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Demon Wings.png Angel Wings.png Fin Wings.png Sparkly Wings.png Jetpack.png Bee Wings.png Butterfly Wings.png Fairy Wings.png Harpy Wings.png Bone Wings.png Bat Wings.png Leaf Wings.png Frozen Wings.png Flame Wings.png Spectre Wings.png Beetle Wings.png Festive Wings.png Hoverboard.png Spooky Wings.png Tattered Fairy Wings.png Steampunk Wings.png Fishron Wings.png Will's Wings.png Crowno's Wings.png Cenx's Wings.png Red's Wings.png Mothron Wings.png Solar Wings.png Nebula Mantle.png Stardust Wings.png Vortex Booster.png
Type Accessory
Tooltip Allows flight and slow fall
Sell 8 Gold Coin
Wings are Hardmode accessories that allow the player to fly temporarily by pressing and holding the key. They also provide immunity from fall damage (except when the player is affected by the Stoned debuff), rendering the Lucky Horseshoe, Obsidian Horseshoe, Featherfall Potion, etc. unnecessary. By continuing to hold the key after flight time has been exhausted, the player is able to glide. Gliding fall speed can be accelerated by holding the key in addition. Certain Wings can also allow the player to hover in midair.

Equipping Wings generally replaces jumps entirely with flight, rather than requiring a double-jump to activate. Flight is much more controlled with Wings than with Rocket Boots or Spectre Boots alone, and allow for much greater flight range. Flight time is reset when the player stands on blocks, or grabs a block with Grappling Hooks or the Climbing Claws.

There are currently 37 total types of Wings across all platforms. There are 36 wings available on the Pc only.png Desktop version, 21 on the Console only.png Console version and Mobile only.pngMobile version. Flight time and speed vary by type.

Types[edit | edit source]

See Guide:Jump Height Comparison for the flight heights achievable with Wings stacked with other equipment.

Most craftable Wings are crafted at a Mythril Anvil or an Orichalcum Anvil. The Solar Wings, Vortex Booster, Nebula Mantle, and Stardust Wings are crafted at the Ancient Manipulator. Other wings that are not craftable can be obtained by certain NPCs, be dropped by certain enemies, and be contained in Treasure Bags in Expert Mode.

All developer wings (with the exception of Cenx's wings) have a 1:240 chance to drop from Hardmode Treasure Bags (Cenx's wings have a 1:120 drop chance).

