Guide Voodoo Doll

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Guide Voodoo Doll
Guide Voodoo Doll.png
Type Accessory – Summoning
Max stack 1
Body slot Accessory
Tooltip 'You are a terrible person'
Sell 2 Silver Coin
When the Guide Voodoo Doll is equipped, the player can attack the Guide.

The Guide Voodoo Doll is an accessory that can be dropped by a Voodoo Demon in the Underworld. It has a resemblance to the Guide.

When this item is equipped as an accessory, it becomes possible to kill the Guide with weapons. If the item is destroyed by Lava in the Underworld, it will kill the guide and summon the Wall of Flesh. If the item is destroyed while there is no living Guide, the Wall of Flesh will not appear.

Before the Wall of Flesh is defeated, the Arms Dealer's dialogue is replaced with the line "I heard there is a doll that looks very similar to [Name of Guide] somewhere in the underworld. I'd like to put a few rounds in it.", hinting at the fact the doll has to be destroyed to continue progression. The Nurse will occasionally say, "How many times will [Name of Guide] come in with severe lava burns?", hinting that the doll has to be thrown in lava. The [Name of Guide] sometimes will say, "When you are ready to challenge the keeper of the underworld, you will have to make a living sacrifice. Everything you need for it can be found in the Underworld", also hinting the [Name of Guide] will be sacrificed and that the doll needed for the sacrifice is found in the underworld.

Regardless if the Wall of Flesh is killed or not, the Guide will always respawn after being killed.


  • When the player receives the On Fire! debuff, the sprite that appears resembles the guide in flames, foreshadowing the events that are required to summon the Wall of Flesh


  • If a voodoo doll dropped by a Voodoo Demon falls into lava without the player catching it, the Wall of Flesh will spawn despite the player not having thrown the doll in themselves. Therefore, it is recommended one be wary of their surroundings when battling Voodoo Demons.
  • If a dropped voodoo doll lands on a player who is standing in lava, the guide will be slain, the Wall of Flesh will spawn, and the doll will be collected, allowing it to be used again. (Occurred in multiplayer. Needs to be confirmed for single player)
  • In the IOS and Android versions, a voodoo doll does not need to be thrown in lava for the Wall of Flesh to be summoned.
  • Throwing the Doll into the lava shortly after having been slain by the Wall of Flesh will kill the Guide but not cause the Wall of Flesh to appear as it normally would because the Wall of Flesh is still alive, but moving toward the end of the Underworld


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