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Hellforge inventory icon
Hellforge placed graphic
Hellforge (placed).gif
Type Furniture – Crafting station
Placeable Yes
Dimensions 3 wide ˣ 2 high
Max stack 99
Rarity Rarity Level: 0
Use time 14
Sell 6 Silver Coin
Internal Item ID: 221
Internal Tile ID: 77

A Hellforge is a crafting station that incorporates the same functions as a regular Furnace with the additional bonus of being able to smelt Hellstone into Hellstone Bars. It is also used to craft the essential Adamantite/Titanium Forge in Hardmode.

It cannot be crafted, instead being found as place furniture in Ruined Houses in The Underworld. Hellforges in the Underworld require a 60% power pickaxe (Nightmare Pickaxe or Deathbringer Pickaxe) or better, or by destroying the blocks below it, which is the only way to obtain Hellforges if you don't have a strong enough pickaxe yet. Hellforges above the Underground layer can be moved with any pickaxe.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Used in[edit | edit source]

Result IngredientsCrafting Station
Adamantite Forge.png Adamantite Ore.png Adamantite Ore (30) Mythril Anvil.png Mythril Anvil /
Orichalcum Anvil.png Orichalcum Anvil
Hellforge.png Hellforge
Titanium Forge.png Titanium Ore.png Titanium Ore (30)
Hellforge.png Hellforge

Used to craft[edit | edit source]



Result Ingredients
Hellstone Bar.png Hellstone.png Hellstone (3)
Obsidian.png Obsidian (1)

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Hellforges were commonly used to drain a large body of water or even oceans. To do so you had to dig a small hole (3 blocks wide, 4 blocks deep) under water and then close the ceiling. After that you needed to drain the small hole of water, place a Hellforge at the bottom and pour a bucket of lava on it. Then you could destroy the ceiling to let the water drain. This was because the Hellforge prevented obsidian from forming, so the water disappears. As of 1.2.3 this trick no longer works.
  • The sprite seems to have a temperature gauge on the right side

History[edit | edit source]

  • 1.2.3: Using Hellforge to drain water no longer works.
  • 1.2: Now require a pickaxe instead of a hammer to be moved. Has a new sprite.
  • 1.0.4: Hellforges above the rock layer can be moved with any Hammer, but below require a 60% power hammer or stronger.
  • Pre-Release: Introduced.
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