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See also: Inventory cleaning.

An Inventory is a set of slots where items appear, or can be placed for storage.

Stacks[edit | edit source]

Each slot in an inventory can contain multiples of the same item type; such a grouping is known as a "stack". Each item has its own maximum stack value per-slot, indicated on the item's wiki page via "Max Stack". The Max Stack for reusable weapons and tools is only 1 (with the exception of Light Discs (5) and Bananarangs (10)). For consumable items, the max stack is usually between 30 and 999. Individual items from a stack can be removed using the button, which can be held down to continuously remove items from the stack, or the button can be used to remove the entire stack at once.

Main inventory[edit | edit source]

This condensed diagram depicts the various slots in the inventory.
The player's main inventory can be viewed and modified by pressing the . This is where items the player has picked up will appear, and can be accessed for use or removed. Generally the term "Inventory", when used on its own, refers to the main inventory.

The main inventory consists of the following slots:

Left Side[edit | edit source]

Hotbar (10 slots)[edit | edit source]

A player's hotbar
The 10 hotbar slots comprise the top row of the main inventory, and are where the current useable items appear. Items placed in the hotbar can be used with the key. Pc only.png You can change the selected item by either using the scroll wheel, clicking the item on the hotbar, or pressing the associated number key. Any item can be placed here; even items that are not useable can be placed here for storage. A lock at the left of the hotbar will prevent the player from accidentally clicking on a slot to select it.

Storage (40 slots)[edit | edit source]

Any item can be placed here. Items picked up will be placed here starting from the bottom-right.

Coins (4 slots)[edit | edit source]

Coins the player has picked up, or acquired via selling items, will appear in these slots. Only coins can be placed here.

Ammo (4 slots)[edit | edit source]

These slots are for storing ammunition. Ammunition can also be stored in other slots, but ammunition stored here will be used first, and ammunition items picked up will be placed here first. Only ammunition can be placed here. It is worth noting that Sand, Fallen Stars, Gel, and Wires can all be put in the Ammo slots, but if you put Wires in the Ammo slots, wires you pick up will start a new stack in the main inventory. And it is also possible to store fishing bait in Ammo slots, but if you pick up new bait, it will start a new stack in the main inventory.

Trash Can (1 slot)[edit | edit source]

Not to be confused with the item.
The trash can slot is used for discarding unwanted items. Any item can be placed here. An item can be placed by by holding the key and clicking on it. Once an item is placed here, it will remain there until another item is placed in the same slot, character death, or the user quits the game. The newly placed item will then take the same slot, and the previous item will be discarded permanently. In the Mobile only.pngMobile version when you close the inventory, the item in the trash can will be destroyed.

Right Side[edit | edit source]

Clothing (3 slots)[edit | edit source]

This is where helmet/shirt/pant items can be equipped. These slots are generally used for Armor, as the player will only receive armor bonuses from items placed in these slots. There is one slot for each part of the body. Only clothing items can be placed here.

Accessories (5 slots)[edit | edit source]

Accessories can be placed here. No other item can be placed on these slots. If a Demon Heart is used, it is extended to 6 slots (though it is only active while in an Expert Mode world).

Accessories can have their visibility toggled via a small button on the top-right of their slot. Items in the social slots, however, will override this.

  • Pc only.png Note: in the PC version, informational accessories (such as watches or the GPS) can be used directly from the player's main inventory without having to equip them in an accessory slot. This can be handy for saving limited accessory slots for other equipment such as combat or movement accessories.

Social (8 slots)[edit | edit source]

Social slots are paired with each armor and accessory slot. Vanity items can be placed here for a visual effect only. Armor and other items that normally provide functionality can also be placed in these slots, though they will have no effect other than appearance.

Hint: Right-clicking a Social slot will swap its content with the paired slot.

Dye (8 slots)[edit | edit source]

Dye slots are paired with each armor and accessory slot. Dye can be placed here to change the color of the item in the corresponding slot. Certain items cannot be dyed, and therefore will not change in color. Some items will only change color if an intense or double dye (like Intense Rainbow dye or Blue and Silver dye) is placed in that slot. The Pc only.png Strange and Pc only.png Lunar dyes add visual effects as well.

Equipment Menu[edit | edit source]

Pc only.png Desktop-Only Content: This information (or parts of it) applies only to the desktop version of Terraria.

The Equipment menu can be accessed using a button above the armor/accessory slots in your main inventory. It contains 5 additional slots for miscellaneous equipment: a Pet, a Light Pet, a Minecart, a Mount and a Hook, as well as respective dye slots for each of them. All of these items can be used from your main inventory as well, however it is advised to equip them in their respective slots to save inventory space. (Minecarts are the only exception: if you don't have a Minecart equipped, right-clicking a Minecart Track will always spawn the default wooden minecart).

