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See also: Coins.

Money is an essential part of terraria, as it allows the player to buy items from NPCs. There are 4 types of coins; platinum, gold, silver and copper. Platinum being the most valuable and copper being the least valuable

  • Fighting bosses - summoning and defeating various bosses.
  • Crafting and Farming - gathering resources, crafting items, and selling those items to an NPC.
  • Mining - searching for valuable ores underground.
  • Statue Farming - Using Statues to get common drops (such as Jellyfish=Glowsticks)
  • Grinding - Fighting goblin armies or any sort of enemy wave events.
  • Dealing - Selling valuable items to NPCs


[edit] Crafting and Farming

The following tables show different ways of making money. In this case, they compare the resources needed to earn 10 Silver Coin in profit. For example, crafting and selling Ale is very simple since it only requires one item, Sand Blocks. However, it does require a lot of repetitive digging (50 blocks). Instead, some people might prefer selling Fish Bowls, since harvesting Goldfish is more interesting.

See also: Guide:Gardening
  • Left column - item sold to the NPC
  • Right column - raw ingredients required for crafting

Note: the Sand Blocks are not used directly; you need to craft them into Bottled Water or Mugs first.

Making 10 Silver Coin: Low-Tech

Result IngredientsCrafting Station
Vile Powder.png Vile Powder (50) Vile Mushroom.png Vile Mushroom (10)
Ale.png Ale (50) Sand Block.png Sand Block (100)
Tiki Torch.png Tiki Torch (10) Wood.png Wood (33)
Gel.png Gel (10)
Silk.png Silk (5) Cobweb.png Cobweb (35)
Wooden Arrow.png Wooden Arrow (500) Wood.png Wood (100)
Stone Block.png Stone Block (100)
Lesser Healing Potion.png Lesser Healing Potion (16.7) Gel.png Gel (16.7)
Mushroom.png Mushroom (8.3)
Sand Block.png Sand Block (16.7)
Fish Bowl.png Fish Bowl (0.5) Goldfish.png Goldfish (1)
Sand Block.png Sand Block (0.5)

Making 10 Silver Coin: High-Tech

Result IngredientsCrafting Station
Obsidian Skull.png Obsidian Skull (1) Obsidian.png Obsidian (20)
Healing Potion.png Healing Potion (5) Gel.png Gel (10)
Sand Block.png Sand Block (5)
Glowing Mushroom.png Glowing Mushroom (5)
Mushroom.png Mushroom (2.5)
Invisibility Potion.png Invisibility Potion (5) Sand Block.png Sand Block (5)
Blinkroot.png Blinkroot (5)
Moonglow.png Moonglow (5)
Night Owl Potion.png Night Owl Potion (5) Sand Block.png Sand Block (5)
Daybloom.png Daybloom (5)
Blinkroot.png Blinkroot (5)
Shine Potion.png Shine Potion (5) Sand Block.png Sand Block (5)
Daybloom.png Daybloom (5)
Glowing Mushroom.png Glowing Mushroom (5)
Necro Helmet.png Necro Helmet (0.11) Cobweb.png Cobweb (4.44)
Bone.png Bone (4.44)

Making 20 Silver Coin: Hardmode

Result IngredientsCrafting Station
Party Bullet.png Party Bullet (1000) Confetti.png Confetti (20)
Empty Bullet.png Empty Bullet (1000)

[edit] Fighting bosses

[edit] Eye of Cthulhu and Eater of Worlds/Brain of Cthulhu

Demonite Ore (Corrupt World) or Crimtane Ore (Crimson World) occurs sometimes in the wild, but the best source is from defeating Eater of Worlds (Corrupt World) (or) Brain of Cthulhu (Crimson World) or the Eye of Cthulhu. You'll need all the best equipment you can get, plus some decent armor. Check out the Eye of Cthulhu guide and the Eater of Worlds guide for some great ways to make these fights go easier. Once you fight them a couple times and craft everything you can from the spoils, all the rest is more money for you. Another upside is that once have all the demonite you want and your nowhere close to hardmode you can sell demonite for around 7 gold a stack

