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Stack digit 9.pngStack digit 9.png
Boreal Wood Lamp.png Mushroom Lamp.png Steampunk Lamp.png
Type FurnitureLight Source
Placeable Tango Tick1.png
Dimensions 1 wide ˣ 3 high
Use time 14 (Very Fast)
Rarity Rarity Level: 0
Sell 1 Silver Coin
2 Gold Coin (Golden Lamp)
Internal Tile ID: 93
Placed Lamps, in both their on and off states.
Not to be confused with Lantern, a light source that hangs from the ceiling.

Lamps are a piece of Furniture that produces light when placed. They also count as a valid House lighting and can be toggled on and off by mechanisms. There are 25 craftable Lamps, three types that are found in the Dungeon (Green, Blue, or Pink Dungeon Lamp), one found in Underworld houses (Obsidian Lamp), and one that can be dropped during a Pirate Invasion (Golden Lamp). All are functionally identical, and differ only in their appearance.

The Tiki Torch shares its Tile ID with the rest of these Lamps.

Also see Lamp Post, which does not count as valid House lighting.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Recipes[edit | edit source]

Result IngredientsCrafting Station
Boreal Wood Lamp.png
Boreal Wood Lamp 
Internal Item ID: 2563
Boreal Wood.pngBoreal Wood (3) Work Bench.png Work Bench
Ice Torch.pngIce Torch
Palm Wood Lamp.png
Palm Wood Lamp 
Internal Item ID: 2533
Palm Wood.pngPalm Wood (3)
Rich Mahogany Lamp.png
Rich Mahogany Lamp 
Internal Item ID: 2087
Rich Mahogany.pngRich Mahogany (3)
Ebonwood Lamp.png
Ebonwood Lamp 
Internal Item ID: 2083
Ebonwood.pngEbonwood (3)
Shadewood Lamp.png
Shadewood Lamp 
Internal Item ID: 2132
Shadewood.pngShadewood (3)
Pearlwood Lamp.png
Pearlwood Lamp 
Internal Item ID: 2088
Pearlwood.pngPearlwood (3)
Dynasty Lamp.png
Dynasty Lamp 
Internal Item ID: 2225
Dynasty Wood.pngDynasty Wood (3)
Spooky Lamp.png
Spooky Lamp 
Internal Item ID: 2091
Spooky Wood.pngSpooky Wood (3)
Cactus Lamp.png
Cactus Lamp 
Internal Item ID: 2082
Cactus.pngCactus (3)
Pumpkin Lamp.png
Pumpkin Lamp 
Internal Item ID: 2643
Pumpkin.pngPumpkin (3)
Mushroom Lamp.png
Mushroom Lamp 
Internal Item ID: 2547
Glowing Mushroom.pngGlowing Mushroom (3)
Meteorite Lamp.png
Meteorite Lamp  (Desktop only.png)
Internal Item ID: 3135
Meteorite Brick.pngMeteorite Brick (3)
Granite Lamp.png
Granite Lamp  (Desktop only.png)
Internal Item ID: 3137
Smooth Granite Block.pngSmooth Granite Block (3)
Marble Lamp.png
Marble Lamp  (Desktop only.png)
Internal Item ID: 3136
Smooth Marble Block.pngSmooth Marble Block (3)
Martian Lamppost.png
Martian Lamppost  (Desktop only.png)
Internal Item ID: 2819
Martian Conduit Plating.pngMartian Conduit Plating (3)
Crystal Lamp.png
Crystal Lamp Desktop only.png (Desktop only.png)
Internal Item ID: 3892
Crystal Block.pngCrystal Block (6)
Living Wood Lamp.png
Living Wood Lamp 
Internal Item ID: 2131
Wood.pngWood (3) Living Loom.png Living Loom Desktop only.pngConsole only.pngMobile only.png
Glass Lamp.png
Glass Lamp 
Internal Item ID: 2085
Glass.pngGlass (3) Glass Kiln.png Glass Kiln
Steampunk Lamp.png
Steampunk Lamp 
Internal Item ID: 2130
Cog.pngCog (3) Steampunk Boiler.png Steampunk Boiler
Skyware Lamp.png
Skyware Lamp 
Internal Item ID: 2090
Sunplate Block.pngSunplate Block (3) Sky Mill.png Sky Mill
Frozen Lamp.png
Frozen Lamp 
Internal Item ID: 2086
Ice Block.pngIce Block (3) Ice Machine.png Ice Machine
Ice Torch.pngIce Torch
Honey Lamp.png
Honey Lamp 
Internal Item ID: 2129
Honey Block.pngHoney Block (3) Honey Dispenser.png Honey Dispenser Desktop only.pngConsole only.pngMobile only.png
Slime Lamp.png
Slime Lamp 
Internal Item ID: 2578
Slime Block.pngSlime Block (3) Solidifier.png Solidifier
Bone Lamp.png
Bone Lamp 
Internal Item ID: 2134
Bone.pngBone (3) Bone Welder.png Bone Welder Desktop only.pngConsole only.pngMobile only.png
Flesh Lamp.png
Flesh Lamp 
Internal Item ID: 2084
Flesh Block.pngFlesh Block (3) Flesh Cloning Vat.png Flesh Cloning Vat
Lihzahrd Lamp.png
Lihzahrd Lamp 
Internal Item ID: 2089
Lihzahrd Brick.pngLihzahrd Brick (3) Lihzahrd Furnace.png Lihzahrd Furnace

Noncraftable Lamps[edit | edit source]

Lamp Notes
Blue Dungeon Lamp.png Blue Dungeon Lamp
Internal Item ID: 2645
Found in the Dungeon.
Green Dungeon Lamp.png Green Dungeon Lamp
Internal Item ID: 2646
Found in the Dungeon.
Pink Dungeon Lamp.png Pink Dungeon Lamp
Internal Item ID: 2647
Found in the Dungeon.
Obsidian Lamp.png Obsidian Lamp
Internal Item ID: 2644
Found in Ruined houses, does not break from lava.
Golden Lamp.png Golden Lamp
Internal Item ID: 2133
Dropped by Pirates.

Notes[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]

  • 1.3.5: Crystal Lamp added.
  • Meteorite, Granite, Marble and Martian Lamps added.
  • 1.2.4: Palm Wood, Mushroom, Boreal Wood, Slime, Pumpkin, Obsidian, Blue Dungeon, Green Dungeon and Pink Dungeon Lamps added. Updated graphics for Chairs and Tall Torches to fix some issues.
  • 1.2.3: Introduced.
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