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Type Ore – Crafting material
Damage 20
Max stack 999
Rarity Rarity Level: 0
Use time 14
Sell 2 Silver Coin
Internal Item ID: 116
This article is about the ore. For the biome, see Meteorite (biome).

Meteorite is an uncommon type of ore mined from meteorite crash sites (which occur under a few conditions), and requires a Tungsten Pickaxe (or Gold/Platinum if your world has silver; 45% power is not enough) or better. It also has a 2% chance of being dropped by a Meteor Head.

Once fallen, Meteorite can be located in nearly any area in the world map, even underwater and on the floating islands. A message will appear telling you that it has landed. A meteor can even land near or on NPC settlements. Three Meteorite ores are required to make a Meteorite Bar.

Contact with Meteorite blocks causes damage, unless the player has the Obsidian Skull, Obsidian Shield, Obsidian Horseshoe, Ankh Shield equipped, or is using the Obsidian Skin Potion. Meteorite can be mined without these defenses, so long as the player doesn't come into contact with the blocks except through use of the Pickaxe. The ore is safe to collect once mined.

Any area with 50 Meteorite blocks in close proximity becomes a Meteorite Biome, including the natural crash site, which will spawn Meteor Heads until fewer than 50 Meteorite blocks are present.


Used in[edit]

Result IngredientsCrafting Station
Meteorite Bar.png Meteorite Bar Meteorite.png Meteorite (3) Furnace.png Furnace

Artificial Meteor biome[edit]

If the Player places at least 50 pieces of Meteorite on the screen, they can create an artificial Meteorite Biome. In the Meteorite biome, all monster spawns are replaced by Meteor Heads, which can be more predictable, and tend to do less damage, than the naturally-spawning creatures of The Underworld. If the Player can withstand the Meteor Head attacks they can mine Hellstone in relative peace.

Meteorite cannot replace the Ocean biome, ie. if a Meteorite falls into Ocean, there will still be Sharks and Crabs, with very few Meteor Heads. A Meteorite will also not override the spawns of a Goblin Invasion or Harpies.

Placing at least 50 pieces of Meteorite will not spawn meteor heads in a Hardmode dungeon, nor will it prevent the spawn of associated hardmode mobs.

In Hardmode on the console and mobile versions of Terraria, Meteor Heads still drop Souls in Underground Corruption or Underground Hallow, however in the PC version of Terraria, Meteor Heads will no longer drop anything upon entering hardmode.


  • When a Fallen Star lands on a meteorite ore block, it will be destroyed.
  • Meteorite ore can sometimes overwrite vine, as if the vine was a solid block.
  • The player's Pickaxe can be repositioned while mining, allowing the player to strike Meteor Heads that approach from behind.
  • Water will not prevent damage from a Meteorite block.
  • Blocks between the player and a Meteorite block will prevent damage. A layer of Sand or a similar gravity-affected block can effectively negate much of the danger of mining Meteorite.


  • Turning the ore into Meteorite Bars and selling them is 133% more profitable than selling the ore.


  • 1.2:
    • No longer causes invincibility frames when touched. Instead burns for 10 damage every tick.
    • Increased stack limit from 250 to 999.
    • Now takes fewer hits with a pickaxe to mine. A Nightmare Pickaxe, for example, now takes 2 hits to mine Meteorite instead of 4.
  • 1.0.5: Now have a sparkle effect.
  • Pre-Release: Introduced.
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