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A character using a Topaz Hook to surmount a cliff.
Multi-Hooks, like this Slime Hook, afford more versatile movement.
The Grappling Hook used on a platform.
This article is about the tool class. For the crafting material, see Hook (crafting material).

Hooks are a class of tools that aid the player in traversing terrain. When used, a chain is fired that latches a surface and hoists the player towards it. A Hook becomes an essential tool, as it offers significant freedom from terrain height restrictions, and will often be the first major mobility aid a player acquires. Hooks are acquired in various ways depending on their type (see table below).

The Grapple hotkey (PC: EXbox 360: LTPS3 / PS4: L1) activates the first Hook in the player's inventory (reading it from left→right, top→bottom), without requiring that the Hook be in the player's hotbar. On the mobile version, dragging quickly from the player outwards casts the Hook in the drag direction though this sometimes does not work.

Several higher-tier Hooks, like the Ivy Whip, allow the player to grapple multiple surfaces simultaneously. If the character grapples one surface, then fires the Hook a second time, another chain extends from the player without dislodging the first. Upon grappling a second surface, the player will be suspended in midair at a point midway between the two surfaces. This allows players more freedom during construction, or for negotiating hazardous areas, such as those above lava.


Hooks vary in their range, velocity, number of deployable hooks, and number of hooks that can remain latched simultaneously.

  • All crafted Hooks are crafted at the Iron Anvil or Lead Anvil.
  • Single Hooks dislodge immediately when firing again while already latched to a surface.
  • Multi-Hooks without simultaneous latching (Fish Hook, Dual Hook) can fire a second chain, but will dislodge the first chain when the second latches a surface.
  • A Multi-Hook can be fired again only after the previous chain latched a surface or fully retracted. The Dual Hook and Web Slinger are exceptions, and can be fired very rapidly — nearly as fast as the player can hit the button.


Item Source Reach Velocity Hooks Latching type Sell Rarity Notes
Grappling Hook.png Grappling Hook Crafted: Hook (crafting material).png Hook (crafting material) and 3 Chain.png Chains
or purchased from Goblin Tinkerer (2 Gold Coin)
19 tiles 11.5 1 Single 40 Silver Coin Rarity Level: 1
Amethyst Hook.png Amethyst Hook Crafted: 15 Amethyst.png Amethysts 18 tiles 10 1 Single 40 Silver Coin Rarity Level: 1
Topaz Hook.png Topaz Hook Crafted: 15 Topaz.png Topaz 20 tiles 10.5 1 Single 40 Silver Coin Rarity Level: 1
Sapphire Hook.png Sapphire Hook Crafted: 15 Sapphire.png Sapphires 22 tiles 11 1 Single 40 Silver Coin Rarity Level: 1
Emerald Hook.png Emerald Hook Crafted: 15 Emerald.png Emeralds 24 tiles 11.5 1 Single 40 Silver Coin Rarity Level: 1
Ruby Hook.png Ruby Hook Crafted: 15 Ruby.png Ruby 26 tiles 12 1 Single 40 Silver Coin Rarity Level: 1
Diamond Hook.png Diamond Hook Crafted: 15 Diamond.png Diamonds 28 tiles 12.5 1 Single 40 Silver Coin Rarity Level: 1
Candy Cane Hook.png Candy Cane Hook Dropped randomly by Present.png Presents 25 tiles 11.5 1 Single 4 Gold Coin Rarity Level: 7
Bat Hook.png Bat Hook Dropped randomly by Goodie Bag.png Goodie Bags 32 tiles 15.5 1 Single 2 Gold Coin Rarity Level: 3
Skeletron Hand.png Skeletron Hand Dropped randomly by Skeletron 22 tiles 15 2 Simultaneous 90 Silver Coin Rarity Level: 2
Fish Hook.png Fish Hook Pc only.png Random reward from the Angler
upon completing a quest
25 tiles 13 2 Individual 40 Silver Coin Rarity Level: 3
Slime Hook.png Slime Hook Pc only.png Dropped randomly by King Slimes 25 tiles 10 3 Simultaneous 40 Silver Coin Rarity Level: 3
Ivy Whip.png Ivy Whip Crafted: 3 Vine.png Vines and 12 Jungle Spores.png Jungle Spores 25 tiles 13 3 Simultaneous 40 Silver Coin Rarity Level: 3
Web Slinger.png Web Slinger Looted from Web Covered Chests 16 tiles 10 8 Simultaneous 40 Silver Coin Rarity Level: 2 Can fire 8 times in rapid succession.


