the Dryad will periodically grant the Dryad's Blessing buff to players in the vicinity and displays a leaf barrier effect. The buff grants +8 defense, and gives the player contact damage. Enemies caught within the circle of the barrier will take 1 point of damage per second, more if you defeated more bosses (and x1.5 during Expert Mode).

Items sold[edit | edit source]


Item Cost Availability
Purification Powder.png Purification Powder
75 Copper Coin While not a Blood Moon.
Vile Powder.png Vile Powder
1 Silver Coin During a Blood Moon in a Corrupt world.
Vicious Powder.png Vicious Powder
1 Silver Coin During a Blood Moon in a Crimson world.
Grass Seeds.png Grass Seeds
20 Copper Coin While not a Blood Moon.
Corrupt Seeds.png Corrupt Seeds
5 Silver Coin During a Blood Moon in a Corrupt world.
Crimson Seeds.png Crimson Seeds
5 Silver Coin During a Blood Moon in a Crimson world.
Sunflower.png Sunflower
2 Silver Coin While not a Blood Moon.
Acorn.png Acorn
10 Copper Coin Always available.
Dirt Rod.png Dirt Rod
5 Gold CoinPc only.png 20 Gold CoinMobile only.pngConsole only.png Always available.
Pumpkin Seed.png Pumpkin Seed
2 Silver Coin 50 Copper Coin Always available.
Grass Wall.png Grass Wall
10 Copper Coin Always available.
Flower Wall.png Flower Wall
10 Copper Coin Always available.
Jungle Wall.png Jungle Wall
10 Copper Coin In Hardmode.
Hallowed Seeds.png Hallowed Seeds
20 Silver Coin In Hardmode.
Mushroom Grass Seeds.png Mushroom Grass Seeds
1 Silver Coin 50 Copper Coin While in a Mushroom Biome.
Dryad Coverings.png Dryad Coverings
3 Gold Coin During Halloween.
Dryad Loincloth.png Dryad Loincloth
3 Gold Coin During Halloween.
Daybloom Planter Box.png Daybloom Planter Box
1 Silver Coin After King Slime is defeated. Pc only.png
Moonglow Planter Box.png Moonglow Planter Box
1 Silver Coin After Queen Bee is defeated. Pc only.png
Blinkroot Planter Box.png Blinkroot Planter Box
1 Silver Coin After Eye of Cthulhu is defeated. Pc only.png
Deathweed Planter Box.png Deathweed Planter Box
1 Silver Coin After Eater of Worlds is defeated. Pc only.png
Crimsonweed Planter Box.png Crimsonweed Planter Box
1 Silver Coin After Brain of Cthulhu is defeated. Pc only.png
Waterleaf Planter Box.png Waterleaf Planter Box
1 Silver Coin After Skeletron is defeated. Pc only.png
Shiverthorn Planter Box.png Shiverthorn Planter Box
1 Silver Coin After Skeletron is defeated. Pc only.png
Fireblossom Planter Box.png Fireblossom Planter Box
1 Silver Coin After Wall of Flesh is defeated. Pc only.png
Sparkly Wings.png Sparkly Wings
40 Gold Coin In Hardmode, during a Blood Moon. Console only.pngMobile only.png

World status[edit | edit source]

The Dryad's reports on Corruption/Crimson/Hallow coverage are accompanied by a status message. She considers Hallow "good", and Corruption or Crimson "bad". The Dryad makes the distinction between Corruption and Crimson if they are present in the same world, and will list their percentages separately, though both contribute to the overall "bad" total in her final report.

Quote Appears When
"Keep up the good work!" The world has more Hallow than Corruption/Crimson.
"[name of world] is completely pure.
 You have done an amazing job!"
The world has no Corruption or Crimson.
"We are living in a fairy tale." At least 15% of the world is Hallow, and/or has more Hallow than Corruption/Crimson.
"You have a lot of work to do."
"Things are grim indeed."
At least 20% of the world is Corruption or Crimson, and more Corruption/Crimson than Hallow.
"You are so close!" There is very little Corruption or Crimson in the world.
"The world is in balance" Corruption/Crimson and Hallow percentages are similar.
"You should try harder." All other cases.

