Jungle Key

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Jungle Key
Jungle Key.png
Type Key
Max stack 99
Tooltip Opens one Jungle Chest

The Jungle Key is crafted from Hardmode materials. It is used to unlock the Jungle Chest found in the Dungeon.



Crafting Station
By Hand
Ingredient(s) Amount
Jungle Key Mold.png Jungle Key Mold 1
Temple Key.png Temple Key 1
Soul of Might.png Soul of Might 5
Soul of Fright.png Soul of Fright 5
Soul of Sight.png Soul of Sight 5
Jungle Key.png Jungle Key 1


  • Do not keep more than one of the same key on a world before opening the chest! When the key is used, it is consumed. If there are any of the same keys on the world, they will be consumed as well; even if they are not on your character. Once a chest is opened, additional keys may be found and will not disappear. They will however need to be used on a different world. Because of said consumption glitch, it is best to keep any key molds found uncrafted until ready for use.


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