Your payoff here is Demonite Ore that sells for 8 Silver Coin each, a great profit indeed and well worth any ammunition and potions the player may have expended for the fight, and you can make even more profit by crafting ingots out of the ore. Eater of Worlds also drops Shadow Scales worth 1 Silver Coin a piece. If the player has spawned in a Crimson World, then they will fight the Brain of Cthulhu, who drops Crimtane Ore worth 9 Silver Coin and Tissue Samples worth 1 Silver Coin each. Crimtane Ore sells for a fair bit more than Demonite, so the player can get more profit if they have spawned in a Crimson World. The drops are randomized just like other enemy drops, so your mileage may vary. Even if you get horrific luck with drops, running bosses is well worth the time and effort and can be a lot more exciting than life on a potion farm.

By the time the player reaches high tier, they will have a defense of around 25. This statistic drastically reduces the damage the EoW and EoC do, and the player can easily destroy the two bosses. With lots of ammunition and good weapons (such as the Minishark or Night's Edge) they can make short work of both bosses, making more money than they could ever need. It is possible to defeat EoC eight or more times in one night, which sums up to 70+ Gold Coin.

Expected Profit: Varies

[edit] Selling Muskets

Another way to make money is selling guns (Musket). First, you need to create a new world, and then look for Shadow Orbs, break them, and Collect Ball O' Hurt and/or Muskets. You can sell muskets for 2 Gold Coin (Some muskets have more value,2-7 Gold Coin ). This method is very fast and you can even make more money by selling everything you get by killing the Eater of Worlds to get a lot of money.

[edit] The Destroyer

In hardmode, the player can fight The Destroyer and easily win if they have good enough gear (palladium/cobalt gear is advised as a minimum). After crafting everything you need with his Souls of Might, you can just sell them. They sell for 2 Gold Coin each, and you would normally get 20-30 of them per kill, which would sell for a maximum of 60 Gold Coin. Besides, The Destroyer also drops 20-44 Hallowed Bars, which can be sold for 40 Silver Coin perpiece for a maximum of 17 Gold Coin 60 Silver Coin. It is possible to kill it up to 10 times in one night with the help of the Golden Shower and any of the starter hardmode sets, using the Headgear for extra magical damage.

Expected Profit: 1 Platinum Coin 47 Gold Coin per run, or up to 14 Platinum Coin 70 Gold Coin if you kill it 10 times in one night.

  • Note: Before 1.2.3, Gungnirs made from hallowed bars sell for 30 Gold Coin per piece (more or less depending on modifier), and gave a large profit per run. However, its price now is only 4 Gold Coin 60 Silver Coin, lower than the cost of 12 hallowed bar (4 Gold Coin 80 Silver Coin)

[edit] Wall of Flesh

Using post-hardmode gear, you can farm the Wall of Flesh quickly and cheaply with a Flamethrower or a Golden Shower (Golden Shower is preferable since farming gel is harder than waiting for the Mana to recharge). Since you can summon him in day or night you can make more money than other bosses, unfortunately the amount of summons is based on guide respawns and voodoo demon spawns. Drops 10 Gold Coin just for killing him, a Pwnhammer which sells for about 1 Gold Coin, and a random other item which sells for 2 to 10 Gold Coin.

Expected Profit: Varies (Estimated 3 to 5 Platinum Coin per day)

[edit] Golem

When you get the Picksaw from the Golem, you can move the altar located inside the jungle temple. You can make a box with Spiky Ball traps to easily farm the Golem. Sit back, and enjoy the loot!

Expected Profit: 10 Gold Coin plus the item(s) he drops.

[edit] Chest farmer

This method is based on exploiting a bug. Chest farms are a very effective way to make money in pre-hardcore - all you need is wiring, some random stuff you really don't need, Active Stone Blocks, anything to activate the wiring, and of course, a ton of chests.

