Dual Hook

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Dual Hook
Dual Hook.png
Type Tool
Knockback 7
Max stack 1
Velocity 14
Rarity Red
Use time 19
Sell 4 Gold Coin

The Dual Hook is a Hardmode item that allows the player to latch onto surfaces, similar to the Grappling Hook and Ivy Whip. It is dropped by Mimics.

[edit] Comparison to the Ivy Whip

  • While the Ivy Whip can have up to three grapples attached at once and suspend the player in midair, the Dual Hook can only grapple one surface at a time. Latching a second surface will automatically detach the first.
  • The Dual Hook can be fired twice in quick succession, whether or not the first grapple has latched a surface or retracted. (Which can be helpful if falling from a great distance and missing the first shot.) The Ivy Whip requires the first grapple to latch, or else fully retract, before a second can be fired.
  • The Dual Hook has a longer reach than the Ivy Whip by about 10 feet(5 tiles).
  • The Dual Hook's grapple tips each produce light, faintly glowing blue and red, respectively.

[edit] Tips

  • The Dual Hook's capabilities may seem at first inferior to the Ivy Whip, however it has its use as a superior aid in quick cave travel. Producing its own minimal light and automatically detaching previous grapples, the player has fewer pauses during travel. They will need to stop less to place/activate light sources that are purely for getting past a point, and the Dual Hook immediately slings a player across gaps, rather than suspending them over them first. (It should be noted that the same effect can be achieved simply by jumping off the grapple frequently to detach your Ivy Whip, achieving a similar speed.) Its significantly longer reach, and ability to fire twice in quick succession, adds to its usefulness in this capacity, as the player can free fall more often with more confidence in latching surfaces on the way down.
  • The Ivy Whip is still better for intricate maneuvers, construction, and mining difficult areas.
  • When using Mythril armor if you grapple to a block directly above you so that you end up with the hook directly above your head it will trigger the shine effect of the armor so that after a few seconds you will get light around you about the brightness of a torch. This does not work when grappling below or to the side of where you are.
  • All grappling hooks allow you to go through spaces which you can't walk through, such as a space 2 blocks across and 2 blocks high.

[edit] History

  • 1.1: Introduced.

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