Names[edit | edit source]

The Dryad may have any of the following names:

  • Alalia
  • Alura
  • Ariella
  • Caelia
  • Calista
  • Celestia
  • Chryseis
  • Elysia
  • Emerenta
  • Evvie
  • Faye
  • Felicitae
  • Isis
  • Lunette
  • Nata
  • Nissa
  • Rosalva
  • Shea
  • Tania
  • Tatiana
  • Xylia

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "Be safe; Terraria needs you!"
  • "The sands of time are flowing. And well, you are not aging very gracefully."
  • "What's this about me having more 'bark' than bite?"
  • "So two goblins walk into a bar, and one says to the other, 'Want to get a Goblet of beer?!'"

After defeating Old One's Army:

Tier 1:
  • "When I was in Etheria, I felt so disconnected from [World Name]. Its good to be back."
Tier 2:
  • "The corruption tried to take me over when I went to Etheria, But instead, I used its power against the Old One's Army!"

When Merchant is present:

  • "Why does [Name of Merchant] keep trying to sell me an angel statues? Everyone knows that they don't do anything."

When Arms Dealer is present:

  • "I wish [Name of Arms Dealer] would stop flirting with me. Doesn't he realize I'm 500 years old?"

When Truffle NPC is present:

  • "I feel like [Name of Truffle] is a bit misunderstood, he really is a fun guy."

Before Skeletron is defeated:

  • "Have you seen the old man walking around the dungeon? He doesn't look well at all..."

In a Corrupt world:

  • "You must cleanse the world of this corruption."
Before defeating the Eater of Worlds

In a Crimson world:

  • "You must cleanse the world of this crimson."
Before defeating the Brain of Cthulhu:

Only during a Blood Moon:

  • "I sell what I want! If you don't like it, too bad."
  • "Dude, is it just me or is there like a million zombies out tonight?"
  • "I don't want you to buy my stuff. I want you to want to buy my stuff, ok?"
  • "Why do you have to be so confrontational during a time like this?"

When asking for the status

  • "[Name of world] is [hallow percentage]% hallow and [crimson/corruption percentage]% [crimson/corruption]. [Dryad's comment, see above]."(She will say crimson or corruption depending on which one there is, however if you have corruption and make an artificial crimson biome, she will list both crimson and corrupt percentages, as well as vice versa. She will tell the hallow's percentage in Hardmode.)

Once the world is completely pure:

  • "[Name of World] is completely pure. You have done an amazing job!"

During a party:

  • "I thought I would throw a party to celebrate our victories in the past, and those yet to be had."

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The name Chryseis is a reference to a woman of the same name in "Black Ships Before Troy".
  • A Dryad is a nature spirit from Greek mythology, generally depicted as a beautiful young woman. Fittingly, many of the Dryad's possible names take inspiration from either classical literature (e.g. Caelia, Elysia, Faye, Titania) or female celebrities.
  • The Dryad is depicted in a Painting called Dryadisque.
  • Her quote talking about the Truffle and calling him a "fun guy" plays on the homophone "fungi".
  • One of the Dryad's quotes about the player's safety says "Terraria needs you," instead of "[World Name] needs you." This is an oddity among the other quotes.
  • Calista the Dryad is featured in the Terraria Comic Book from DC Comics.
  • Dryad also appears in Dungeon Defenders II
  • The buff "Dryad's Blessings" appears to be a curved square, not a regular straight square.

History[edit | edit source]

  • Now properly increases the defense of other NPCs instead of decreasing it.
  • Added Planter Box
  • 1.2.3: Now sells Crimson Seeds during Blood Moon if in a Crimson world.
    • Now has Crimson specific dialogue for worlds with Crimson in them.
    • Can now arrive following the defeat of the Brain of Cthulhu.
    • Improved Dryad's world status dialog.
    • Fixed bug where Brain of Cthulhu wouldn't make dryad spawn or stop talking about the chasms.
    • Fixed bug where Dryad would mention the corruption in purification powder suggestion while in crimson world.
  • 1.2.1: Now sells Pumpkin seeds along with her own clothes.
  • 1.2: Now sells Grass Walls and Flower Walls. Also sells Mushroom Grass Seeds when in a Mushroom Biome.
  • 1.1.1: Now Corruption and Hallow status numbers are correct.
  • 1.1: Now has random name given to her on spawn. Her deaths will be reported with this name. Also other NPCs will use it in their quotes.
    • The Dryad will now tell you the percentage of Corruption vs. Hallow in the game world.
  • 1.0.5: Vile Powder and Corrupt Seeds were added to inventory. Choice of goods become time of the day and event dependent.
  • Pre-Release: Introduced.
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