The pet and the light pet will always reappear on respawn/joining the game, although this can be disabled by clicking on the small eye icon on the top-right of their slot. The other items will be used when called for: when you right-click a minecart track or press the Hook or Mount key.

  • Note: the default wooden minecart can be dyed as well, if you equip a dye without an actual Minecart item.
  • Note: using dye on a light pet will only change the color of the pet itself, it's light color will never change.

Housing menu[edit | edit source]

A housing menu with six NPCs.

The Housing menu allows you to check whether the houses you have built are suitable for use or not, as well as to manually appoint a house for a specific NPC. To access this menu click on the house icon in your inventory. Mobile only.png There is no housing menu on the Mobile version.

To check whether a house is suitable for use, click on the "?" housing query mark and then click anywhere inside the house; you will receive a message indicating whether the house is suitable or not. If it is not suitable you can check the Home guide on this wiki to see what the house may be lacking.

Once a house is determined to be suitable you may assign an NPC to it by placing the corresponding NPC Flag in it. Note that only the flags of NPCs whose spawn conditions you have already met will appear. For example, when you first enter a new world only the Guide's NPC Flag is shown. NPC Flags for other NPCs will only be shown when you meet each of their spawn conditions.

When you first meet the spawn conditions for an NPC a random house will be assigned to them from your available empty suitable houses.

Storage item inventory[edit | edit source]

Storage items such as chests have 40 inventory slots where the player can find new items or store excess items.

Pc only.png There is a button called "Quick stack to nearby chests" under the coins in the inventory screen, which moves items from your inventory into chests if the chest already contains that item. This only works for stationary storage, i.e., not Piggy Banks or Safes.

NPC inventory[edit | edit source]

NPCs who sell items each have their own 40-slot inventory where the items available for purchase are shown. Items sold to the NPC will also appear in their inventory, allowing you to re-buy an item you accidentally sold. Note that those items will only remain in their inventory temporarily; the items disappear once the NPC's trading menu is closed.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • If all Hotbar and Storage slots are occupied, new items will not be picked up.
  • Only items that appear in the main inventory will be available for Crafting. However, on the Pc only.png PC version, you can also use items in the Storage item that you currently have open to craft.
  • Objects in your inventory will carry over to other servers and worlds. This also includes equipped armor, coins in the coins slots, and ammo in the ammo slots.
  • If you need more inventory room, you can move an item into the trash to hold it there for a little while. Be careful though, if you place another item over it in the trash or exit the game, you will lose the item. Also, picked up items can not be collected into the trash.
  • Another way to increase inventory slots is to always carry a Piggy Bank and/or a Safe in your main inventory, because those two can be carried with items inside. Note: You can not place a Piggy Bank on the ground, therefore you will also need to carry a Work Bench or a Table or a Platform. To save the inventory space, you can also use a Money Trough.

History[edit | edit source]

    • Character Select Menu has been revamped to show additional character information.
    • You can now toggle Screen Capture mode by pressing F1. This allows for taking much larger screenshots in game.
    • Added Minecart, Mount, Pet and Grappling Hook slots.
    • Added ability to favorite items by pressing Alt+Left Click. Favorited items cannot be quick-trashed, quick-stacked, or deposited.
    • Added an inventory button to Quick Stack to All Nearby Chests, making inventory management much quicker.
    • Quick stack now creates new stacks in your chests for items you have in inventory if applicable.
    • Equipment slots now display a picture of the slots purpose.
    • Item in Trash Can Slot is now deleted upon character death
  • Fixed crafting exploit when you right click items in the inventory.
  • 1.2.4: Fixed a bug where bad item stack sizes could cause the game to crash when saving. Fixed exploit where you could buy and sell stackable items for profit.
  • 1.2:
    • Storage Inventory Slots increased to 40 (Up from 30).
    • Dye Slots introduced.
  • 1.1:
    • Housing menu added to main inventory.
    • Items that are housed in the main inventory can now be used without being placed in the hotbar if Autopause is off.
  • 1.0.6:
    • Ammo slots and Trash slot added to main inventory.
    • Inventory slots given unique colors based on which inventory is being viewed.
    • Hotbar slots now show their respective shortcut key.
    • Hotbar slots that have a ranged weapon on them will show the current used ammo count on them.
    • Hotbar can now be locked by clicking on the padlock to the left.
    • Right clicking on an accessory or a piece of armor in your inventory will auto-equip it.
    • It is no longer possible to drop items through the spaces between boxes in the inventory.
    • Newly obtained items will now be placed starting in the bottom right of inventory rather than the top left.
  • 1.0.5:
    • Hotbar now shows the name of the selected item.
    • Defense totals are now shown in inventory.
  • 1.0.4: Added an option that will pause the game while opening your inventory in single player, called Autopause. It defaults to off.
  • Pre-Release: Introduced.
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