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A Giant Tree with "roots" that form a tunnel downwards, as well as a room with treasure.

Giant Trees (aka Living Trees) are huge trees that can be found on the surface of a world and are created during world creation. Unlike regular Trees that can be found growing across the Forests, these Giant Trees cannot be passed by the player, have trunks several blocks thick, and reach staggering heights into the air. (On Small worlds, they can even reach Space, where Harpies begin to spawn.) Underneath, you will either find large roots blending with the dirt or a long vertical tunnel which reaches a house-like area which contains Living Wood furniture and a Living Wood Chest which can contain either a Living Wood Wand (for placing Living Wood), a Leaf Wand (for placing leaf blocks), or a Living Loom (for crafting Living Wood furniture.) This tunnel will often continue a distance further down, only stopping when it hits an opening in the earth, similarly to Pyramids in the Desert.

Giant Tree
Unique treasures Unique Drops

Leaf Wand.png Leaf Wand
Living Wood Wand.png Living Wood Wand
Living Loom.png Living Loom

From the Terrain:

Building Giant Trees[edit]

Players can create Giant Trees after world creation by using the Living Wood Wand, Leaf Wand, and copious amounts of Wood. The Living Wood Walls can be crafted with a Living Loom. Some form of Grappling Hook or an accessory which allows flight is recommended for building trees of considerable height.


  • When mined (with a Pickaxe or Drill), Living Wood turns into plain Wood, and Leaf blocks are destroyed.
  • Rooms in Giant Trees can be used for NPC housing by simply adding a light source. Considering the size of Giant Trees this also makes them convenient for making towns.
  • These rooms are also ideal safe-houses for players to seek refuge during invasions and Blood Moons.
  • During Hardmode, Giant Trees act as natural barriers against the Corruption, Crimson, & Hallowed biomes' increased rate of spreading, provided that the area beneath the tree is cleared.
  • Large Giant Trees appear to be be somewhat rare.
  • A Giant Tree will never have more than one treasure room.
  • Demon Altars can sometimes spawn on wooden platforms inside the vertical tunnel of a Giant Tree when it is found near Corruption or Crimson.
  • The tunnel may lead to a dirt/stone surface.
  • Neither Living Wood nor the leaves that are on top of the trees can be corrupted by the Corruption/Crimson or Hallow.
  • Large Giant Trees can sometimes generate with no chest room, if there's a cave directly under the tree.
  • Sometimes, a world may generate with more than one living tree.


  • These Giant Trees seem to be based off of the tree built by developers in the first Terraria trailer.


  • 1.2: Introduced.
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