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Map view of a Jungle Temple. The entrance to this one is at the top-left, though is sometimes at the top-right (it's always near a top corner). The door requires one Temple Key, which is consumed on use.
Not to be confused with Jungle Shrine.

The Jungle Temple, otherwise known as the Lihzahrd Temple, is a Hardmode, post-Plantera structure that can be considered the Jungle's relatively small version of the Dungeon. Each generated world will contain one Temple. It is located in the Underground Jungle, and has no surface entrance.

Within the Temple are trap-filled corridors leading down to a large room containing the Lihzahrd Altar. The Altar can be used to summon the Golem boss at the cost of one Lihzahrd Power Cell. One Power Cell can be found in each of the Temple's Lihzahrd Chests, and are dropped rarely by Lihzards and Flying Snakes in the Temple.

In order to access the Temple, one must first defeat Plantera in a world to get the Temple Key, which is used to open the Lihzahrd Door at the Temple's entrance. The Temple itself is constructed from Lihzahrd Bricks, which require a pickaxe with 210 or greater mining power to mine- the first available to the player being the Picksaw, dropped by the Golem inside the temple.

The Jungle Temple contains unique Lihzahrd enemies, and Lihzahrd-themed furniture. Its Lihzahrd Chests have a chance to contain a Lihzahrd Furnace, for crafting other types of Lihzahrd-themed furniture.

The Temple is filled with several types of traps, including Flame Traps, Spear Traps, Spiked Ball Traps, and Super Dart Traps. Traps occur much more frequently in the Temple than in the Dungeon, and are far more damaging. They are activated by Lihzahrd Pressure Plates, which only respond to players (enemies walk on them freely without triggering traps). Like Dungeon traps, all Temple Traps, Pressure Plates, and Wires can be taken by the player for use in player-built Mechanisms.

Contents[edit | edit source]

Jungle Temple
Characters Unique Treasures Unique Drops
Lihzahrd.png Lihzahrd
Flying Snake.png Flying
Golem.png Golem

From Lihzahrd Chests:
Lihzahrd Furnace.png Lihzahrd
Lihzahrd Power Cell.png Lihzahrd
Power Cell
Solar Tablet.png Solar Tablet
Pc only.png
Solar Tablet Fragment.png Solar Tablet
Pc only.png

From Enemies:

Lihzahrd Banner.png Lihzahrd
Flying Snake Banner.png Flying Snake
Lizard Egg.png Lizard Egg
(very rare)
Lihzahrd Power Cell.png Lihzahrd
Power Cell
Solar Tablet Fragment.png Solar Tablet
Pc only.png

Through Plundering:

Lihzahrd Brick.png Lihzahrd Brick
Lihzahrd Brick Wall.png Lihzahrd
Brick Wall
Lihzahrd Pressure Plate.png Lihzahrd
Pressure Plate
Spiky Ball Trap.png Spiky Ball
Flame Trap.png Flame Trap
Through Plundering (continued):
Spear Trap.png Spear Trap
Super Dart Trap.png Super Dart
Wooden Spike.png Wooden Spike
Lihzahrd Door.png Lihzahrd Door
Lihzahrd Statue.png Lihzahrd Statue
Lihzahrd Guardian Statue.png Lihzahrd Guardian
Lihzahrd Watcher Statue.png Lihzahrd Watcher
Lihzahrd Chest.png Lihzahrd Chest
Lihzahrd Work Bench.png Lihzahrd
Work Bench
Lihzahrd Table.png Lihzahrd Table
Lihzahrd Chair.png Lihzahrd Chair
Lihzahrd Altar.png Lihzahrd Altar
From Golem:
Beetle Husk.png Beetle Husk
Stynger.png Stynger
Stynger Bolt.png Stynger Bolt
Possessed Hatchet.png Possessed
Sun Stone.png Sun Stone
Eye of the Golem.png Eye of
the Golem
Picksaw.png Picksaw
Heat Ray.png Heat Ray
Staff of Earth.png Staff of Earth
Golem Fist.png Golem Fist
Golem Trophy.png Golem Trophy
Golem Mask.png Golem Mask

Achievement[edit | edit source]

Achievement Temple Raider.png Temple Raider
Mine Lihzahrd Bricks from the Jungle Temple. Pc only.png

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Even before entering Hardmode, Lihzahrds and Flying Snakes can spawn outside the temple, if the player is standing directly in front of a Lihzahrd Brick Wall (in the temple's entrance, for example). These pose a very high threat to players without late-game equipment.
  • While Lihzahrd Bricks and the Lihzahrd Altar can only be mined with a Picksaw, most other objects in the Temple, including traps, can be removed with low-tier tools. In the Mobile only.pngMobile version, a Picksaw or explosives are required.
  • Lizahrd brick cannot be affected by actuators but the door can be before being unlocked allowing for easy access pre-hardmode

Tips[edit | edit source]

For tips on entering the Temple without the Temple Key, see Guide:Skipping Stones#Jungle Temple.
  • The Jungle Temple is densely Wired. Collecting all Wires in the Temple (using the Wire Cutter) can net a player over 1000 Wires.
  • An effective way of avoiding the traps in the Temple is to hold a wire-related item (Wire Cutter, Wrench, Dart Traps, Pressure Plates, or any trap from inside the Temple) to make placed wires visible. The Dangersense Potion is also useful for this.
  • Since all tricks with Rod of Discord and Teleporters have been negated, the only legit ways to enter the Temple is either beat Plantera and get the key, or to use a hoik. Can also be entered by digging through with a Picksaw pre-Plantera.

History[edit | edit source]

  • 1.2.3: The Golem boss room in new worlds is now slightly larger.
    • The world generator now checks to make sure a Lihzahrd Altar spawns inside the temple.
  • You can no longer teleport into the Jungle Temple (this is still possible as of given Lihzahrd Walls are removed from target location).
  • Lihzahrd walls can be harvested.
  • The Chlorophyte Drill can no longer be used to destroy Lihzahrd blocks.
  • 1.2: Introduced.
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