Goblin Tinkerer

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Goblin Tinkerer
Goblin Tinkerer.png
Type Town
AI Type Passive
Max Life 250
Defense 15

Bound Goblin.png
Internal NPC ID: 107
This is a Town NPC. A House may be required in order for it to appear.

The Goblin Tinkerer is an NPC that sells several unique items and provides the Reforge function. He can be acquired after a Goblin Army has been defeated, spawning randomly in open areas in the Cavern layer. He will appear to be bound at first, and like the Mechanic, Wizard and Stylist, talking to him in this state will free him. He will then respawn as long as a vacant House is available.

The Goblin's reforge option allows the player to spend a sum of Coins to randomize the Modifier for his or her weapon or accessory.

In the Mobile only.pngMobile version, you can only reforge items by dragging the desired item and dropping it at his face icon when spoken to. Then you have to open his shop and press the desired item and press reforge.

Items sold[edit]

Once the Goblin Tinkerer has been freed, he will sell the following:


Item Cost Availability
Rocket Boots.png Rocket Boots 5 Gold Coin Always available.
Ruler.png Ruler 1 Gold Coin Pc only.png/Console only.png only.
Tinkerer's Workshop.png Tinkerer's Workshop 10 Gold Coin Always available.
Grappling Hook.png Grappling Hook 2 Gold Coin Always available.
Toolbelt.png Toolbelt 10 Gold Coin Pc only.png/Console only.png only
Spiky Ball.png Spiky Ball 80 Copper Coin Always available.


The tinkerer may have any of the following names:

  • Arback
  • Dalek
  • Darz
  • Durnok
  • Fahd
  • Fjell
  • Gnudar
  • Grodax
  • Knogs
  • Knub
  • Mobart
  • Mrunok
  • Negurk
  • Nort
  • Nuxatk
  • Ragz
  • Sarx
  • Smador
  • Stazen
  • Stezom
  • Tgerd
  • Tkanus
  • Trogem
  • Xanos
  • Xon


  • He periodically spawns near the player as they travel the Cavern layer, respawning if they get too far away. Therefore, spending hours clearing the map and searching every tunnel is unnecessary.
  • Using a Hunter Potion will cause the bound goblin to light up, making him easier to find.
  • If you did find him at one point but managed to lose him for whatever reason, you can use a King Statue to summon him.
  • As with any NPC, his icon appears on the map.
  • While the Goblin Tinkerer can be found in any open area underground, bound NPCs may be easier for players to find in the Dungeon, as it is an expansive and easily navigated underground space.


  • As evidenced by some of his quotes, the Goblin Tinkerer has a crush on the Mechanic, and, referenced by some of her quotes, she has a crush on him too.
  • The quote, "Yo, I heard you like rockets and running boots, so I put some rockets in your running boots," is a reference to the "yo dawg" meme.
  • One of his names, "Dalek", may be a reference to the British show Doctor Who. The Daleks are a race of Kaled Mutants inside mechanical shells, and are famed for their advances in technology and ruthlessness.


  • "Hey... what's [Name of Mechanic] up to? Have you... have you talked to her, by chance?" (only when the Mechanic is present)
  • "I tried to visit [Name of Stylist] one time. She just looked at me and said 'nope.' (only when the Stylist is present)

During day:

  • "Goblins are very easy to anger. In fact, they'd start a war over cloth!" (references use of Tattered Cloth to summon a Goblin Army)
  • "To be honest, most goblins aren't exactly rocket scientists. Well, some are." (references the Rocket Boots he sells)
  • "Do you know why we all carry around these spiked balls? Because I don't." (references Goblin Armies dropping Spiky Balls)
  • "I just finished my newest creation! This version doesn't explode violently if you breathe on it too hard."
  • "Goblin Thieves aren't very good at their job. They can't even steal from an unlocked chest!" (references the fact that the Goblin Thiefs in Goblin Invasions do not actually steal anything)

During Night:

  • "Hey, does your hat need a motor? I think I have a motor that would fit exactly in that hat." (references the flying hat from Doraemon)
  • "YES, gold is stronger than iron. What are they teaching these humans nowadays?" (references the fact that Gold in Terraria is stronger than Iron, whereas in real life, gold is soft and malleable, not nearly as strong as iron.)
  • "You know, that mining helmet-flipper combination was a much better idea on paper." (references the use of a Diving Helmet and Flipper in crafting a set of Diving Gear)
  • "Yo, I heard you like rockets and running boots, so I put some rockets in your running boots." (Reference to Spectre Boots and the Xzibit Meme)
  • "Silence is golden. Duct tape is silver."

When Homeless:

  • "I can't believe they tied me up and left me here just for pointing out that they weren't going east!" (referring to the Goblin Tinkerer initially appearing bound; and east/west and sunrise/sunset being inconsistent in Terraria, or the east/west reversal from their typical directions in real-world maps)
  • "Now that I'm an outcast, can I throw away the spiked balls? My pockets hurt." (references Goblin Armies dropping Spiky Balls)
  • "Looking for a gadgets expert? I'm your goblin!"
  • "Thanks for your help. Now, I have to finish pacing around aimlessly here. I'm sure we'll meet again." (references the NPC behavior of walking back and forth for no reason)
  • "I thought you'd be taller." (TV Trope: Expecting someone taller)

When Rescued

  • "Thank you for freeing me, human. I was tied up and left here by the other goblins. You could say that we didn't get along very well."


  • 1.1.1: Now can be untied with Autopause enabled.
  • 1.1: Introduced.
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