Flare Gun

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Flare Gun
Flare Gun.png
Type Weapon
Damage 2
Max stack 1
Velocity 6
Rarity Blue
Use time 17 (Very Fast)
Sell 1 Gold Coin

The Flare Gun is a weapon that shoots Flares and Blue Flares, which provide light and stick to the blocks they impact, similar to Sticky Glowsticks. The Flare Gun deals very little damage but ignites enemies with the On Fire! debuff. It is intended primarily to provide a ranged method of illuminating an area. The Flare Gun is found randomly in Gold Chests underground.

Flares are fired in a slight arc and stick to walls, similar to Sticky Bombs and Sticky Glowsticks, but have much higher velocity and range. The muzzle of the gun displays sparks and emits light similar to that of Flares. Flares can be fired into and out of water.

Flare ammunition can be found in naturally-spawned chests, and bought from the Merchant for 7 Copper Coin while a Flare Gun is in the player's inventory. Blue flares are also available from the Merchant.


[edit] Notes

  • The Flare Gun does not need to be equipped, as when the player holds shift with the gun in their inventory, the gun is temporarily equipped. However, both the Flare Gun and Flares must be in your inventory for this to work.
  • Similar to Glowsticks, Flares do not actually becomes placed as blocks, and are not saved with the world.
  • Unlike most weapons, the Flare Gun cannot be Reforged by the Goblin Tinkerer. This may possibly be due to the fact that it doesn't have a damage type, has no knockback or critical strike chance, and only deals 2 damage.
  • The Flare Gun will not get the Arms Dealer.

[edit] Tips

  • The Flare Gun can be especially useful against the Brain of Cthulhu's first phase if used to ignite the eyes.
  • To conserve Flares in the early-game the spark effect from the Gun can be used as a light source while the Flare Gun is equipped.
  • If you go mining and need an automatic light source, simply shoot a flare down on the ground and keep mining. However, this does not work sideways, as the flares do not stick to blocks.

[edit] Bugs

Bug.png Bug : Console only.png The flare may not appear on Xbox multiplayer.
Bug.png Bug : Console only.png The flare may not appear in PS3 singleplayer but particle effect is still visible.

[edit] History

  • The flare gun will no longer light up when you are out of torches.
  • 1.2: Introduced.

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