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Magic weapons

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Magic weapons are weapons that use Mana, a resource that regenerates. They can produce several different types of attacks, many of which are more unusual, rather than simply firing a directed projectile, which makes them more capable of unexpected or strategic attacks.

In the table, "Type" refers to an attack type from the list below. Note that these categories are not mutually exclusive.

In addition to magic weapons, summon weapons also use negligible amounts of mana to spawn helpful minion characters.

Attack types[edit | edit source]

  • Direct weapons produce a projectile (or several projectiles) that fly straight in one direction away from the caster, and may or may not be affected by gravity. They dissipate after a collision with a block/enemy or after traveling a predetermined distance.
  • Homing weapons produce a projectile that seeks out a nearby enemy.
  • Bouncing weapons produce a projectile that ricochets off blocks, disappearing after bouncing a certain number of times and/or piercing a certain number of enemies. Most travel in straight lines and follow the law of reflection, but a few are affected by gravity. Not all bouncing weapons pierce.
  • Controlled weapons target the position of the cursor on the screen. Some create a special projectile that the player can "click and drag" to control and direct into targets or to light dark areas, and is fired as a regular projectile when released. Others direct projectiles from off-screen towards the position of the cursor.
  • Area Effect weapons produce a lingering area-of-effect that damages any enemy within, or that passes through, for its duration. These weapons can pierce unlimited enemies, so long as those enemies touch the given area. Some of these are capable of affecting areas through blocks.

List[edit | edit source]

