Gold Crown

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Gold Crown
Gold Crown inventory icon
Type Vanity – Crafting material
Max stack 1
Rarity Rarity Level: 0
Body slot Social Helmet
Sell 20 Silver Coin
Internal Item ID: 264
A player wearing the Gold Crown.

The Gold Crown is a craftable vanity item equipped on the Social Helmet Slot. It's also one of the crafting materials for the Slime Crown, which is used to spawn the King Slime.

On worlds containing Platinum Ore, the equivalent to the Gold Crown is the Platinum Crown.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Recipe[edit | edit source]

Crafting Station
Lead Anvil.png Lead Anvil /
Iron Anvil.png Iron Anvil
Ingredient(s) Amount
Gold Bar.png Gold Bar 5
Ruby.png Ruby 1
Gold Crown.png Gold Crown 1

Used in[edit | edit source]

Result IngredientsCrafting Station
Slime Crown.png Gel.png Gel (20) Demon Altar.png Crimson Altar.png
Demon/Crimson Altar
Gold Crown.png Gold Crown

History[edit | edit source]

  • Recipe now only requires 5 Gold Bars instead of 30.
  • 1.1: Now used in crafting recipe for Slime Crown.
  • 1.0.4: Introduced.
Equipable Items: Adamantite Breastplate.png Armor • Anklet of the Wind.png Accessories ( Cobalt Shield.png Combat) • Pharaoh's Robe.png Vanity ( Diamond Ring.png Accessories • Purple Dye.png Dyes)