You set this up by placing down the active stone blocks in a straight row. You run wire through the active stone blocks to the activator. Then you place the chests down, (I suggest gold or shadow, since they yield more profit per stack) and pop anything you want in the chests. Activate it, and 2-4 chests will pop out of each chest. Do this repeatedly, and soon you shall have stacks of chests filling your inventory. Shadow and Gold Chests will yield 9 gold coins and 90 silver, whereas a normal Chest stack will yield 99 silver. If you rig it up to have multiple pressure plates, and just run around, you will be dirty rich in no time. This is a very simple and quick method of earning quick cash.

[edit] Statue farming

A farm for all statue products.

The following statues spawn items or monsters (which don't drop coins, but will drop items), allowing you to make gold without even working for it:

One of the easiest setups for a statue farm is to connect the statue to 1 or more 1 Second Timers (or a Crab Engine). Except for the bomb statue you should then either place the statue in a shallow layer of lava (recommended) or connect a few Dart Traps to kill the spawned monsters. Once you click the switch, all you have to do is stand still, or even return from time to time to collect the rewards. (Except for Bomb Statues, which will stop spawning when there are 3 Bombs, so you need to stay close to collect the bombs.)

In addition, using Bunny Statues and Fish Statues during a Blood Moon will spawn their corrupt counterparts, which rarely drop Bunny Hoods. The normal spawn limit for Statues is 3 mobs at a time, but when Goldfish and Bunnies change to their corrupt counterparts, they don't count towards the Statue's spawn limit, so you can have seemingly endless amounts of them on screen. This does not affect their actual spawn rate.

Expected profit (when using a Crab Engine and Lava):

[edit] Killing Monsters

Once in Hardmode you can buy Gold Dust to craft items which will increase the amount of money monsters drop on death.

[edit] Monster Farming

[edit] Slime Staff Farming

If you have a Lucky Coin and Slime Staff (Slime statues do drop Slime Staffs) you can farm for money very easily at the rate of about 10 Gold/Minute. With full tiki or spooky armor, create a space in the Lizhard temple where you can stand in a box in an open space with all of the Lizhards crowing below you. Then summon all of the slimes you can with your tiki armor. The slimes hit very quickly and only do about 1 damage a hit, with each hit giving chance to drop several gold coins due to the Lucky Coin.

[edit] Unicorns

A dual pixie/unicorn farm. The dart traps kill the pixies and the lava kills the unicorns.

Once you enable Hardmode, it may be a good idea to kill Unicorns. They drop Unicorn Horns, which sell for 30 Silver Coins each. It's pretty effective because unicorns spawn quite regularly in The Hallow.

[edit] Mimics

It's very effective to kill Mimics because they drop 10 Gold Coins by death, and you can sell the items they drop for even more money. And it's easy to kill them by using a continuously swinging sword with enough knockback to keep the Mimic at distance or killing them using a ranged weapon from a distance.

[edit] Hardmode Dungeon

A very fun and effective way to grind money is to gear up with endgame gear and farm the Hardmode Dungeon. After killing Plantera go in there and farm all the monsters you see. Armored Bones drop over ten silver each, and they are so common that you can easily rack up a lot of money fast. Also, sell the Ectoplasm and drops you don't need for even more money. in one hour, you might be able to get five platinum with water candles and battle potions and maybe even a lucky Blood Moon.

[edit] Item and money handling

[edit] Handling money

When trying to accumulate coins, there are many small steps to take that can make the task much less of a chore:

  • Get a Chest / Piggy Bank / Safe to use as your "stash" and get into the habit of throwing all your coins into it whenever possible. Regular "banking" minimizes the loss of coins from Death, as death drops at least half the coins in a player's Inventory.
  • To quickly get money from your stash to your inventory, just throw it on the ground and pick it up from there. The game will convert all the coins into largest possible denominations. If you've got nothing but coins in your stash chest/piggy bank, the "Loot All" option is even faster.
  • As of 1.0.6, using the "Quick Stack" button at your stash will automatically convert stacks of 100 or more coins into the next largest denomination, provided you have coins of each type already in your "bank".

