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You can compare the damage, defense, hitpoints, AI type, and environments of enemies in the sortable enemy list.

In total, there are 235 enemies: 64 Pre-Hardmode, 74 Hardmode, 8 uncommon, 44 Event, 16 Bosses, 5 Event Bosses, 10 Bosses' servants, and 19 Console only.pngMobile only.pngconsole/mobile-exclusive.

Pre-Hardmode Enemies[edit]

Angry Bones 1.png Angry Bones Anomura Fungus.png Anomura Fungus Antlion.png Antlion
Baby Slime.png Baby Slime Bee.png Bee Black Slime.png Black Slime
Blazing Wheel.png Blazing Wheel Blood Crawler.png Blood Crawler Blue Jellyfish.png Blue Jellyfish
Blue Slime.png Blue Slime Bone Serpent Head.png Bone Serpent Cave Bat.png Cave Bat
Cochineal Beetle.png Cochineal Beetle Crab.png Crab Crimera.png Crimera
Cursed Skull2.png Cursed Skull Cyan Beetle.png Cyan Beetle Dark Caster.png Dark Caster
Demon.png Demon Demon Eye.png Demon Eye Devourer Head.png Devourer
Dungeon Guardian.png Dungeon Guardian Dungeon Slime key.png Dungeon Slime Eater of Souls.png Eater of Souls
Face Monster.png Face Monster Fire Imp.png Fire Imp Fungi Bulb.png Fungi Bulb
Giant Worm Head.png Giant Worm Green Slime.png Green Slime Harpy.png Harpy
Hellbat.png Hellbat Hornet.png Hornet Ice Slime.png Ice Slime
Jungle Bat.png Jungle Bat Jungle Slime.png Jungle Slime Lac Beetle.png Lac Beetle
Lava Slime.png Lava Slime Man Eater.png Man Eater Meteor Head.png Meteor Head
Mother Slime.png Mother Slime Mushi Ladybug.png Mushi Ladybug Mushroom Zombie.png Mushroom Zombie
Pink Jellyfish.png Pink Jellyfish Piranha.png Piranha Purple Slime.png Purple Slime
Red Slime.png Red Slime Sea Snail.png Sea Snail Shark.png Shark
Skeleton.png Skeleton Snatcher.png Snatcher Snow Flinx.png Snow Flinx
Spike Ball.png Spike Ball Spiked Ice Slime.png Spiked Ice Slime Spiked Jungle Slime.png Spiked Jungle Slime
Spore Zombie.png Spore Zombie Squid.png Squid Undead Miner.png Undead Miner
Undead Viking.png Undead Viking Voodoo Demon.png Voodoo Demon Vulture.png Vulture
Wall Creeper.png Wall Creeper Yellow Slime.png Yellow Slime Zombie.png Zombie
Zombie Eskimo.png Zombie Eskimo

Hardmode Enemies[edit]

Angler Fish.png Angler Fish Angry Trapper.png Angry Trapper Arapaima.png Arapaima
Armored Skeleton.png Armored Skeleton Armored Viking.png Armored Viking Black Recluse.png Black Recluse
Blood Feeder.png Blood Feeder Blood Jelly.png Blood Jelly Blue Armored Bones 1.png Blue Armored Bones
Bone Lee.png Bone Lee Chaos Elemental.png Chaos Elemental Clinger.png Clinger
Corrupt Slime.png Corrupt Slime Corruptor.png Corruptor Crimslime.png Crimslime
Crimson Axe.png Crimson Axe Cursed Hammer.png Cursed Hammer Dark Mummy.png Dark Mummy
Derpling.png Derpling Diabolist 2.png Diabolist Digger Head.png Digger
Dungeon Spirit.png Dungeon Spirit Enchanted Sword (NPC).png Enchanted Sword Floaty Gross.png Floaty Gross
Flying Snake.png Flying Snake Fungo Fish.png Fungo Fish Gastropod.png Gastropod
Ghost (NPC).png Ghost Giant Bat.png Giant Bat Giant Cursed Skull.png Giant Cursed Skull
Giant Flying Fox.png Giant Flying Fox Giant Fungi Bulb.png Giant Fungi Bulb Giant Tortoise.png Giant Tortoise
Green Jellyfish.png Green Jellyfish Hell Armored Bones 1.png Hell Armored Bones Herpling.png Herpling
Hoppin' Jack.png Hoppin' Jack Ice Bat.png Ice Bat Ice Elemental.png Ice Elemental
Ice Tortoise.png Ice Tortoise Ichor Sticker.png Ichor Sticker Icy Merman.png Icy Merman
Illuminant Bat.png Illuminant Bat Illuminant Slime.png Illuminant Slime Jungle Creeper.png Jungle Creeper
Lava Bat.png Lava Bat Light Mummy.png Light Mummy Lihzahrd.png Lihzahrd
Moss Hornet.png Moss Hornet Moth.png Moth Mummy.png Mummy
Necromancer 2.png Necromancer Paladin.png Paladin Pigron.png Pigron
Pixie.png Pixie Possessed Armor.png Possessed Armor Ragged Caster 2.png Ragged Caster
Raven.png Raven Red Devil.png Red Devil Rusty Armored Bones 1.png Rusty Armored Bones
Skeleton Archer.png Skeleton Archer Skeleton Commando.png Skeleton Commando Skeleton Sniper.png Skeleton Sniper
Slimeling.png Slimeling Slimer.png Slimer Tactical Skeleton.png Tactical Skeleton
Toxic Sludge.png Toxic Sludge Unicorn.png Unicorn Wandering Eye.png Wandering Eye
Werewolf.png Werewolf Wolf.png Wolf World Feeder Head.png World Feeder
Wraith.png Wraith Wyvern Head Horizontal.png Wyvern

