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A Living Tree with "roots" that form a tunnel downwards, as well as a room with treasure.

Living Trees are large tree-shaped structures generated at world creation at the surface. Unlike regular Trees, Living Trees are constructed from foreground Living Wood and Leaf blocks, rather than being background objects that characters can pass through.

Living Trees are very large, and usually (but not always) contain an internal tunnel structure that players can explore. This tunnel leads down to a room containing Living Tree-themed furniture and a Living Wood Chest, all of which players can loot. The Chest can contain either a Living Wood Wand (for placing Living Wood), a Leaf Wand (for placing Leaf blocks), or a Living Loom (for crafting Living Wood furniture).


Living Tree
Unique Treasures Unique Drops
Leaf Wand.png Leaf Wand
Living Wood Wand.png Living Wood Wand
Living Loom.png Living Loom
Golden Key.png Golden Key

From the Terrain:

Living Wood Chest.png Living Wood Chest
Living Wood Door.png Living Wood Door
Living Wood Table.png Living Wood Table
Living Wood Chair.png Living Wood Chair
Living Wood Wall.png Living Wood Wall


  • When mined (with a Pickaxe or Drill), Living Wood turns into plain Wood, and Leaf blocks are destroyed.
  • A Living Tree will never have more than one treasure room.
  • Neither Living Wood nor Leaf blocks can become corrupted, crimsoned, or hallowed.



  • Despite the Living Wood theme, they spawn with regular Wood Platforms instead of Living Wood Platforms.



  • 1.2: Introduced.
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