[edit] What to keep

The following items can all be used to craft more profitable items, and should not be sold as-is or discarded:

  • Lesser Healing Potions and Lesser Mana Potions: Keep these around to eventually make full-sized Healing Potions and Mana Potions out of, then Restoration Potions if you can.
  • Wood: Wood has no value when sold on its own, but is used for so many profitable items that it should be saved. Even when you don't have anything to combine it with you can just make chairs (or tables) and sell them, earning 7.5 Copper Coin for each piece of wood, or if you have access to a sawmill you can craft kegs instead, which boosts that value to slightly over 8.5 Copper Coin per piece of wood
  • Stone Blocks: Plentiful and useful for building Houses and stopping the spread of Corruption (pre-hardmode), but you can always get more. Craft 100 excess Stone Blocks into a Statue and sell them for 60 Copper Coin, a 0.6Copper Coin/block return.
  • Sand: Crafts Glass, then crafts Mugs, which then crafts Ale, which sells for 20 Copper Coin each. Glass is also needed to make Bottles, a necessary ingredient for potions. You'll also find quite a few bottles in chests, so keep those as well. In hardmode, normal sand becomes somewhat of a rarity due to corruption and hallow spreading everywhere and turning all deserts to ebonsand and pearlsand respectively.
  • Clay: Crafts Pink Vases. They sell for 14 Copper Coin each, which equals 3.5 copper per block.
  • Cobwebs: If you're saving up for Necro armor, keep in mind that you don't need too many of these -- a full set of the armor requires only 135 cobwebs. All the rest should be turned into Silk and sold for a net profit of 20 Copper Coin per cobweb.
  • Vile Mushrooms: Crafts Vile Powder which sells for 20 Copper Coin per bag, or 1 Silver Coin per mushroom.
  • Goldfish: 2 Goldfish and 1 Bottled Water crafts the Fish Bowl, which sells for a whopping 20 Silver Coin each.
  • Lens: 6 lenses allows you to craft a Suspicious Looking Eye and summon the Eye of Cthulhu for big cash rewards.
  • Glowing Mushroom: Glowing Mushrooms can be kept to make Lesser Healing Potions in to Healing Potions, as well as Lesser Mana Potions into Mana Potions; increasing value.

[edit] What to discard

These things are going to clog your inventory to no end, and are almost impossible to make money off of. If your inventory is full and you're deciding what items to take home and sell, go ahead and trash these:

  • Dirt Blocks: Useful for growing some plants and handy as a plentiful building material, but will never be more than that. You can always get more.
  • Mud Blocks: Mud is used to grow mushroom grass or chlorophyte, both of which are valuable, or as a building material. Mud can be crafted from dirt when standing in or near water.
  • Glowsticks: Useful only for temporarily lighting underwater areas. Not worth much, either.
  • Wooden Arrows: Very common in pots and chests, only pick them up if you'll use them as ammo, to craft better arrows, or you've got nothing more valuable to keep in that inventory slot.
  • Shuriken and Throwing Knives: You'll find a lot of these in chests underground, but in such small amounts that they're not worth carrying. If you've got a decent ranged weapon you won't see much benefit from carrying these.

[edit] What to sell

These raw items are worth selling as-is. When your inventory is full and you need to choose, try to keep these around and toss something else:

  • Accessories and Weapons: The less you use something, the less likely you are to use it in the future. Most accessories will sell for great amounts of coins and will not stack, so go ahead and sell them. As stated before, if you can find one thing you can find ten more. If you've got multiple copies of an accessory then you'll probably find many more copies in the future, so don't worry about something being gone forever. Possible exceptions are swords required to craft the Night's Edge, which you may want to keep duplicates of so you'll still have use of them even after sacrificing them to craft it.
  • Ores: Excess ores can be sold once you're kitted out and your house is decorated from top to bottom. It may however, still be a good idea to keep your gold, copper, and iron ores because you will need these for hardmode items later on. Meteorite ore should be crafted to bars before selling for better profit. Note that copper and iron bars are required to craft hardmode boss summoning items.