Wing Equipped Source Time
Horizontal Flight
Speed Bonus[1]
Rarity Notes
Angel Wings.png Angel Wings
Internal Item ID: 493
Angel Wings (equipped).png 20 Soul of Flight.png + 10 Feather.png + 25 Soul of Light.png 1.67 53 108% Rarity Level: 5
Demon Wings.png Demon Wings
Internal Item ID: 492
Demon Wings (equipped).png 20 Soul of Flight.png + 10 Feather.png + 25 Soul of Night.png 1.67 53 108% Rarity Level: 5
Sparkly Wings.png Sparkly Wings
Internal Item ID: 1901 / 5035
Sparkly Wings (equipped).png 15 Soul of Flight.png + 10 Feather.png + 10 Soul of Blight.png
or sold by Dryad (40 Gold Coin)
1.67 53 108% Rarity Level: 5
Fin Wings.png Fin Wings
Internal Item ID: 2494
Fin Wings (equipped).png Quest reward from Angler. 1.67 53 0% Rarity Level: 4
Jetpack.png Jetpack
Internal Item ID: 748
Jetpack (equipped).png Sold by Steampunker (40 Gold Coin)
during moon phases 5-8
1.92 60 117% Rarity Level: 5
  • Quicker ascents using the key.
  • Particle effect emits orange light.
Bee Wings.png Bee Wings
Internal Item ID: 1515
Bee Wings (equipped).png 20 Soul of Flight.png + 1 Tattered Bee Wing.png 2.17 67 125% Rarity Level: 5
Butterfly Wings.png Butterfly Wings
Internal Item ID: 749
Butterfly Wings (equipped).png 20 Soul of Flight.png + 1 Butterfly Dust.png 2.17 67 125% Rarity Level: 5
  • Particle effect emits pink light.
Fairy Wings.png Fairy Wings
Internal Item ID: 761
Fairy Wings (equipped).png 20 Soul of Flight.png + 100 Pixie Dust.png 2.17 67 125% Rarity Level: 5
  • Particle effect emits yellow light.
Bat Wings.png Bat Wings
Internal Item ID: 1165
Bat Wings (equipped).png 20 Soul of Flight.png + 1 Broken Bat Wing.png 2.33 72 0% Rarity Level: 5
Harpy Wings.png Harpy Wings
Internal Item ID: 785
Harpy Wings (equipped).png 20 Soul of Flight.png + 1 Giant Harpy Feather.png 2.33 72 133% Rarity Level: 5
Bone Wings.png Bone Wings
Internal Item ID: 786
Bone Wings (equipped).png 20 Soul of Flight.png + 1 Bone Feather.png 2.33 72 133% Rarity Level: 5
Will's Wings.png Will's Wings
Internal Item ID: 1584
Will's Wings (equipped).png Hardmode
Treasure Bag
2.5 77 133% Rarity Level: 9
Crowno's Wings.png Crowno's Wings
Internal Item ID: 1585
Crowno's Wings (equipped).png Hardmode
Treasure Bag
2.5 77 133% Rarity Level: 9
D-Town's Wings.png D-Town's Wings
Internal Item ID: 1583
D-Town's Wings (equipped).png Hardmode
Treasure Bag
2.5 77 133% Rarity Level: 9
Cenx's Wings.png Cenx's Wings
Internal Item ID: 1586
Cenx's Wings (equipped).png Hardmode
Treasure Bag
2.5 77 133% Rarity Level: 9
Lazure's Barrier Platform.png Lazure's
Barrier Platform
Internal Item ID: 3228
Lazure's Barrier Platform (equipped).png Hardmode
Treasure Bag
2.5 77 133% Rarity Level: 9
Yoraiz0r's Spell.gif Yoraiz0r's Spell
Internal Item ID: 3580
Treasure Bag
2.5 77 133% Rarity Level: 9
  • Pc only.png Desktop only
  • Developer item
  • No actual wing graphics.
  • Rocket particles from feet similar to Rocket Boots.
  • Horizontal hovering with +.
  • Emits faint red light and gives player glowing red eyes.
  • Glow depends on accessory slot: bottom slot offers brightest glow, top slot disables glow.
  • Completely silent.
  • Eyes dyed from pet dye slot, rocket effect dyed from accessory slot.
Loki's Wings.png Loki's Wings
Internal Item ID: 3592
Loki's Wings (equipped).png Hardmode
Treasure Bag
2.5 77 133% Rarity Level: 9
Jim's Wings.png Jim's Wings
Internal Item ID: 3582
Jim's Wings (equipped).png Hardmode
Treasure Bag
2.5 77 133% Rarity Level: 9
Skiphs's Paws.png Skiphs's Paws
Internal Item ID: 3588
Skiphs's Paws (equipped).png Hardmode
Treasure Bag
2.5 77 133% Rarity Level: 9
Red's Wings.png Red's Wings
Internal Item ID: 665
Red's Wings (equipped).png Hardmode
Treasure Bag
2.5 77 133% Rarity Level: 9
Mothron Wings.png Mothron Wings
Internal Item ID: 2770
Mothron Wings (equipped).png Dropped by Mothron
(Solar Eclipse) post-Plantera
(5% / 6.19% drop chance)
2.67 81 0% Rarity Level: 8
  • Pc only.png Desktop only.
  • Can be dropped only after defeating Plantera.
  • Emits yellow light and glows in the dark.
