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See also: Underground Jungle and Guide:Surviving in the Jungle.

The Jungle is one of the surface biomes, similar to the Underground Jungle but lacking several items including Jungle Spores. It is composed primarily of Grass, Vines, Mud and Jungle Trees, with a dark green background. Moonglow can be found here. The Jungle contains Piranhas, Jungle Slimes, Jungle Bats, and Snatchers. Jungle Trees grow on their own on Jungle Grass and Acorns can additionally be planted on it. This makes easy access to Wood if the player creates a place for trees to grow, and repeatedly cuts them down. Unlike the other surface biomes, the Jungle biome continues below the surface (even the trees).

A jungle and an underground jungle on a large map (Terrafirma)

The Jungle is a challenging area for new players, as well as those just entering Hardmode. Jungle monsters have many more hit points and deal more damage than the slimes typically encountered on the surface. The Jungle Bats in particular can be quite deadly; although their damage output is not very high at first, they tend to swarm the player.

The Jungle can be a very rewarding place to visit, as well. Piranhas spawn quite often and will drop a Hook (crafting material), an extremely valuable item to a new character. Jungle Slimes drop a large amount of money, and are not too difficult to kill. The Jungle is also a source of Moonglow, which can be used to make the Spelunker Potion; another very useful item for new characters and old ones alike.

It is possible to grow a new, separate Jungle biome with Mud and Jungle Grass Seeds. Once there are 80 tiles consisting of Jungle Grass and its vegetation in an area, a Jungle biome will be formed.


Note: View Underground Jungle for the content that can be found in and under the cavern layer.

Characters Unique Drops For Sale
Piranha.png Piranha
Snatcher.png Snatcher
Jungle Bat.png Jungle Bat
Spiked Jungle Slime.png Spiked Jungle Slime

During the day:

Jungle Slime.png Jungle Slime

During the night:

Zombie.png Zombie
Demon Eye.png Demon Eye
Doctor Bones.png Doctor Bones (rare)


Queen Bee.png Queen Bee


Frog.png Frog Pc only.png
In Hardmode:
Angler Fish.png Angler Fish
Arapaima.png Arapaima
Giant Tortoise.png Giant Tortoise
Angry Trapper.png Angry Trapper
Derpling.png Derpling (day only)
Giant Flying Fox.png Giant Flying Fox (night only)


Plantera.png Plantera

From vegetation:
Moonglow.png Moonglow
Jungle Rose.png Jungle Rose
Jungle Grass Seeds.png Jungle Grass Seeds
Sky Blue Flower.png Sky Blue Flower
Rich Mahogany.png Rich Mahogany

From fishing:

Double Cod.png Double Cod
Neon Tetra.png Neon Tetra

From Enemies:

Stinger.png Stinger (from Spiked Jungle Slimes)
Archaeologist's Hat.png Archaeologist's Hat (from Dr. Bones)

In Hardmode

Jungle Key Mold.png Jungle Key Mold (from any enemy, 1/2500 chance)
Uzi.png Uzi (from Angry Trappers)
Adhesive Bandage.png Adhesive Bandage (from Angler Fishes)
Turtle Shell.png Turtle Shell (from Giant Tortoises)

From the Painter:
Do Not Step on the Grass.png Do Not Step on the Grass

From the Witch Doctor in Hardmode:

Hercules Beetle.png Hercules Beetle (night only)
Leaf Wings.png Leaf Wings (night only)
Tiki Totem.png Tiki Totem


The Jungle becomes substantially harder during Hardmode. Hardmode Jungle enemies - particularily Derplings and Giant Tortoises - have large amounts of health and deal lots of damage. It is best to avoid exploring the Hardmode Jungle until the player has high defense and stronger weapons.

Surface Jungles can be completely destroyed by uncontrollable spread of the Corruption at Hardmode. As previously stated, there is a way to make your own Jungle biome, as well as saving it.

You can prevent the corruption from destroying the Jungle by spreading the Hallow biome or three square wide buffers without any corruptible and dirt blocks on the side of the jungle. To save jungles from full conversion, you need to ensure that there is no jungle grass blocks in three square radius to any corrupted, corruptible or dirt blocks.


  • The Underground Jungle will always be found under the surface Jungle.
  • Players should have at least silver/tungsten armor when visiting the Jungle. (Shadow/Crimson for Underground Jungle)
    • While silver/tungsten armor is recommended, if you start your mines and/or base in the jungle, you can get some fairly high tier armor and weapons early on, at the downside of dying quite often, making it difficult to save up money. (This is not recommended for newer players.)
  • The Jungle will always be on the side of the map opposite the Dungeon and the Snow Biome.
  • In Hardmode, all enemies in the Jungle have a chance of dropping a Jungle Key Mold.
  • In order to spawn Plantera, the player must have defeated The Twins, The Destroyer and Skeletron Prime.


  • Easy mode jungle enemies now have a small chance of spawning in hardmode jungle.
  • 1.2: Now contains Bee Hive mini biomes.
  • 1.1: Now has own specific background.
  • 1.0.5:
    • Corrupt chasms have less of a chance to spawn on Jungles.
    • Surface Jungles have been enlarged, and will override Deserts.
  • 1.0.4: Introduced.
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