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Boreal Wood Bed.png Mushroom Bed.png Steampunk Bed.png
Type Furniture
Placeable Tango Tick1.png
Dimensions 4 wide ˣ 2 high
Use time 14 (Very Fast)
Rarity Rarity Level: 0
Sell 4 Silver Coin
2 Gold Coin (Golden Bed)
Internal Tile ID: 79
Placed beds.

The Bed is a furniture item that allows a player to set a new Spawn point. It must be placed within a suitable structure (details below), then right-clicked to activate. Once the criteria are met, right-clicking the bed will cause a message to be displayed in the bottom-left corner of the screen: "Spawn point set!". To set a spawn point in the Mobile version, there must be enough light around the bed and it must be tapped once. From this point on, when the player dies, they will re-spawn at that Bed's location. If you so wish, you can right-click on the bed again to remove spawn point.

If the bed is removed, or if the criteria for the bed to function properly are no longer met, your spawn point will revert to the world default. If the bed is removed and replaced in the same location it will still act as the spawn point, as long as it still meets the criteria mentioned.

There are currently 26 craftable beds and 5 that can be acquired from the environment. They are functionally identical, and differ only in appearance.

Criteria[edit | edit source]

For a bed to function properly and allow you to set your spawn point, the following criteria must be met:

  • The bed must have enough space. The room doesn't have to be any specific shape but the area of the room (including the walls, ceiling and floor) must equal at least 60 tiles but less than 750.
  • Enemies must not be able to spawn in the room; The room must have player-placed walls behind it. The background walls can not be a naturally-occurring wall. This includes dirt, mud and the background walls in Chasms and the Dungeon. (Player-placed dirt walls will work.) Holes in the background wall must be no larger than 4 tiles wide or 4 high. (For example, a room that is 9 wide and 4 high split with a background wall down the center is usable as a bedroom).
  • Wood platforms can be used as the room's floor or ceiling.
  • A bed may be placed in a non-rectangular room as long as the leftmost 3 blocks immediately above it are left clear. For instance, you may have a bed (2x4) surrounded by walls on the left, right and bottom sides, and above the foot of the bed. So long as there is space for the player to spawn at the bed (3 high), the bed can be set as a spawn point. See the image below.

Valid bed.png

This is valid placement of the bed, as the top left 3 spaces just above the bed area clear.
The mirror image of this is also valid.

  • It can be placed underground, as long as the other conditions are met.

If the requirements are met, right clicking the bed should set your spawn and show the message "Spawn point set!".

  • Note the bed will work underwater as long as the other conditions are met.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Recipes[edit | edit source]

