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Plantera is a moderately hard boss; it can spawn after defeating all three of the mechanical hardmode bosses and destroying one of Plantera's Bulbs in the Underground Jungle.

Though as noted in the Plantera article, you will only need to have defeated only one of the mechanical bosses in the console and mobile version.

Arena Preparation[edit]

First, Plantera has plenty of health to chew through, and a good amount of damage, so it would be best to set up a Heart Statue and Star Statue if you use magic. Set them to timers. Add a Heart Lantern and Campfire to boost your health regeneration further, and a Crystal Ball if you use magic or a ammo box for ranged. If your arena is fairly large, try to set up more than one healing station like this, so that you can run in a big circle (or oval) and collect hearts on both ends of the loop.

The actual shape of your arena depends on how you want to fight. For a player who wants to have plenty of evasive space, excavating around a screen's worth of space inside the Underground Jungle and filling it with rows of platforms can work well. For more aggressive players, a smaller space excavated right next to a bulb can work too. Others will just use a stack of bombs to excavate a large area for flying and grappling. Plantera's spike balls do some significant damage and are used frequently during Plantera's first phase, however they can only bounce off solid surfaces, if you don't mind taking the extra time, consider digging a hole at least 2 times deeper than you would use for the fight and stick to the top half of your arena, without the added threat of Plantera's spike balls, it is much easier to defeat.

Honey can be used for its regeneration, so make little pools to dip into if you can be bothered.

Bring a hammer to remove the jungle walls so that in Plantera's second phase, the hooks can only grapple on to the blocks so she cannot grab you with her hooks, and thus you do not take damage from her hooks.

The spawn point method, is by far the easiest and best way to kill Plantera. It may actually be a boring fight if that is the way you want to go. Best thing to do is as mentioned above, break the background wall up to where the bulb is (and you can do this easily if you have wings), build your house next to it, set your spawn point and with a Mushroom spear, or any other weapon that shoots through walls, you can sit inside avoiding other mobs while just attacking away. You'll die a few times but without having to worry about evading attacks and other mobs, you can just concentrate on damage. Also, each time you die, when you respawn, you can use a healing potion or any other type of healing item you have. This will give you additional time to attack. (No longer works for single player on PC, as Plantera despawns when all players are killed)

Gearing Up[edit]


At the very, very minimum, players should use Hallowed Armor with the helmet to suit their class. Melee characters should use Turtle Armor or Frost Armor. Ranged characters should use Chlorophyte armor or Frost Armor. Magic users should use Chlorophyte Armor. This is assuming plantera has not been defeated yet.



  • Spears work well as they can attack through blocks and can strike multiple times in one swing. The Chlorophyte Partisan is especially convenient as it shoots a small projectile that hits multiple times, making it a very useful spear for this fight.
  • Swords like the Terra Blade or True Night's Edge are fine choices for high ranged damage.
  • The Death Sickle can also be a great weapon. As for armor, Turtle armor combined "Warding" modifier (+4 Defense) accessories can boost defense to the point where the player takes only single-digit damage.
  • If Plantera has been previously defeated (and the temple is available for any use), obtaining a Scourge of Corrupters is very useful in a tight corner area. Strong armor (at least full hallow) is advised, but that is a simple strategy, due to the ricocheting Tiny Eaters.
  • The Cutlass or the Terra Blade(obtainable before Plantera because solar eclipses happen when one of the Mechanical Bosses is killed) combined with the Hallowed Armor can be very effective if the weapon has a good reforge; You only need to swing it and wait till Plantera is dead.
  • Using the Light Disc proves effective if you have more than one of them and are in a smaller arena.
  • If you obtain the Vampire Knives, Star Veil or the Cross Necklace, the player can break the Plantera's Bulb, and not move the entire fight using the Vampire Knives to heal, and the Star Veil or Cross Necklace for the invincibility for an easy kill.



