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Mobile-phone-icon.png Mobile-Only Content: This information (or parts of it) applies only to the mobile version of Terraria.
For the mobile version history, see Mobile Version History.

The mobile version of Terraria runs on Android and iOS mobile devices. This version has content that is not included in the PC version and some are not included on the console version, including new enemies, pets and new items. It is available on iOS for $4.99 (€3.69 / £3.12) and on Android for $4.99, where a free trial version is also available.

[edit] New content

Dragon armor.png Dragon armor Boots of Ostara.png Boots of Ostara
Sharanga.png Sharanga Spectral Arrow.png Spectral Arrow Egg Cannon.png Egg Cannon
Arch Demon.png Arch Demon Dragon Hornet.png Dragon Hornet Dragon Snatcher.png Dragon Snatcher Orca.png Orca
Vampire Miner.png Vampire Miner Dragon Skull.png Dragon Skull Albino Antlion.png Albino Antlion Diseaster Bunny
Lepus.png Lepus
Suspicious Looking Egg.png Easter
Pet Bat.png Pet Bat Bat Pet.png Bat Pet Pet Guinea Pig.png Pet Guinea Pig Guinea Pig.png Guinea Pig
Pet Slime.png Pet Slime Slime Pet.png Slime Pet Pet Tiphia.png Pet Tiphia Tiphia.png Tiphia
Pet Werewolf.png Pet Werewolf Werewolf Pet.png Werewolf Pet Pet Zombie.png Pet Zombie Zombie Pet.png Zombie Pet
Pet Android.png Pet Android Android.png Android Pet Elfa.png Pet Elfa Elfa.png Elfa
Cupid.png Cupid Leprechaun o'Fyffe.png Leprechaun o'Fyffe
Brain.png Brain Cabbage.png Cabbage Honeycomb.png Honeycomb Petri Dish.png Petri Dish
Vial of Blood.png Vial of Blood Wolf Fang.png Wolf Fang Holiday Bauble.png Holiday Bauble Shiny Black Slab.png Shiny Black Slab
Broken Heart Crystal.png Broken Heart Crystal Valentine Ring.png Valentine Ring Pot o' Gold.png Pot o' Gold Suspicious Looking Egg.png Suspicious Looking Egg
Rainbow Piece.png Rainbow Piece
  • Only supports small worlds currently and up to 3 saved players/worlds
  • The maximum obtainable health is 200.
  • Hardmode is not available.
  • Mob spawn rate is lower than on the PC or Console versions.
  • Multiplayer with up to four players on iOS and Android as of the 7th of November.
Bug : The Clothier can be named CLOTHIERNAME[23].

[edit] Gallery

[edit] Common Bugs

  • Dying to lava shows falling death message "[Player] didn't bounce" (iOS version 1.1.91) Confirmed
  • Pets don't show buffs (iOS?).
  • Parts of Dragon armor have a 0.01% chance of being found in jungle chests (Android/iOS).
  • After leaving your world and returning, chests don't open and all NPCs are gone. World parts may despawn.
  • Dirt Rod places dirt as an item (Android), and uses mana at an extreme rate (iOS?). Also only destroys dirt upon touch (iOS?)
  • Lighting is bugged in corruption.
  • Some worlds have no waterleaf due to ocean.
  • Music is doubled and does not always play when it should.
  • If the Santa NPC is killed during December, this will crash the game(iOS)
  • Sometimes your Inventory only has items in a long column and gigantic spaces making it almost impossible to move things around.
  • Sometimes inventory bugs where there is only 1 inventory slot. (iOS and Android)
  • When crafting a Mana Crystal with any more than 10 Fallen Stars, it may craft two or three Mana Crystals. (Android)
  • When crafting or buying things, you may get a lot more than what you want. (iOS)
  • When playing in Multiplayer, mostly, you can see NPCs fall from the sky. (iOS)
  • While you get hurt in lava, if you go into your equip section, most of your body will be invisible, showing your foot.
  • Wyvern won't spawn after you have killed the Wall of Flesh (iOS)
  • If you kill someone with a night's edge, the gravestone has a chance to mistake the night's edge for a gold watch.(iOS?)