Ice Rod

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Ice Rod
Ice Rod.png
Type Weapon
Damage 26
Max stack 1
Mana 7
Velocity 12
Rarity Rarity Level: 4
Use time 16
Tooltip Summons a block of ice
Buy / Sell 1 Platinum Coin / 20 Gold Coin

The Ice Rod is a Hardmode magic weapon that auto-fires shards of ice. The weapon is unique in that, if the point targeted is free of any blocks or placed background items, a solid Ice Block-Ice Rod.png Ice block (translucent, but not slippery) is formed in midair, at the point clicked, which lasts for about six seconds before shattering. Ice blocks can create temporary platforms for standing or grappling, and also cast a dim, flickering light. Each shot consumes 7 Mana. The Ice Rod is available from the Wizard for 1 Platinum.

The point clicked must be unoccupied in order to form an ice block. If the space clicked is occupied, either by blocks or background objects, the shard acts as an ordinary projectile, continuing until it hits an enemy or other foreground object, where it shatters. Clicking an ice block to fire again will cause your next shard to pass through the ice block, which creates unique shielding possibilities during combat, as while you can fire through your ice shield, enemies can not move or fire through them (with the exception of Worms, Casters, Bosses, and other enemies that can attack through blocks).

Upon shattering, ice blocks release illuminated sparks that travel down through blocks all the way to the bottom of the screen, making the Ice Rod very useful for discovering ores and caves.

The Ice Rod's best possible Modifier is Mythical.


  • Since the ice blocks created can be grappled to with a Grappling Hook or similar device, the Ice Rod can be used to get to the top of the world and other high areas, such as a Floating Island, more easily. You could also simply make "stairs" of ice, but it would take a bit longer.
  • Using the idea above, it's possible to constantly 'fly' through the sky if you're equipped with wings. Just constantly fly, and click underneath you before you start to fall. So long as you have quick reflexes and great aim, you can move from one side of your world to the other.
  • Regular blocks can be placed adjacent to the created ice blocks, which can prove useful in building floating structures, as one need not build a temporary connection from the ground to the building site.
  • When dealing with enemies, clicking in a small arc in front of you to create a shield, then firing again at the same location, effectively shields you while still allowing you to fire through to enemies.
  • If you shoot down 2 ice blocks then quickly put a chest on it and put stuff in the chest and leave, when you return the chest will still be there floating. If you try to place a chest under it, it will duplicate insanely fast.
Bug.png Bug When putting a chest on the Ice blocks, if kept on long enough, will cause the blocks to be permanent until the map is unloaded. This can also cause a glitch where you are able to get unlimited chests.
Bug.png Bug : If you shoot ice blocks and instantly save/exit and reload the world before they break, there will be a tower of dirt from were you placed it to the ground.
Anomaly.png Anomaly Mobile: It is possible to get them from presents as a very rare drop.
  • If an ice block is spawned in the same place as a wooden platform it will cause the platform to disapear.


  • The Ice Rod may be a reference to a tool from The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past with the same name and function.


  • 1.1: Introduced.
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