  • The Nimbus Rod is often useful (even for non-magic ones). It can deal continuous damage which can greatly help the fight, especially in vertical arenas.
  • Crystal Storm, Cursed Flames, Magical Harp, or Magic Dagger can be used for rapid attacking.
  • The Venom Staff performs very, VERY well against plantera, dealing fast, high damage.
  • The Rainbow Rod can do well against plantera.
  • Any Minions can only help.
  • If you have already killed Plantera, the Inferno Fork or Rainbow Gun and a Blizzard Staff if you have access to one is great for killing her. The Nettle Burst is good, because it can damage plantera and her tentacles at the same time, for several hours, dealing large amounts of damage to plantera itself.



Wings, a Hoverboard, and/or Lightning Boots/Frostspark Boots will allow you to dodge Plantera's attacks.

Damage can be greatly boosted through combat-accessories such as the Warrior/Ranger/Sorcerer/Avenger Emblems. A Celestial Stone is also useful.

Charm of Myths can be used for increased regen and reducing the Potion Sickness debuff time from one minute to 45 seconds. A Fire Gauntlet is helpful because of melee damage increase and causing the On Fire! debuff. A Magma Stone can be used as well for this debuff. As with most bosses, the Cross Necklace/Star Veil can be used to extend the invulnerability period after being attacked, allowing you to take less damage.

Cobalt shield (to become immune to plantera knocking you out of his insides) this makes you immune to his projectiles, while this results in you taking damage permanently, if you have full hallow armor and 20 red hearts, you can destroy him with a cutlass with health to spare.

For Prefixes, damage increasing or critical hit chance increasing Modifiers, such as menacing and lucky, will make a less-than-obvious difference. Melee characters may want to Reforge for modifiers that increase defense, such as warding.

The Battle[edit]

Plantera will attempt to chase after the player, always trying to make its main bulb overlap the player's space. It moves fairly slowly when compared to a player with speed-boosting equipment. This means a player in a large enough arena can easily keep a distance, assuming they just keep moving. As such, a good arena can make the fight much easier. The second stage begins when Plantera reaches 50% remaining health. The pink petals fall off to reveal a ferocious green maw and Plantera's speed is greatly increased.

Currently, Plantera will "go berserk" if the player leaves the Underground Jungle (including to go to the surface), so surface-level arena strategies are generally obsolete. One exception is taking advantage of Plantera's need to "grapple" to move by building a large enough space that Plantera cannot grapple up after you, and then firing down upon it. However, Plantera can grapple onto backgrounds, and since they go until reaching the underworld, you would have to clear them out first.

The player will want to focus on dodging attacks while shooting constantly at Plantera. Once plantera reaches its second form, the player should be very wary and try to avoid Plantera's lunges.

Ranged characters would also try to kill tentacles as soon as they appear. Due to generally low defense of ranger's sets, getting caught by them often will kill player really fast.

Attack types[edit]

  • Poison Seed.png Seeds: (Phase 1) Frequently spits projectiles similar to the stingers of the Hornets. Easily avoided if the player hides behind blocks.
  • Thorn Ball.png Thorn Balls: Spiky balls similar to the Spike Ball weapon. They linger on the ground for a significant amount of time and deal around 50 damage. These balls fall through platforms, so use of platforms in an arena is recommended. They are however also incredibly bouncy and can easily reach players some height in the air.
  • Plantera's Hook.pngHooks: Plantera uses three vines for its locomotion, apparently larger versions of the Ivy Whip. The ends of these vines deal damage if the player touches them.
  • Plantera's Tentacle.png Biters: (Phase 2) Once Plantera begins the second stage it will sprout a large number of small gnawing minions on "leashes". They simply wave themselves around at the end of their leash and get in the way of the player's attacks, making piercing weapons more valuable. They are fairly weak and easily killed.
  • Spore.png Spores: (Phase 2) Frequently spits projectiles similar to the Fungi Spores fired by the Giant Fungi Bulb. Easily destroyed and avoidable, but deals high damage if hit.

Specific Strategies[edit]

Note: Strategies that require spawn points are no longer valid as with the update - Plantera now vanishes after you die, so when battling solo be forewarned. (They still work on the console.)