Weapon Type Source Damage Fire Rate Mana Effect
Wand of Sparking.png Wand of Sparking Pc only.png Direct Chests near the surface 8 Average 2 Shoots a small spark. Has a Chance to inflict On Fire!
Amethyst Staff.png Amethyst Staff Direct 10 × Copper Bar.png + 8 × Amethyst.png 14 Very Slow 3 Casts a single low-velocity purple bolt.
Topaz Staff.png Topaz Staff Direct 10 × Tin Bar.png + 8 × Topaz.png 15 Very Slow 4 Casts a single low-velocity yellow bolt.
Sapphire Staff.png Sapphire Staff Direct 10 × Silver Bar.png + 8 × Sapphire.png 17 Slow 4 Casts a single medium-velocity blue bolt.
Emerald Staff.png Emerald Staff Direct 10 × Tungsten Bar.png + 8 × Emerald.png 19 Slow 6 Autocasts a single medium-velocity two-enemy-piercing green bolt.
Ruby Staff.png Ruby Staff Direct 10 × Gold Bar.png + 8 × Ruby.png 21 Average 7 Autocasts a single fast-velocity two-enemy-piercing red bolt.
Diamond Staff.png Diamond Staff Direct 10 × Platinum Bar.png + 8 × Diamond.png 23 Average 8 Autocasts a single fast-velocity two-enemy-piercing white bolt.
Amber Staff.png Amber Staff Pc only.png Direct 15 × Sturdy Fossil.png + 8 × Amber.png 20 Average 7 Casts a single fast-velocity one-enemy-piercing orange bolt.
Space Gun.png Space Gun Direct 20 × Meteorite Bar.png + ( 2 × Fallen Star.png Console only.png) 19 Very Fast 7/0[1] Fires a high-velocity laser that hits up to three enemies.
Book of Skulls.png Book of Skulls Direct Skeletron 28 Average 22 Fires a piercing skull projectile that home on to players (This homing will almost never hit the player targeted)
Aqua Scepter.png Aqua Scepter Direct Chests in Dungeon 15 Very Fast 6 Shoots a high-knockback water stream that arcs and can "juggle" enemies.
Demon Scythe.png Demon Scythe Direct Demons 35 Very Fast 14 Summons a whirling scythe that gradually increases in velocity.
Laser Rifle.png Laser Rifle Direct Wall of Flesh 29 Very Fast 8 Fires a high-velocity laser that hits up to three enemies.
Golden Shower.png Golden Shower Direct 1 × Spell Tome.png + 20 × Ichor.png + 15 × Soul of Night.png 22 Very Fast 7 Sprays an arcing shower of Ichor which pierces several enemies and decreases enemy defence by 20.
Ice Rod.png Ice Rod Direct Wizard for 50 gold coins 26 Very Fast 7 Casts a fast-moving bolt that forms Ice blocks on the point targeted.
Magic Dagger.png Magic Dagger Direct Mimic 40 Insanely Fast 6 Throws limitless daggers almost as rapidly as you can click which are heavily affected by gravity past 16 tiles.
Shadowflame Hex Doll.png Shadowflame Hex Doll Pc only.png Direct Goblin Summoner 40 Fast 6 Fires curving Shadowflame tendrils at medium range which inflict the Shadowflame debuff.
Crystal Serpent.png Crystal Serpent Pc only.png Direct Fishing in the Hallow 40 Average 9 Shoots an explosive crystal charge.
Frost Staff.png Frost Staff Direct Icy Mermen, Ice Elemental, Ice Golem 43 Very Fast 14 Shoots an iceball projectile that can pierce one enemy and then hit another in its path.
Poison Staff.png Poison Staff Direct Black Recluse 48 Slow 22 Sprays multiple barbs that pierce enemies and inflict the Poison debuff.
Unholy Trident.png Unholy Trident Direct Red Devil 73 Fast 25 Shoots a high-velocity trident projectile that pierces 4 enemies.
Venom Staff.png Venom Staff Pc only.png Direct 1 × Poison Staff.png + 14 × Chlorophyte Bar.png 63 Average 25 Shoots many venom fangs that pierces enemies and inflict the Venom debuff.
Leaf Blower.png Leaf Blower Direct Plantera 48 Insanely Fast 4 Sprays powerful razor sharp leaves with extreme rate of fire.
Heat Ray.png Heat Ray Direct Golem 55 Very Fast 8 Shoots a beam of heat that pierces infinite enemies, but disappears on hitting blocks.
Razorpine.png Razorpine Direct Everscream 48 Insanely Fast 5 Shoots razor sharp pine needles that are affected by gravity.
Bubble Gun.png Bubble Gun Pc only.png Direct Duke Fishron 70 Very Fast 3 Shoots a huge number of short range bubbles.
Laser Machinegun.png Laser Machinegun Pc only.png Direct Martian Saucer 60 Very fast 6 Shoots non-piercing lasers in a tight cone; fire rate increases over 3 seconds.
Charged Blaster Cannon.png Charged Blaster Cannon Pc only.png Direct Martian Saucer 50 Very fast 14 Fires a projectile whose damage and piercing properties change based on duration of charge.
Last Prism.png Last Prism Pc only.png Direct Moon Lord 100 Very Fast 12 Shoots out a rainbow beam that focusses into a death ray after several seconds.
Bee Gun.png Bee Gun Homing Queen Bee 8 Very Fast 5 Shoots bees that will home in on enemies.
Wasp Gun.png Wasp Gun Homing Plantera 21 Very Fast 6 Shoots larger wasps that will home in on enemies.
Bat Scepter.png Bat Scepter Homing Pumpking 45 Very Fast 3 Shoots bats that will home in on enemies.
Spectre Staff.png Spectre Staff Homing Ragged Casters 72 Fast 11 Shoots a lost soul that will home in on an enemy and then dissipates after one hit.
