Ice Block

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Ice Block
Ice Block.png
Type Block – Crafting material
Max stack 999
Use time 14
Pc only.png PC-Only Content: This information (or parts of it) applies only to the PC version of Terraria.

Ice Blocks are common terrain-blocks found alongside Snow Blocks in the Snow Biome and Underground Snow biome. They can be mined with a pickaxe or a drill. Walking on ice blocks can cause the player to slide. This can make it dangerous to navigate in the Snow Biome, because unwanted slipping could cause your player to fall off a cliff or into water and drown. This effect can be canceled by equipping Ice Skates or other accessories with this effect. However, long patches of ice can be used with a grappling hook to cause the player to slide forward very quickly and traverse areas quickly.

Ice Blocks can be converted into three other variants by the spread of biomes:

[edit] Used in

Result IngredientsCrafting Station
Ice Torch.png Ice Torch (3) Torch.png Torch (3) By Hand
Ice Block.png Ice Block
Ice Brick.png Ice Brick Ice Block.png Ice Block (2) Work Bench.png Work Bench
Frozen Slime Block.png Frozen Slime Block Slime Block.png Slime Block Solidifier.png Solidifier
Ice Block.png Ice Block
Frozen Table.png Frozen Table Ice Block.png Ice Block (8) Ice Machine.png Ice Machine
Frozen Work Bench.png Frozen Work Bench Ice Block.png Ice Block (10)
Frozen Bookcase.png Frozen Bookcase Ice Block.png Ice Block (20)
Book.png Book (10)
Frozen Piano.png Frozen Piano Bone.png Bone (4)
Ice Block.png Ice Block (15)
Book.png Book
Frozen Bed.png Frozen Bed Ice Block.png Ice Block (15)
Silk.png Silk (5)
Frozen Bathtub.png Frozen Bathtub Ice Block.png Ice Block (14)
Frozen Door.png Frozen Door Ice Block.png Ice Block (6)
Frozen Lantern.png Frozen Lantern Ice Block.png Ice Block (6)
Ice Torch.png Ice Torch
Frozen Candle.png Frozen Candle Ice Block.png Ice Block (4)
Ice Torch.png Ice Torch
Frozen Chandelier.png Frozen Chandelier Ice Block.png Ice Block (4)
Ice Torch.png Ice Torch (4)
Chain.png Chain
Frozen Lamp.png Frozen Lamp Ice Torch.png Ice Torch
Ice Block.png Ice Block (3)
Frozen Candelabra.png Frozen Candelabra Ice Block.png Ice Block (5)
Ice Torch.png Ice Torch (3)
Frozen Chair.png Frozen Chair Ice Block.png Ice Block (4)

[edit] History

  • 1.2: Introduced.
Anomaly: When you have the water walking buff active, going from ice to water will allow you to slide on water like an ice block.

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