[edit] Crafting and Farming in detail

[edit] Marshmallows

All you need to farm Marshmallows is a campfire, a Merchant in a snow biome, and lot of wood. You buy a marshmallow, put it on a stick, roast it, and sell it for twice as much as you bought it for. Note: Roasting takes time, and Marshmallows on sticks do not stack, so this is not a good way to make a lot of money fast.

[edit] Torches

Farming Torches requires Wood and Gel.

Torches are just about the easiest and simplest thing to farm. Wood is plentiful and can be easily regrown, and a long, flat surface outside can serve as both a tree farm and a place to kill slimes for gel. Simply flatten out a huge expanse of dirt, wait for it to grass over, and start planting acorns. Torches have the added bonus of being able to be crafted anywhere, and what you don't sell remains useful throughout the game so you'll likely be making lots of torches anyway.

Torches sell for 10 Copper Coin each and are produced in stacks of 3. The limiting factor is going to be Gel, i.e. you'll run out of it before running out of wood. Gel sells for 1 Copper Coin each. Wood is worth 7.5 Copper Coin each (if crafted into Chairs) Crafting torches therefore "costs" 8.5 Copper Coin and will yield 30 Copper Coin (10 Copper Coin for each torch), for a profit of 21.5 Copper Coin.

Each stack of 99 Gel together with 99 Wood will create 297 Torches. The crafting will net you 21 Silver Coin 28 Copper Coin more than selling the chairs and raw gel.

Torches can sell for quite a bit more when upgraded to tiki torches, but this diminishes your wood resources a lot faster. Each wood spent on a tiki torch would be worth 30 Copper Coin, the torches themselves worth 10 Copper Coin. The total profit from each tiki torch is 1 Silver Coin.

Another fast way to make money using only Wood is to buy some Torches from the Merchant for 50 Copper Coin, then craft them into Tiki Torch and sell them back for 1 Silver Coin, making a profit of 50 Copper Coin for only three wood.

[edit] Lesser Healing Potions

To produce these you'll need:

Once you've gotten a little further into the game this becomes a good option. If you haven't yet started a farm for Glowing Mushrooms then making Lesser potions is still quite good, and will suffice until you can start growing shrooms. As with torches, the fruits of your labor will be useful to you throughout the game: having a lot of healing potions on hand is always good.

Expected Profit: 15 Silver Coin and 75 Copper Coin per 30

You'll need twice as much gel as mushrooms, but mushrooms are harder to come by unless you specifically farm for them. See the gardening guide for more on that. Two gel are only worth 2 Copper Coin, a mushroom is 5 Copper Coin, and 2 bottles are 8 Copper Coin for a total cost of 15 Copper Coin for 2 potions. They sell for 60 Copper Coin each, giving a net profit of 105 Copper Coin for 2 potions, or 15 Silver Coin 75 Copper Coin for a stack of 30.

Tree farms work well for farming gel, as the flat open spaces seem to spawn tons of green and blue slimes.

[edit] Healing Potions

A Healing Potion requires:


  • Healing potions are extremely profitable, selling for 2 Silver Coin each.
  • Glowing mushrooms are easy to farm in large quantities, requiring very little maintenance compared to regular mushroom farms (which must be regularly "weeded")
  • Healing potions are more effective at healing than their lesser equivalents, and most players will be making them for this purpose anyway.

Expected Profit: 52 Silver Coin and 50 Copper Coin per 30

As mentioned earlier, 2 Lessers cost 15 Copper Coin in raw materials, and Glowing mushrooms are 10 Copper Coin each. Subtract this from the 2 Silver Coin sale price and our anticipated profit becomes 1 Silver Coin 75 Copper Coin per potion, or 52 Silver Coin 50 Copper Coin for a stack of 30. Actual profit is slightly higher, as Lesser Healing Potions can be found in pots and chests all over the place, as well as bosses and dungeon shelves.

