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Terraria has five layers of each world. Each layer has its own specific resources as well as contained environments. Exact depth/height can be determined via a Depth Meter or GPS.


An overview of layers as they may appear on a medium-size map. Note that in-game, the background for Underground and Cavern will display some depth after the layer has actually begun.

Space contains the higher ones of a world’s floating islands.

It covers the top of the world and has distinct music, but no backdrop. Its background is black and star-studded.

The only difference from the surface layer, apart from the background, is the reduced gravity, making players jumping and falling at this height descend slower like under the effect of a featherfall potion.

Enemies are the same as in high altitudes, i.e. harpies and wyverns.


The surface includes the Forests, Desert, Corruption, Crimson, Meteorite, Surface Jungle, Snow and Ocean biomes, as well as the entrance to the Dungeon. This layer has a dirt only backdrop. If the usual daytime/nighttime music can be heard while underground, the player is still in the surface layer. Below this layer, the music will change.

Usually spans from +0ft upwards.



The underground contains the Underground, Dungeon, Underground Jungle, Corruption and Crimson, Underground Snow biomes.

Usually this layer begins at the -0ft mark and expands downward to around -850ft. This layer's backdrop consists of dirt with stones set in it. Starting from this layer downwards, the sky is blocked by an indestructible background which changes at each layer. Just like the sky, blocks cannot be placed in the air. However, you are able to place standard destructible backgrounds in front of this permanent background, and the placed backgrounds will act as normal: blocking monster spawns if applicable; allowing the creation of homes if applicable; allowing blocks to be placed in the air.



The cavern layer contains the Cavern Layer, Dungeon, and Underground Jungle biomes.

Usually this layer begins at the -850ft mark and expands downward to around -3000ft. This layer's backdrop is the same as the Underground, except the dirt is of a darker hue.



The Underworld contains the Underworld biome.

Usually this layer begins at the -3000ft mark and expands downward to the bottom of the map. The backdrop looks like dark rock with veins of lava flowing through it.



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