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Type Boss
Environment Surface
AI Type Lepus AI
Damage 22
Max Life 2000?
Defense 12?
Coins 40 Silver Coin
Item (Quantity) Rate
Suspicious Looking Egg.png Suspicious Looking Egg 100%
Greater Healing Potion.png Greater Healing Potion (5-20) 100%
Egg Cannon.png Egg Cannon 50%
Boots of Ostara.png Boots of Ostara 50%
Bunny Hood.png Bunny Hood 10%
Soul of Might.png Soul of Might (3) 1%
Mobile only.png Mobile-Only Content: This information (or parts of it) applies only to the mobile version of Terraria.
For strategies on how to defeat the Lepus, see Guide:Lepus strategies.

The Lepus is a large rabbit-like boss exclusive to the Terraria mobile version. It can be summoned with the Suspicious Looking Egg, which is dropped by Diseaster Bunnies during Easter. When summoned, the message "Lepus has awoken!" will display. Lepus can be spawned at any time of day. During combat it lays two types of Easter Eggs: small ones that hatch Diseaster Bunnies and bigger ones that hatch another, weaker, Lepus. These eggs can be damaged and destroyed by the player before hatching. A maximum of 5 Lepus can be spawned from the large eggs laid by the original Lepus, and after there are five, no more eggs will be laid (small or large). Only the last remaining Lepus will drop items. If you defeat Lepus while a large egg is not hatched, the large egg instead immediately spawns around 3-6 Diseaster Bunnies.


  • Lepus can be trapped because of it's size. However, the smaller Diseaster Bunnies are harder to trap.
  • The Lepus can be overwhelming to weaker players, as it can lay large eggs faster than the player can destroy them. Players with top-tier weapons and armor such as Sharanga can easily defeat Lepus. Because of this, Lepus can be used to farm gold coins.
  • The suspicious looking egg is dropped from infected bunnies.
  • Lepus was not added on the Easter Update; he was actually added in the Valentine's Day update.
  • Corrupt bunnies can still be found in older worlds.
  • It drops items that are useful for beginners.
  • Ranged Weapons have a good advantage against Lepus.


Bug.png Bug : Occasionally turns time of day to night after death if fighting at midday.
Bug.png Bug : Rarely does not spawn when summoned with the Suspicious Looking Egg.
Bug.png Bug : When summoned, it will die instantly and will drop nothing, and a blood moon event would begin.
Bug.png Bug : When summoned, 2 Lepus may spawn and neither of them would drop anything upon death.
Anomaly.png Anomaly: Upon defeat, Lepus may drop a Suspicious Looking Egg, making farming of Lepus' drops very easy.
Bug.png Bug : If defeated for the first time, all of his items he drops will be named %$$&%$£$.
Bug.png Bug : During the fight, Lepus will randomly turn into nothing but floating bunny ears. It is not sure if this happens in multiplayer, singleplayer or both.
Bug.png Bug : Sometimes spawns Underground and is invincible, and will start to destroy blocks around it without dropping the block's item.
Anomaly.png Anomaly: May drop souls of might, but only 3.
Anomaly.png Anomaly: Drops Greater Healing Potions despite being a pre-hardmode boss.
Bug.png Bug : Sometimes adds white boxes around hearts and causes hearts to flash.
Bug.png Bug : Immediately despawns when the player summons him and then opens the map. There is an extremely rare chance for this to not happen.


  • Lepus is the only mobile exclusive boss.
  • Lepus has an unused animation: instead of standing before making an egg, it would close its eyes and fold its ears, then open its eyes and mouth, and lift its ears up.
  • The word "Lepus" means "hare" in Latin.
  • Lepus is also a Constellation that is part of the Orion Family. Which was a hare that Orion's hunting dogs pursued.
  • If you set your device's date back to Easter, you can fight Lepus and obtain Suspicious Looking Eggs even when it is not Easter.


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