3 Slime Strategy[edit]

Put 3+ Slime Statue (or other mob-spawning Statues) above your head over lava, connected to a 1 Second Timer. The slimes will constantly be killed, giving you mana and health as you take damage from Plantera.

The Teleportation Trick[edit]

Make a long hallway (preferably longer than 150 tiles, but still shorter than 250 due to the bug shown below, because of Plantera's movement speed in the second phase) out of any material you desire, and place a Teleporter on each end, and wire them together. Test it first. Then, summon Plantera.This strategy works out with Frost armor or Hallowed armor,a Megashark with Crystal Bullets, with the ironskin, regeneration,well fed and thorns buff.Using a Flamethrower is not recommended since it has a short range compared to other guns, and it won't be against the biters since the crystal bullets will take care of them.

When it's climbing down toward you on one side, flip the trigger used to activate Teleporter. You will teleport to the other side, and Plantera will have to climb back at you. It is even possible to combine the Teleporters with a Timer to remove the need to activate a trigger or with a Pressure Plate,which will only require the player to jump for teleporting.

Note that if the hallway is too long, Plantera will despawn. This was observed in a hallway as small as 200 tiles.

Honey Submarine[edit]

Make a decent sized pool of honey with blocks to stand on in the center. While underneath the surface of the honey Plantera's Seeds will not be able to hit you and the thorn balls will roll of the side of your platform. The Honey will provide regeration effect so the only time you should take a heart or two of damage is when going up for air.

Note that this makes fighting the boss boring and uninteresting and requires only a good melee weapon.

Ring Around the Rosey method[edit]

It is little known that Plantera's AI can be manipulated to be trapped inside of a block for the first stage as the player flies around it. First, a standard arena must be built (15-20 tiles high and about 50 tiles long) then, around the middle, a floating 7x7 block must be built, leaving room for the player to fly around it while just being able to shoot Plantera (prefferably with a Terra Blade or Flamethrower) this will take it into second stage often without taking any hits. Second stage gets a little more intense. This means that the block idea could be discarded for the remainder of the fight, unless the player feels confident enough to keep Plantera inside.

Nurse method[edit]

If you make a house for the nurse in the underground jungle, you can heal mid-fight, though this usually results in the nurse dying.

OLee99's Farm[edit]

This is more for farming Plantera for its items especially The Axe, but can also be use spawn your first Plantera's Bulb in a open arena. As a bonus, this farm will also spawn Life Fruits, should you need any.

Build a large empty room in the Underground layer of any biome.

Place mud blocks in a layered structure with 4-5 blocks between each layer.

Plant Jungle grass on this layers.

Place an Actuator on every Mud Block (jungle block) and connect everything with Wire to a switch/lever.

This farm will spawn 1+ Plantera's Bulb every day or so. But the farm will only have 1 bulb at a time so check regularly to to make the most of the farm.

When you want to battle Plantera use your pickaxe on the bulb THEN flip the switch to make the blocks inactive and giving you a much larger arena to battle Plantera.

You are able to fly around Plantera taking very little damage.

If you are a magic user you can use Spectre Armor (hood) and a Nimbus Rod.

-You fire two Rain Clouds above you and let Plantera sit on top of you where it will take constant damage and you will heal yourself faster than you will take damage.


If you deactivate the mud (jungle) blocks before you destroy the bulb with a pickaxe the bulb will be destroyed and Plantera will NOT spawn. This may be helpful if you just wish to farm the jungle items and not Plantera. This Build will also cause Underground Jungle mobs to spawn.

NOTE: The above glitch has been observed on PC, however it has also been observed that deactivating the farm allows the bulb to be broken with any weapon, and that breaking it with a weapon will spawn Plantera normally.

CenturyWanderer's chlorophyte bullet strategy[edit]

This method is relatively simple. All you will need is hallowed armor (ranged set), a megashark and chorophyte bullets. First, build a small arena to maneuver around, and just fire randomly. The megashark's rate of fire combined with the homing of chorophyte bullets make this fight an easy one. You don't even have to aim!

Farming Plantera[edit]

Many post-Plantera weapons are powerful enough to make Plantera-farming relatively easy. Popular weapons/armor include:

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