Item Source Reach Velocity Hooks Latching type Sell Rarity Notes
Dual Hook.png Dual Hook Dropped randomly by Mimics 28 tiles 14 2 Individual 4 Gold Coin Rarity Level: 4 Glowing ends. Can fire 2 times in rapid succession.
Spooky Hook.png Spooky Hook Dropped randomly by Mourning Wood
during the Pumpkin Moon event.
35 tiles 15.5 3 Simultaneous 4 Gold Coin Rarity Level: 7
Christmas Hook.png Christmas Hook Pc only.png Console only.png Dropped randomly by Everscream
during the Frost Moon event.
35 tiles 15.5 3 Simultaneous 4 Gold Coin Rarity Level: 7 Glowing chain & ends.


The glow provided by certain Hooks: Dual Hook blue end (top), Dual Hook red end (middle), and Christmas Hook (bottom). No light sources other than the Hooks are present in this shot.
  • Grappling a platform with only one hook will pull the player inside the platform, meaning that the player will always hit that platform with subsequent grapples. You must jump to dislodge the hook, and aim at other blocks.
  • Hooks reset a character's flight time when Rocket Boots or Wings are equipped, even if the Hook is dislodged before reeling the player in.
  • All Hooks can remain clung to a surface continuously for 10 minutes (10 hours in-game time) before they automatically disengage.
  • Players can remove Hooks from their Inventory while clung to a surface and remain there until they jump, use another Hook, or automatically disengage, even though the Hook is no longer in their Inventory.
  • When used via the hotbar, Multi-Hooks can be re-fired more rapidly, requiring only that the previous chain has fully extended first.
  • Mobile only.png There is an in-game short tutorial when you buy the grappling hook
  • Attempting to use a grappling hook on a slope will often cause the player to grapple the block they're stood upon, as they are technically inside the block.


  • When sprinting accessories are equipped, the burst of speed provided by a Hook upon latching a surface can be used to accelerate a player to sprinting speed instantly.
  • The Ice Rod can provide blocks to grapple while flying with Wings, repeatedly resetting flight time in midair.
  • Characters that have hooked a block are immune to gravity and knockback. Grappling the ground in dangerous locations, such as near lava, can ensure you don't fall in when taking damage from an enemy.
  • Players can also exploit immunity to gravity by "grappling the ground" to prevent fall damage.
  • Simultaneous-latch multi-hooks are more useful for intricate maneuvers. When fast travel is preferred, individually-latching multi-hooks allow faster transit, since they immediately sling the player across gaps, rather than automatically suspending them midway first.
  • Hooks that can be fired in rapid succession (Dual Hook, Web Slinger) provide more security during falls: In case the first firing fails to latch a surface, another chain can be fired immediately to try again.
  • If a player grapples onto the middle of a door, and opens it while still grappled, the player will fly out with immense speed in the direction that he grapples onto the door with. When there are Frozen Slime Blocks on the other side of the door, this speed will be kept and can be used for very rapid transportation in a skybridge etc.


  • The Fish Hook is a play on words, using the term for the real-life fishing tool for a grappling hook with the same appearance.
  • The tooltip for the Grappling Hook, "Get over here!", is a reference to the Scorpion character's catch phrase in Mortal Kombat.


  • 1.2.4: Introduced Fish Hook and Slime Hook.
  • 1.2.3:
    • Fixed a bug where hooks would break if they tried to attach to blocks with liquid in them.
    • Using a Rod of Discord releases all grapples.
    • Using a teleporter tile releases all grapples.
  • 1.2.2: Introduced Candy Cane Hook and Christmas Hook.
  • 1.2.1: Introduced Bat Hook and Spooky Hook
  • 1.2: Introduced Gem hooks, Web Slinger, Skeletron Hand.
  • 1.1:
    • Grappling Hook can now be bought from the Goblin Tinkerer for 2 Gold Coin.
    • Dual Hook introduced.
  • 1.0.6: Grapple hotkey added. Removed 60-second auto-disengage.
  • Pre-Release: Grappling Hook and Ivy Whip introduced.
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