Tip: Never buy your Lesser potions from the Merchant. Lesser Healing Potions cost 2 Silver Coin when purchased from the merchant. If you purchase Lesser potions and sell Healing potions, you will spend 4 Silver Coin.png 10 Copper Coin.png and gain 3 Silver Coin, a net loss of 1 Silver Coin.png 10 Copper Coin.png per potion you craft.

[edit] Shine and Night Owl Potions

Shine Potions and Night Owl Potions use the following:

Both kinds of potions sell for 2 Silver Coin just like Healing Potions. They are an excellent source of income to supplement a Potion economy, as they use largely the same ingredients as healing potions and the additional ingredients are easy to find. Daybloom and Daybloom Seeds can be found everywhere on the surface as long as they're harvested in the daytime, while Blinkroot can be found everywhere underground. Night Owl Potions are useful to make before you find Glowing Mushrooms, while Shine Potions use all the spare Glowing Mushrooms leftover from the Healing Potions.

Expected Profit: 49 Silver Coin 80 Copper Coin per 30

The cost in ingredients is higher, but this balances with the fact that all the ingredients are so easy to farm. Daybloom and Blinkroot is particularly easy to find and grow, and is almost more plentiful in the wild than standard mushrooms. Both herbs are 20 Copper Coin each, glowing mushrooms are 10 Copper Coin, and the bottle of water is 4 Copper Coin. This gets you 1 Silver Coin 66 Copper Coin per Shine potion in profit, or 49 Silver Coin 80 Copper Coin for 30. Night Owl Potions net 1 Silver Coin 56 Copper Coin per potion, by contrast, so if you're overflowing with both Glowing Mushrooms and the fast-growing Blinkroot, make the Shine potions and either sell the leftover Blinkroot or combine it with Cactus to make Swiftness Potion.

[edit] Obsidian Skulls

Obsidian is worthless on its own, but you can make Obsidian Skulls from it. They require 20 Obsidian per Skull. You'll need:

If using a generator you'll also need:

You need about 2 1/2 stacks of Obsidian for a full set of molten gear, so you're likely to be farming this anyway. The most common way is to grab Obsidian as you can find pockets of lava underground and leading water to it from above, then mining from underwater. The Earthwelling technique is a great method that requires a bit more preparation but is easier to mine once it's done, especially for very large lava pockets. Finally there's the Obsidian generator, which is outlined here. Players may or may not agree with the ethics of using a generator, but regardless of how you feel it's a very efficient way to get lots of Obsidian in a hurry.

Expected Profit: 6 Gold Coin 75 Silver Coin per 250 Obsidian minimum, more if you get lucky modifiers.

Skulls sell for 54 Silver Coin each, resulting in 2 Silver Coin 75 Copper Coin per chunk of Obsidian, putting it in the top tier of ores. Every so often, you may get a skull with a modifier on it; they sell for more than ordinary skulls. Obsidian Skulls don't stack, so to avoid a lot of trips back and forth just make a spare furnace and set it down within range of a selling NPC. Once you're in the buy/sell menu you can scroll down your crafting list to make skulls and immediately drop them into the NPC's inventory to sell them.

[edit] Ectoplasm

Expected Profit: 49 Gold Coin 50 Silver Coin per stack of 99 ectoplasm

As of 1.2, enemies in the Hardmode Dungeon (after killing Plantera), when killed, have a chance to turn into Dungeon Spirits. They drop 1 or 2 Ectoplasm each, which sells for 50 Silver Coin each. If you get a large amount, you can easily profit, as each dungeon spirit drops a couple of Ectoplasm, and that makes it easy to make tons of gold. You can also craft them into Ghost Wings, which will give you more profit (8 Gold Coin each, where only 10 ectoplasm worth 5 Gold Coin and 20 Soul of Flight worth 40 Silver Coin). The only hard part is farming the Ectoplasm, as Hardmode Dungeon enemies are stronger than the average enemy. It takes time, but it's worth it.

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