Heart Arrow

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Heart Arrow
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Heart Arrow inventory icon
Type Ammunition
Damage 4 (Ranged)
Inflicts debuff Stunned.png Stunned Mobile only.png3DS logo.svg
Debuff duration 1.5 Seconds
Debuff tooltip Paralyzed by love
Buy / Sell 50 Copper Coin / 10 Copper Coin
Internal Item ID: 1915 / 5049
Internal Buff ID: 200
Mobile only.png 3DS logo.svg Mobile/3DS-Only Content: This information (or parts of it) applies only to the mobile and 3DS versions of Terraria.

Heart Arrows are an arrow type that stuns enemies for 1.5 seconds. They can be purchased from the Merchant for 50 Copper Coin each, during the Valentine's Day seasonal event, on the Mobile only.pngMobile version and 3DS logo.svg version. They can also be found in Heart Shrines, but only when the world is created during the Valentine's Day event.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Shooting a heart arrow at the Wall of Flesh's mouth will freeze the entire wall, giving the player time to attack.
  • Shooting a heart arrow can also cause Dungeon Guardian to freeze, so you can get the Bone Key easily pre-Hardmode.
  • Shooting a heart arrow at The Destroyer's head will immobilize it entirely.
  • Wyverns and similar worm type enemy's heads will continue moving if only the body is frozen.
  • Any Boss will be frozen by heart arrows, making it easy to defeat any boss with a decent bow, although Duke Fishron is immune to this debuff. Boss minions can also be a problem if fighting bosses such as King Slime. Verify
  • The Queen Bee will be permanently slowed by the heart arrows after one hit, making it incredible for defeating her with low cost, and will slow her speed to roughly 5 blocks per second.

History[edit | edit source]

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