Lihzahrd Power Cell

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Lihzahrd Power Cell
Lihzahrd Power Cell.png
Type Summoning
Max stack 99
Rarity Rarity Level: 0
Tooltip Summons the Golem
Sell 1 Gold Coin

Lihzahrd Power Cells are used at a Lihzahrd Altar located at the end of the Lihzahrd Temple to summon the Golem boss. One is found within each Lihzahrd Chest. They also have a 1/50 (2%) chance of dropping from Lihzahrds and Flying Snakes. A single Cell is required for each summoning of the Golem. In the Mobile VersionMobile only.png, the power cells can also be crafted.


Recipe Mobile only.png[edit]

This item is craftable only in the mobile version. In the PC version it must be obtained from chests or enemy drops.

Crafting Station
Work Bench.png Work Bench
Ingredient(s) Amount
Glass.png Glass 10
Fallen Star.png Fallen Star 25
Adamantite Bar.png Adamantite Bar 10
Lihzahrd Power Cell.png Lihzahrd Power Cell 1


  • Lihzahrd Power Cells can only be used in worlds where Plantera has been defeated, otherwise the summoning will fail, and the item will not be consumed from your inventory.
  • Console only.png On the (current) console version it is possible to use Lihzahrd Power Cells to summon the Golem without having killed Plantera.
  • Mobile only.png Crafting the Power Cell cannot be done with Titanium Bars, so players will have trouble if their world generated with Titanium after smashing the third Demon Altar or Crimson Altar.


  • With extra Temple Keys or a Picksaw from Golem, Power Cells can be farmed by generating new worlds and gathering the cells guaranteed to be in their Temples' Lihzahrd Chests, rather than having to kill Lihzahrds hoping for drops. Golem can only be summoned in a world where Plantera has been defeated, so Cells gathered this way will need to be used in your other world.


  • 1.2.4: Drop rate increased to 2%.
  • 1.2.3: Summoning Golem will now properly only use one Power Cell.
  • Lihzahrd altar should now spawn and use power cells properly.
  • 1.2: Introduced.
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