Leaf Wings.png Leaf Wings
Internal Item ID: 1162
Leaf Wings (equipped).png Sold by Witch Doctor (1 Platinum Coin)
in Jungle at night in Hardmode
2.67 81 125% Rarity Level: 5
Frozen Wings.png Frozen Wings
Internal Item ID: 822
Frozen Wings (equipped).png 20 Soul of Flight.png + 1 Ice Feather.png 2.67 81 150% Rarity Level: 5
  • Glows in the dark.
Flame Wings.png Flame Wings
Internal Item ID: 821
Flame Wings (equipped).png 20 Soul of Flight.png + 1 Fire Feather.png 2.67 81 150% Rarity Level: 5
  • Particle effect emits orange light, glows in the dark.
  • Translucent.
Spectre Wings.png Spectre Wings
Internal Item ID: 823
Spectre Wings (equipped).png Pc only.png 20 Soul of Flight.png + 10 Spectre Bar.png
Console only.png Mobile only.png 10 Ectoplasm.png
2.67 81 150% Rarity Level: 8
  • Translucent.
Beetle Wings.png Beetle Wings
Internal Item ID: 2280
Beetle Wings (equipped).png 20 Soul of Flight.png + 8 Beetle Husk.png 2.67 81 150% Rarity Level: 7
  • Completely silent.
Hoverboard.png Hoverboard
Internal Item ID: 1866
Hoverboard (equipped).png 20 Soul of Flight.png + 18 Shroomite Bar.png 2.83 86 108% Rarity Level: 5
  • Horizontal hovering with +.
  • Bonus speed boosted to 233% while hovering.
  • Completely silent.
Festive Wings.png Festive Wings
Internal Item ID: 1871
Festive Wings (equipped).png Dropped by
Everscream (Frost Moon)
(1.11% - 1.67% drop chance)
2.83 86 150% Rarity Level: 5
  • Glows in the dark.
Spooky Wings.png Spooky Wings
Internal Item ID: 1830
Spooky Wings (equipped).png 20 Soul of Flight.png + 1 Spooky Twig.png 3 91 150% Rarity Level: 7
Tattered Fairy Wings.png Tattered Fairy Wings
Internal Item ID: 1797
Tattered Fairy Wings (equipped).png 20 Soul of Flight.png + 1 Black Fairy Dust.png 3 91 150% Rarity Level: 7
  • Particle effect emits yellow light.
Steampunk Wings.png Steampunk Wings
Internal Item ID: 948
Steampunk Wings (equipped).png Sold by Steampunker
(1 Platinum Coin) post-Golem.
3 91 150% Rarity Level: 8
  • Pc only.png Desktop only.
  • Can be obtained after defeating Golem.
Fishron Wings.png Fishron Wings
Internal Item ID: 2609
Fishron Wings (equipped).png Dropped by Duke Fishron
(1:15 / 1:10 drop chance)
3 143 167% Rarity Level: 8
  • Quicker movement in liquids.
  • 50% extra max ascent speed, faster acceleration.
  • Leaves behind a water bubble trail.
Stardust Wings.png Stardust Wings
Internal Item ID: 3471
Stardust Wings (equipped).png 10 Luminite Bar.png + 14 Stardust Fragment.png 2.73 110 83% Rarity Level: 10
  • Pc only.png Desktop only.
  • Horizontal hovering with +.
  • Slightly faster acceleration.
  • Hovering speed boosted to +150%
  • x2 duration except when hovering.
  • Glows in the dark.
Vortex Booster.png Vortex Booster
Internal Item ID: 3469
Vortex Booster (equipped).png 10 Luminite Bar.png + 14 Vortex Fragment.png 2.67 106 117% Rarity Level: 10
  • Pc only.png Desktop only.
  • Horizontal hovering with +.
  • Hover speed boosted +300%, faster acceleration
  • x2 duration except when hovering.
  • Emits light blue light and glows in the dark.
Nebula Mantle.png Nebula Mantle
Internal Item ID: 3470
Nebula Mantle (equipped).png 10 Luminite Bar.png + 14 Nebula Fragment.png 3 165 0% Rarity Level: 10
  • Pc only.png Desktop only.
  • 50% extra max ascent speed, faster acceleration
  • Glows in the dark.
  • Transparent motion shadow with full trail-effect armor set visible.
  • Solid motion shadow with full pulsate-effect armor set visible.
Solar Wings.png Solar Wings
Internal Item ID: 3468
Solar Wings (equipped).png 10 Luminite Bar.png + 14 Solar Fragment.png 3 167 200% Rarity Level: 10
  • Pc only.png Desktop only.
  • 50% extra max ascent speed, faster acceleration.
  • Particle effect emits orange light, glows in the dark.
  1. Horizontal speed bonuses are listed as the bonus value added to horizontal speed when gliding while holding or , versus walking speed with no movement boosts.
  • All Wings can be sold for 8 Gold Coin, except for the Fin Wings (10 Gold Coin), and Leaf Wings (20 Gold Coin).