Razorblade Typhoon.png Razorblade Typhoon Pc only.png Homing Duke Fishron 60 Slow 16 Fires high speed ricocheting wheels of water that home in on enemies.
Nebula Arcanum.png Nebula Arcanum Pc only.png Homing 18 × Nebula Fragment.png 70 Average 30 Fires large vortexes that follow and deal damage to nearby enemies, then explode.
Nebula Blaze.png Nebula Blaze Pc only.png Homing 18 × Nebula Fragment.png 130 Very Fast 18 Fires a high velocity homing projectile in the shape of a fist.
Water Bolt.png Water Bolt Bouncing Hidden as a Book in Dungeon 17 Very Fast 10 Casts a slow-moving, high-knockback, ricocheting bolt of water that can "juggle".
Crystal Storm.png Crystal Storm Bouncing 1 × Spell Tome.png + 30 × Crystal Shard.png + 15 × Soul of Light.png
dropped by Arch Demons in the Mobile only.pngMobile version
25 Insanely Fast 4 Sprays non-piercing ricocheting crystal shards with an extreme rate of fire.
Cursed Flames.png Cursed Flames Bouncing 1 × Spell Tome.png + 30 × Cursed Flame.png + Pc only.png 15/Console only.png 20 × Soul of Night.png 36 Very Fast 12 Casts balls of cursed fire which inflict the Cursed Inferno debuff.
Flower of Fire.png Flower of Fire Bouncing Shadow chests 48 Very Fast 15 Casts balls of fire which inflicts the On Fire! debuff.
Flower of Frost.png Flower of Frost Bouncing Mimic 55 Very Fast 17 Casts balls of frost which inflict the Frostburn debuff.
Magical Harp.png Magical Harp Bouncing 25 × Crystal Shard.png + 20 × Soul of Sight.png + 12 × Soul of Night.png + 1 × Harp.png 30 Very Fast 4 Sprays a great many ricocheting and piercing notes; Projectile velocity based on mouse position.
Staff of Earth.png Staff of Earth Bouncing Golem 73 Very Slow 17 Casts a boulder that rolls and deals damage based upon speed.
Shadowbeam Staff.png Shadowbeam Staff Bouncing Necromancer 55 Very Fast 6 Shoots a nigh-instantaneous ricocheting beam that deals less damage per enemy hit.
Magic Missile.png Magic Missile Controlled Chests in Dungeon 22 Very Fast 10 Casts a controllable missile.
Flamelash.png Flamelash Controlled Shadow Chests 34 Very Fast 16 Summons a controllable ball of fire which inflicts the On Fire! debuff.
Meteor Staff.png Meteor Staff Pc only.png Controlled 20 × Meteorite Bar.png + 10 × Pixie Dust.png + 10 × Soul of Light.png 50 Insanely Fast 13 Calls down a shower of meteors to the location of the cursor.
Life Drain.png Life Drain Pc only.png Controlled Crimson Mimics 30 Very Fast 10 Deals constant damage to all enemies near the cursor, while increasing life regeneration.
Rainbow Rod.png Rainbow Rod Controlled 30 × Crystal Shard.png + 4 × Unicorn Horn.png + 60 × Pixie Dust.png + 10 × Soul of Light.png + 20 × Soul of Sight.png 74 Very Fast 18 Casts a controllable rainbow missile.
Blizzard Staff.png Blizzard Staff Controlled Ice Queen 58 Insanely Fast 9 Calls down a storm of icicles towards the location of the cursor.
Lunar Flare.png Lunar Flare Pc only.png Controlled/Area Effect Moon Lord 100 Insanely Fast 13 Calls down terrain-piercing beams converging at the location of the cursor that explode on impact.
Vilethorn.png Vilethorn Area Effect Shadow Orbs 11 Average 12 A line of thorns pierces blocks and enemies, lingers for 2 seconds, dealing continuous damage.
Medusa Head.png Medusa Head Pc only.png Area Effect Medusa 28 Very Fast 4 After charging, damages on-screen enemies in the line of sight of the wielder.
Crimson Rod.png Crimson Rod Area Effect Crimson Hearts 12 Fast 10 Creates a cloud that deals damage to anything below.
Crystal Vile Shard.png Crystal Vile Shard Pc only.png Area Effect Hallowed Mimic 19 Slow 13 A massive crystal spike pierces blocks and enemies, dealing continuous damage.
Nimbus Rod.png Nimbus Rod Area Effect Angry Nimbus 36 Fast 10 Creates up to 2 more powerful clouds that deals damage to anything below for 60 seconds.
Clinger Staff.png Clinger Staff Pc only.png Area Effect Corrupt Mimics 43 Fast 40 Creates a wall of cursed flames.
Nettle Burst.png Nettle Burst Area Effect Plantera 24 Fast 12 A more powerful line of nettles pierces blocks and enemies, dealing continuous damage.
Toxic Flask.png Toxic Flask Area Effect Dr. Man Fly 46 Average 30 Throws a flask which bursts into a poisonous cloud damaging enemies for a few seconds.
Rainbow Gun.png Rainbow Gun Area Effect Hallowed chest 45 Very Slow 20 An arcing rainbow lingers for 10 seconds, damaging anything it crosses.
Magnet Sphere.png Magnet Sphere Area Effect Armored Bones and Bone Lee 48 Very Fast 14 A slow-moving projectile ball that rapid-fires electric beams at nearby enemies. Disappears after 50 blocks or upon colliding with a block.
Inferno Fork.png Inferno Fork Area Effect Diabolists 65 Average 18 Launches a fireball that generates an explosion that lingers for a few seconds.
  1. If wearing full Meteor Armor.
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