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Type Enemy
AI Type Mimic AI
Damage 80
Max Life 500
Defense 30
KB Resist 70%
Coins 10 Gold Coin
Item (Quantity) Rate
Dual Hook.png Dual Hook 14.29%
Magic Dagger.png Magic Dagger 14.29%
Titan Glove.png Titan Glove 14.29%
Compass.png Compass (Pc only.png Console only.png) 14.29%
Philosopher's Stone.png Philosopher's Stone 14.29%
Cross Necklace.png Cross Necklace 14.29%
Star Cloak.png Star Cloak 14.29%
Mimic Banner.png Mimic Banner 0.5%
Light Disc.png Light Disc (Mobile only.png) 14.29%
Internal NPC ID: 85
Ice Mimic
Ice Mimic.png
Type Enemy
Environment Underground Snow
AI Type Mimic AI
Damage 80
Max Life 500
Defense 50
KB Resist 70%
Coins 10 Gold Coin
Item (Quantity) Rate
Frostbrand.png Frostbrand 28.5%
Ice Bow.png Ice Bow 28.5%
Flower of Frost.png Flower of Frost 28.5%
Toy Sled.png Toy Sled 5%
Mimic Banner.png Mimic Banner 0.5%

A Mimic is an uncommon Hardmode enemy disguised as a Chest, appearing as the appropriate Chest type for the environment. Mimics will look exactly like Chests until approached or attacked, at which point they will chase the player.

Mimics take on the appearance of Chests that would normally be found in a given area: normal brown chests closer to the surface, gold chests found underground, and locked Shadow chests in The Underworld. Mimics that spawn in a Snow biome not only take the appearance of Ice Chests, but also produce their own unique drops.

Mimics can be spawned by the player using the Chest Statue, even prior to Hardmode, but they will not drop any coins or items besides the Mimic Banner.


While disguised, Mimics will not show a usual enemy tooltip when hovering the mouse cursor over them, except in the Mobile version. Below are some tips to help differentiate real chests from Mimics.

  • Real Chests will show up on the minimap, but mimics will not.
  • The Spelunker Potion will not cause a Mimic to glow and the Hunter Potion will.
  • Mimics disguised as Gold Chests or Shadow Chests will not emit sparkles like the real versions do.
  • Hitting an inactive Mimic will activate it.
  • Mimics may not line up properly with blocks, as normal Chests would.
  • They can also appear in front of background objects, while real chests cannot.
  • They can also appear on spots where one of the blocks beneath it is an empty space, where real chests will never spawn.
  • Other mobs can walk behind a disguised mimic, which they cannot with a real chest.
  • Mimics can not be unlocked Shadow Chests.
  • If you find any chest in an underground area you've already been in, it's extremely likely it's a mimic, unless you don't break every chest you find.
  • The Scourge of the Corruptor's tiny Eaters will attack the Mimic, even in its disguised form.
  • If you dont mine every chest you find, then mark real ones with a torch or block. If you find a chest with no mark, its most likely a Mimic.
  • When you find a chest hit it with a ranged weapon.


  • Mimics are immune to the Poisoned, On Fire!, and Cursed Inferno debuffs.
  • Activating a Chest Statue before Hardmode will spawn a Mimic. In rare occasions they can even incidentally generate on wires connected to natural Traps, making these traps highly dangerous.
  • Mimics seem to spawn more frequently in Underground Jungle biomes. (This includes the Jungle Temple)
  • A wooden Mimic's only spawn requirement is a naturally generated dirt wall; if you dig out a mountain but leave the backwall, Mimics can occasionally spawn.
  • Present Mimics are a Frost Moon variety of Mimic. They do not drop their usual items.
  • Mimic will always drop exactly one of the items from its loot table (excluding Mimic Banner), chosen at random. This means that the probability of getting at least one of any given item from its loot table (e.g., Star Cloak) after killing 7 mimics is approximately 66%. Therefore, the probability of getting any two given items (e.g., Star Cloak and Cross Necklace which are required to craft Star Veil) after killing 7 mimics is approximately 44%.
  • Mimics may spawn in Pre-Hardmode (Tested in Mobile only.pngMobile version) (Only when spawned by statue, or the glitch where a hardmode character enters a pre-hardmode world.)


  • Targeting Mimics may help players making their way through early Hardmode, and they drop high-damage weapons and good defensive accessories, as well as 10 and or 8 Gold Coin which will help with Hardmode's higher prices.
  • Mimics are much easier to beat on flat land with high tier Spears.
  • An easy way to kill Mimics early in Hardmode is to grapple a high place and attack with a ranged weapon.
  • On the Console version, with 3 or more people on, mimics will never stay in their hidden "Mimic" state, thus making it easier to make a farm and less risky to attack.
  • Pre-Hardmode players spawning Mimics via a Chest Statue should beware, as they are difficult enemies, especially if one only has pre-Hardmode equipment.
  • If the player spawns a mimic via chest statue, the mimic will drop a heart on death.


  • Mimics first appeared in Dungeons & Dragons in 1977, and have appeared in countless publications since.


  • 1.2: Ice Mimic variant and accompanying drops added.
  • 1.1: Introduced.
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