Achievement[edit | edit source]

Achievement Head in the Clouds.png Head in the Clouds is the achievement you earn for equipping your first pair of wings.

Notes[edit | edit source]

Stacked Accessories Boost
Blizzard in a Bottle.png Cloud in a Bottle.png Fart in a Jar.png Sandstorm in a Bottle.png Tsunami in a Bottle.png All bottle accessories no boost
Shiny Red Balloon.png Blue Horseshoe Balloon.png White Horseshoe Balloon.png Fart in a Balloon.png Yellow Horseshoe Balloon.png Green Horseshoe Balloon.png Amber Horseshoe Balloon.png Balloon Pufferfish.png
Honey Balloon.png Pink Horseshoe Balloon.png Sharkron Balloon.png Cloud in a Balloon.png Blizzard in a Balloon.png Sandstorm in a Balloon.png Bundle of Balloons.png
All balloon accessories. +30% ascent speed
Rocket Boots.png Spectre Boots.png Lightning Boots.png Frostspark Boots.png Rocket boot accessories. +42% duration
Moon Charm.png Moon Charm +4% ascent speed
Frog Leg.png Frog Leg +48% ascent speed
  • All Wings will still work under Water.
  • Multiple Wings will not stack flight ability. Only those in the lowest accessory slot will function
  • Some jump-boosting accessories do stack with Wings to boost flight (see chart to the right).
  • Wings are always visible when equipped, except when using other equipment that adds graphics to the player's back, like the Leaf Blower or Turtle Scale Mail. They fold into a low-profile image when not in flight.
  • When one Wing type is placed in a vanity (social) slot and the other in an accessory slot, the full animation of the vanity Wings are shown, along with any lighting and particle effects. Flight speed and other functional characteristics follow those in the accessory slot.
  • If Red's wings are obtained in Xbox 360 edition, then they will not disappear and can be used without any problems. It has been unconfirmed that it can be obtained on any other consoles.
  • If you have equipped any type of wings, you will not take fall damage, rendering accessories like the Lucky Horseshoe that prevent fall damage unnecessary.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • An Ice Rod can be used to lay blocks of ice to land in mid air, making it possible to remain in the air almost indefinitely.
  • The slow-fall effect of Featherfall Potion or an Umbrella will stack with Wing glide, allowing for very long glides after flight time has been exhausted.
  • By using the Bundle of Balloons, Frog Leg, Fishron Wings, Frostspark Boots, Flying Carpet, and Featherfall Potion, the player can attain a total maximum of ~1400 tiles of flight distance.
  • The Harpy Wings can actually be obtained very early in hard mode, provided decent luck farming harpies.
  • The Jetpack can be obtained once you fight a mechanical boss from the Steampunker for only 40 gold, this makes these wings incredibly cheap despite the fact that they will last until either the celestial event bosses or Duke Fishron, it is HIGHLY recommended to get these wings early on.
  • It is highly recommended to have the Witch Doctor in the jungle in hardmode because the leaf wings are one of the easiest wings to get and they can last throughout the whole game.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Most Wing types make the same sound when flapping, with some exceptions marked above.
  • Some Mounts also grant flight ability, some with infinite flight time (all Wings provide only temporary flight).
  • You need 300 (320 on Console) Souls of Flight to obtain all craftable Wings, and 2 Platinum Coin 40 Gold Coin (1 Platinum Coin 80 Gold Coin on Console) to buy the purchased Wings.
  • Spectre Wings are called Ghost Wings on ConsoleConsole only.png and MobileMobile only.png

History[edit | edit source]

    • Mothron Wings are now obtainable, dropped by Mothron, after Plantera has been defeated.
    • Red's Wings no longer let you "noclip" (fly through blocks).
    • All previously unobtainable Wings are now obtainable:
      • Steampunk Wings now sold by the Steampunker.
      • Developer Wings now obtained from Treasure Bags, and no longer inflict debuffs.
    • Red's Wings no longer have infinite flight time.
    • Ghost Wings now require Spectre Bars to craft, instead of Ectoplasm, are now called Spectre Wings, and have increased in rarity.
    • Mothron Wings, Solar Wings, Nebula Mantle, Stardust Wings, and Vortex Booster introduced.
  • Fixed bug where Wing time would go into infinity if you held the button while standing and having Rocket Boots equipped.
  • 1.2.4: Fin Wings and Fishron Wings added. Fixed bug where wings wouldn't work after getting out of water with Merman accessories equipped.
  • You can only equip one pair of wings at a time.
  • 1.2.3:
    • Wings can now be worn in Vanity slots and dyed.
    • Beetle Wings added.
    • Ghost Wings's rarity increased from 5 to 7.
    • Fixed bug where wings appear too high when on a mount, made hoverboard not appear on a mount.
    • Fixed bug where wing items showed on player's back when in merman form.
  • 1.2.2: Festive Wings added.
  • Hoverboard added. Flame and Frozen Wings now fade when stealthed.
  • 1.2.1: Spooky Wings and Tattered Fairy Wings added. Ghost Wings now need 10 ectoplasm to craft.
  • 1.2: 11 new acquirable wing types added: Jetpack, Fairy, Butterfly, Bee, Bat, Bone, Harpy, Ghost, Flame, Frozen, Leaf. New developer-only Wings added. Steampunk Wings also added, but unobtainable.
  • 1.1: Angel Wings and Demon Wings introduced.
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