Uncommon Enemies[edit]

Doctor Bones.png Doctor Bones Goblin Scout.png Goblin Scout Ice Mimic.png Ice Mimic
Mimic.png Mimic Nymph.png Nymph Pinky.png Pinky
Rune Wizard.png Rune Wizard Tim.png Tim

Event Enemies[edit]

Blood Moon
Clown.png Clown Corrupt Bunny.png Corrupt Bunny Corrupt Goldfish.png Corrupt Goldfish
Corrupt Penguin.png Corrupt Penguin The Groom.png The Groom
Angry Nimbus.png Angry Nimbus Flying Fish.png Flying Fish Ice Golem.png Ice Golem
True rainbow slime.gif Rainbow Slime Rain Coat Zombie.png Rain Coat Zombie Umbrella Slime.png Umbrella Slime
Goblin Army
Goblin Archer.png Goblin Archer Goblin Peon.png Goblin Peon Goblin Sorcerer.png Goblin Sorcerer
Goblin Thief.png Goblin Thief Goblin Warrior.png Goblin Warrior
Frost Legion
Mister Stabby.png Mister Stabby Snow Balla.png Snow Balla Snowman Gangsta.png Snowman Gangsta
Pirate Invasion
Parrot.png Parrot Pirate Captain.png Pirate Captain Pirate Corsair.png Pirate Corsair
Pirate Crossbower.png Pirate Crossbower Pirate Deadeye.png Pirate Deadeye Pirate Deckhand.png Pirate Deckhand
Solar Eclipse
Eyezor.png Eyezor Frankenstein.png Frankenstein Reaper.png Reaper
Swamp Thing.png Swamp Thing Vampire.png Vampire
Pumpkin Moon
Headless Horseman.png Headless Horseman Hellhound.png Hellhound Poltergeist.png Poltergeist
Scarecrow.png Scarecrow Splinterling.png Splinterling
Frost MoonPc only.png Console only.png
Elf Archer.png Elf Archer Elf Copter.png Elf Copter Flocko.png Flocko
Gingerbread Man.png Gingerbread Man Krampus.png Krampus Nutcracker.png Nutcracker
Present Mimic.png Present Mimic Yeti.png Yeti Zombie Elf.png Zombie Elf


Brain of Cthulhu.png Brain of Cthulhu Duke Fishron.png Duke Fishron Pc only.png Eater of Worlds Head.png Eater of Worlds
Eye of Cthulhu.png Eye of Cthulhu Golem.png Golem King Slime.png King Slime
Lepus.png Lepus Mobile only.png Ocram1.png Ocram Console only.png Mobile only.png Plantera.png Plantera
Queen Bee.png Queen Bee Skeletron Hand (NPC).png Skeletron Head.png Skeletron Hand (NPC).png Skeletron Prime Cannon.png Prime Saw.png Skeletron Prime.png Prime Vice.png Prime Laser.png Skeletron Prime
The Destroyer (technical).png The Destroyer Retinazer.png Spazmatism.png The Twins Turkor the Ungrateful.png Turkor the Ungrateful Mobile only.png
Wall of Flesh.png Wall of Flesh

Event Bosses[edit]

Pumpkin Moon
Mourning Wood.png Mourning Wood Pumpking.png Pumpking
Frost MoonPc only.png Console only.png
Everscream.png Everscream Ice Queen.png Ice Queen Santa-NK1.png Santa-NK1

Bosses' Servants[edit]

Creeper.png Creeper Diseaster Bunny.png Diseaster Bunny Mobile only.png Leech Head.png Leech
Probe.png Probe Plantera's Tentacle.png Plantera's Tentacle Servant of Cthulhu.png Servant of Cthulhu
Servant of Ocram.png Servant of Ocram Console only.pngMobile only.png Sharkron.png Sharkron Pc only.png The Hungry.png The Hungry
The Hungry II.png The Hungry II

Console/Mobile Exclusive Enemies Console only.png Mobile only.png[edit]

Albino Antlion.png Albino Antlion Arch Demon.png Arch Demon Arch Wyvern Head Horizontal.png Arch Wyvern
Dragon Hornet.png Dragon Hornet Dragon Snatcher.png Dragon Snatcher Dragon Skull.png Dragon Skull
Orca.png Orca Shadow Hammer.png Shadow Hammer Shadow Mummy.png Shadow Mummy
Shadow Slime.png Shadow Slime Spectral Elemental.png Spectral Elemental Spectral Gastropod.png Spectral Gastropod
Spectral Mummy.png Spectral Mummy Vampire Miner.png Vampire Miner
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