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A character using a Topaz Hook to surmount a cliff.

Grappling Hooks, in-game just referred to as Hooks, are a group of tools that aid the player in traversing the terrain. Each hook will fire a hook on a chain that extends a distance from the center of the character's position. If the hook hits a solid block or a platform, then the player will immediately be pulled in a direct line (disregarding gravity entirely) as close to the hooked block as possible, naturally preferring to put the center of the player character horizontally to the left or right of the block grappled.

Pressing the Grapple hotkey (PC Default: E, Xbox 360: LT, or PS3 L1) will activate whichever hook the player has. The hook need only be in the character's inventory for the Grapple hotkey to function, and does not need to be in the hotbar. On the iOS version, dragging quickly from the player outwards will cast the projectile in that direction (again, the hook does not need to be in the hotbar). If the character has more than one hook in their inventory, the hook in the "earliest" position (reading it from left→right, top→bottom) is used.

Grappling hooks are some of the first major mobility-boosting items players can gain, and can offer significantly more control than the jump-boosting accessories (such as Cloud in a Bottle) that the player can obtain around the same time. The basic Grappling Hook or one of the gem hooks is likely to be the first type obtained.

The Slime Hook has three hooks, allowing for more precise movement.

As with many mobility-boosting items in Terraria, hooks also improve the effectiveness of the other types of mobility items rather than replacing (or being replaced by) them. One example is how grappling to a surface resets a character's jump (or flight) as if they had touched land again. This works the instant the player hooks a block, even before being pulled in. Another example would be how grappling hooks can be used to "jump-start" Sprinting accessories by grappling to a surface ahead of the player and taking advantage of the short-term speed boost. This is especially effective when grappling to a closed door and then opening it, which results in a burst of incredible speed and accelerates the player to maximum sprint instantly.

Some advanced hooks, such as the Ivy Whip, have multiple hooks that can be used to hook multiple blocks at the same time. If the character hooks a block, and then hooks another block, the character will be suspended at a point at the "averaged" mid-point of the hooks. (Or as close as possible if there are obstacles in the way.) The hooks are stopped by blocks, but the chains are capable of passing through other blocks. Using multi-hook hooks can be used for careful positioning, allowing the player to hook a ceiling tile, then a floor tile, in order to suspend the player above certain locations. This is useful both for placing walls in open spaces, and in hanging above dangerous locations, like lava, to collect loot without falling in.


[edit] Varieties

Each hook has its own specific characteristics, such as varying amounts of range, hook velocity, and number of hooks deployable, and how many hooks can remain latched at the same time. See the table below for more details, or visit the pages for the specific hooks.

Item Source Reach[1] Velocity Hooks Latching type
Grappling Hook.png Grappling Hook Crafted with a Hook.png Hook and 3 Chain.png Chains or purchased from the Goblin Tinkerer 19 tiles 11.5 1 Single
Amethyst Hook.png Amethyst Hook Crafted with 15 Amethyst.png Amethysts 18 tiles 10 1 Single
Topaz Hook.png Topaz Hook Crafted with 15 Topaz.png Topaz 20 tiles 10.5 1 Single
Sapphire Hook.png Sapphire Hook Crafted with 15 Sapphire.png Sapphires 22 tiles 11 1 Single
Emerald Hook.png Emerald Hook Crafted with 15 Emerald.png Emeralds 24 tiles 11.5 1 Single
Ruby Hook.png Ruby Hook Crafted with 15 Ruby.png Ruby 26 tiles 12 1 Single
Diamond Hook.png Diamond Hook Crafted with 15 Diamond.png Diamonds 28 tiles 12.5 1 Single
Candy Cane Hook.png Candy Cane Hook Sometimes dropped by Present.png Presents 25 tiles 11.5 1 Single
Bat Hook.png Bat Hook Sometimes dropped by Goodie Bag.png Goodie Bags 32 tiles 15.5 1 Single
Skeletron Hand.png Skeletron Hand Sometimes dropped by Skeletron 22 tiles 15 2 Simultaneous
Fish Hook.png Fish Hook Given by the Angler randomly upon completing a quest 25 tiles 13 2 One at a time
Dual Hook.png Dual Hook Sometimes dropped by Mimics 28 tiles 14 2 One at a time
Slime Hook.png Slime Hook Sometimes dropped by King Slimes 25 tiles 10 3 Simultaneous
Ivy Whip.png Ivy Whip Crafted with 3 Vine.png Vines and 12 Jungle Spores.png Jungle Spores 25 tiles 13 3 Simultaneous
Spooky Hook.png Spooky Hook Sometimes dropped by Mourning Wood 35 tiles 15.5 3 Simultaneous
Christmas Hook.png Christmas Hook Sometimes dropped by Everscream 35 tiles 15.5 3 Simultaneous
Web Slinger.png Web Slinger Looted from Web Covered Chests 16 tiles 10 8 Simultaneous

It should be noted that the given reach of these hooks is the effective horizontal distance travelled by the hook from the player, not the distance from the origin.

  1. Measured horizontally, not including the tile which the character stands on nor the tile grappled by the hook.

[edit] Tips

  • Grappling a platform with only one hook will pull the player inside the platform, meaning that the player will always hit that platform with subsequent grapples. You must jump to dislodge the hook, and aim at other blocks.
  • The Ice Rod can be exploited in conjunction with the ability to reset flight/jumping accessories; By placing a block that can be grappled mid-flight, resetting flight time, and allowing functionally indefinite flight time for as long as the player can successfully manage to place blocks and grapple them accurately.
  • Characters that have hooked a block are immune to gravity and knockback. As a strategy, some players purposefully grapple the ground in dangerous locations, such as near lava, to ensure they don't fall in if they take damage from an enemy.
  • Players can also exploit immunity to gravity by "grappling the ground" to prevent fall damage. Be careful of using this trick recklessly, as the grappling hook will not function if it reaches the extent of its chain without hitting a block (the game counts it as a "miss" and doesn't check for collision with blocks on the return,) and - depending on the hook used - may prevent you from firing another hook to save yourself until the chain has fully retracted.
  • Grappling the ground and releasing the latch before the chain fully reels in is a useful to quickly get to max sprinting speed in Hermes, Spectre, and Lightning Boots.
  • Grappling a door and then opening it dislodges the hook, and flings the player towards the door at grapple speeds. This can similarly be exploited to "kickstart" Hermes Boots.
  • Simultaneous multi-hook hooks are more useful for utility purposes, but tend to be require more user input for fast transit and require the user to use jump to dislodge before throwing the hook out again.

[edit] Bugs

Anomaly.png Anomaly: If the player changes what hook is being used while hooks from a different item are deployed, the existing hooks will still be active, but the following grapples will use the hook that was switched to. If the player uses a multi-hook tool and fires multiple hooks, then changes to a single-hook tool then grapples again, the earliest shot from the multi-hook tool disappears, but all others remain until the player jumps again.
Bug.png Bug Dropping the Grappling Hook while it is being used will not disengage the hook. However, this will not duplicate the item.
Anomaly.png Anomaly: Hooks may sometimes pull the user through passages normally too small to fit through, if the player was able to grapple a block on the other side.

[edit] History

  • 1.2.3:
    • Fixed bug where hooks would break if they try to attach to blocks with liquid in them.
    • Using a Rod of Discord releases all grapples.
    • Using a teleporter tile releases all grapples.
  • 1.2: Hooks can now be crafted out of gems.

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