Hoppin' Jack

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Hoppin' Jack
Hoppin' Jack.png
Type Enemy
Environment Forest
AI Type Slime
Damage 80 / 160
Max Life 175 / 350
Defense 20
KB Resist 50% / 55%
Hoppin' Jack Banner.png Hoppin' Jack Banner
Coins 5 Silver Coin
Internal NPC ID: 304

The Hoppin' Jack is a Hardmode pumpkin-like slime that will only appear during night during the Halloween seasonal event. It attacks by hopping towards the player, like most slimes.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Hoppin' Jack is unlike most other slimes in the way that it does not have any chance of dropping gel. It is the one of three enemies with the Slime AI that do not drop gel on death. The only other 2 enemies that fit this description are Lava Slime and Dungeon Slime.
  • For some reason, the Hoppin' Jack does not register as a slime for the Royal Gel.

History[edit | edit source]

  • 1.2.4: Fixed the name for the Hoppin' Jack NPC.
  • 1.2.1: Introduced.
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