Result IngredientsCrafting Station
Internal Item ID: 224
Wood.png Wood (15) Sawmill.png Sawmill
Silk.png Silk (5)
Boreal Wood Bed.png
Boreal Wood Bed
Internal Item ID: 2553
Boreal Wood.png Boreal Wood (15)
Silk.png Silk (5)
Palm Wood Bed.png
Palm Wood Bed
Internal Item ID: 2520
Palm Wood.png Palm Wood (15)
Silk.png Silk (5)
Rich Mahogany Bed.png
Rich Mahogany Bed
Internal Item ID: 645
Rich Mahogany.png Rich Mahogany (15)
Silk.png Silk (5)
Ebonwood Bed.png
Ebonwood Bed
Internal Item ID: 644
Ebonwood.png Ebonwood (15)
Silk.png Silk (5)
Shadewood Bed.png
Shadewood Bed
Internal Item ID: 920
Shadewood.png Shadewood (15)
Silk.png Silk (5)
Pearlwood Bed.png
Pearlwood Bed
Internal Item ID: 646
Pearlwood.png Pearlwood (15)
Silk.png Silk (5)
Dynasty Bed.png
Dynasty Bed
Internal Item ID: 2231
Dynasty Wood.png Dynasty Wood (15)
Silk.png Silk (5)
Mushroom Bed.png
Mushroom Bed
Internal Item ID: 2538
Glowing Mushroom.png Glowing Mushroom (15)
Silk.png Silk (5)
Granite Bed.png
Granite Bed (Pc only.png)
Internal Item ID: 3164
Smooth Granite Block.png Smooth Granite Block (15)
Silk.png Silk (5)
Marble Bed.png
Marble Bed (Pc only.png)
Internal Item ID: 3163
Smooth Marble Block.png Smooth Marble Block (15)
Silk.png Silk (5)
Martian Bed.png
Martian Bed (Pc only.png)
Internal Item ID: 2811
Martian Conduit Plating.png Martian Conduit Plating (15)
Silk.png Silk (5)
Meteorite Bed.png
Meteorite Bed (Pc only.png)
Internal Item ID: 3162
Meteorite Brick.png Meteorite Brick (15)
Silk.png Silk (5)
Spooky Bed.png
Spooky Bed
Internal Item ID: 2071
Spooky Wood.png Spooky Wood (15) Work Bench.png Work Bench
Silk.png Silk (5)
Cactus Bed.png
Cactus Bed
Internal Item ID: 2066
Cactus.png Cactus (15)
Silk.png Silk (5)
Pumpkin Bed.png
Pumpkin Bed
Internal Item ID: 2669
Pumpkin.png Pumpkin (15)
Silk.png Silk (5)
Bone Bed.png
Bone Bed
Internal Item ID: 2140
Bone.png Bone (15) Bone Welder.png Bone Welder
Silk.png Silk (5)
Flesh Bed.png
Flesh Bed
Internal Item ID: 2067
Flesh Block.png Flesh Block (15) Flesh Cloning Vat.png Flesh Cloning Vat
Silk.png Silk (5)
Frozen Bed.png
Frozen Bed
Internal Item ID: 2068
Ice Block.png Ice Block (15) Ice Machine.png Ice Machine
Silk.png Silk (5)
Glass Bed.png
Glass Bed
Internal Item ID: 1719
Glass.png Glass (15) Glass Kiln.png Glass Kiln
Silk.png Silk (5)
Honey Bed.png
Honey Bed
Internal Item ID: 1721
Honey Block.png Honey Block (15) Honey Dispenser.png Honey Dispenser
Silk.png Silk (5)
Lihzahrd Bed.png
Lihzahrd Bed
Internal Item ID: 2069
Lihzahrd Brick.png Lihzahrd Brick (15) Lihzahrd Furnace.png Lihzahrd Furnace
Silk.png Silk (5)
Living Wood Bed.png
Living Wood Bed
Internal Item ID: 2139
Wood.png Wood (15) Living Loom.png Living Loom
Silk.png Silk (5)
Skyware Bed.png
Skyware Bed
Internal Item ID: 2070
Sunplate Block.png Sunplate Block (15) Sky Mill.png Sky Mill
Silk.png Silk (5)
Slime Bed.png
Slime Bed
Internal Item ID: 2568
Slime Block.png Slime Block (15) Solidifier.png Solidifier
Silk.png Silk (5)
Steampunk Bed.png
Steampunk Bed
Internal Item ID: 1722
Cog.png Cog (15) Steampunk Boiler.png Steampunk Boiler
Silk.png Silk (5)

Noncraftable Beds[edit | edit source]

Bed Notes
Blue Dungeon Bed.png Blue Dungeon Bed
Internal Item ID: 1470
Found in the Dungeon.
Green Dungeon Bed.png Green Dungeon Bed
Internal Item ID: 1471
Found in the Dungeon.
Pink Dungeon Bed.png Pink Dungeon Bed
Internal Item ID: 1472
Found in the Dungeon.
Obsidian Bed.png Obsidian Bed
Internal Item ID: 1473
Found in Ruined houses, does not disappear in lava.
Golden Bed.png Golden Bed
Internal Item ID: 1720
Dropped by Pirates.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Pink Dungeon Bed was previously called Red Dungeon Bed. It still is on console editions.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • It is advisable to place your bed in the same "house" that your Nurse lives in, so you can heal yourself immediately after using a Magic Mirror with low health. However, be careful not to reset your spawn point, which can happen if the nurse is standing in front of your bed.
  • If you come across a naturally-generated structure underground with Panked Walls or other craftable wall, it can be made suitable as a spawn point by filling any missing side walls, floor, and ceiling with blocks or platforms and placing a Bed. If you still can't set a spawn point, hammer the back walls and rearrange them so any holes don't exceed 4 tiles.

History[edit | edit source]

    • Meteorite, Granite, Marble and Martian Beds added.
    • Now able to remove spawn point by right-clicking on the bed again.
  • 1.2.4: Palm Wood, Mushroom, Boreal Wood, Slime and Pumpkin Beds added.
  • 1.2.3: Various bed types added.
  • If you place a bed somewhere that would cause you to not spawn without breaking through blocks you will now get a message when trying to set your spawn point letting you know the bed is not in a suitable position.
  • 1.2: Various bed types added.
  • Crafting tool changed from Work Bench to Sawmill.
  • 1.0.2: Placing a bed far from the spawn no longer causes a player who has set their spawn there to crash on join.
  • Pre-Release: Introduced.
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