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Mobile only.png Mobile-Only Content: This information (or parts of it) applies only to the mobile version of Terraria.
For the mobile version history, see Mobile Version History.

The mobile version of Terraria is ported by 505 Games in collaboration with Codeglue and RakNet and runs on Android, iOS, and Windows mobile devices. This version is currently equivalent (roughly) to the desktop version, with the exception of Amazon, being equivalent to desktop version It also has some content that is not included in the desktop or Console versions, including exclusive enemies, bosses, pets, and other items.

It is available on:

  • iOS for $4.99 (€4.48 / £3.29)
  • Android via Google Play for $4.99 (€4.48 / £3.29)
  • Android via Amazon for $4.99 (€4.48 / £3.29)
  • Windows Phone for $4.99 (€4.48 / £3.29)

See the mobile FAQ maintained by 505 Games for some technical tips.

Mobile-exclusive content[edit | edit source]

Some items also appear in the Console only.png Console version. The mobile version also includes items introduced in Console 1.2.

Weapons and Ammunition
Tizona.png Tizona Tonbogiri.png Tonbogiri Sharanga.png Sharanga Vulcan Repeater.png Vulcan Repeater
Egg Cannon.png Egg Cannon Spectral Arrow.png Spectral Arrow Vulcan Bolt.png Vulcan Bolt Heart Arrow.png Heart Arrow
Holy Hand Grenade.png Holy Hand Grenade Roman Candle.png Roman Candle
Sparkly Wings.png Sparkly Wings
Armors and Vanity items
Dragon armor.png Dragon armor Spectral armor.png Spectral armor Titan armor.png Titan armor Boots of Ostara.png Boots of Ostara
Hero's clothes (console).png Hero's Clothes (different look) Plumber's Clothes (console).png Plumber's Clothes (different look) Alpine Hat.png Alpine Hat Lederweste.png Lederweste
Lederhosen.png Lederhosen Oktober Locks.png Oktober Locks Dirndl Blouse.png Dirndl Blouse Dirndl Skirt.png Dirndl Skirt
Festive Top Hat.png Festive Top Hat Ocram Mask.png Ocram Mask
Albino Antlion.png Albino Antlion Arch Demon.png Arch Demon Arch Wyvern Head Horizontal.png Arch Wyvern Dragon Hornet.png Dragon Hornet
Dragon Snatcher.png Dragon Snatcher Dragon Skull.png Dragon Skull Orca.png Orca Servant of Ocram.png Servant of Ocram
Shadow Hammer.png Shadow Hammer Shadow Mummy.png Shadow Mummy Shadow Slime.png Shadow Slime Spectral Gastropod.png Spectral Gastropod
Spectral Mummy.png Spectral Mummy Spectral Elemental.png Spectral Elemental Vampire Miner.png Vampire Miner Diseaster Bunny.png Diseaster Bunny
Ocram Trophy.png Ocram Trophy Albino Antlion Banner.png Albino Antlion Banner Orca Banner.png Orca Banner Vampire Miner Banner.png Vampire Miner Banner
Shadow Hammer Banner.png Shadow Hammer Banner Shadow Mummy Banner.png Shadow Mummy Banner Spectral Gastropod Banner.png Spectral Gastropod Banner Spectral Elemental Banner.png Spectral Elemental Banner
Dragon Snatcher Banner.png Dragon Snatcher Banner Arch Wyvern Banner.png Arch Wyvern Banner Arch Demon Banner.png Arch Demon Banner
Lepus.png Lepus Ocram.png Ocram Turkor the Ungrateful.png Turkor the Ungrateful
Seasonal events
Suspicious Looking Egg.png Easter Wiesnbräu.png Oktoberfest Pet Turkey.png Thanksgiving
Cupid.png Valentine's Day Pot o' Gold.png St. Patrick's Day
Bat Pet.png Bat Pet ( Vial of Blood.png Vial of Blood ) Leprechaun o'Fyffe.png Leprechaun o'Fyffe ( Pot o' Gold.png Pot o' Gold )
Guinea Pig.png Guinea Pig ( Cabbage.png Cabbage ) Cupid.png Cupid ( Broken Heart Crystal.png Broken Heart Crystal )
Slime Pet.png Slime ( Petri Dish.png Petri Dish ) Worm Pet.png Worm Pet ( Suspicious Looking Apple.png Suspicious Looking Apple )
Tiphia.png Tiphia ( Beeswax.png Beeswax ) Old Lady Pet.png Old Lady ( Old Walking Stick.png Old Walking Stick )
Werewolf Pet.png Werewolf Pet ( Wolf Fang.png Wolf Fang ) Pet Turkey.png Pet Turkey ( Turkey Feather.png Turkey Feather )
Zombie Pet.png Zombie Pet ( Brain.png Brain ) Pet Drone.png Pet Drone ( Mysterious Package.png Mysterious Package ) (removed)
Android.png Android ( Shiny Black Slab.png Shiny Black Slab ) Pet Golden Turtle.png Golden Turtle ( Golden Seaweed.png Golden Seaweed ) (unobtainable)
Elfa.png Elfa ( Holiday Bauble.png Holiday Bauble )
Other Items
Cursed Stuffing.png Cursed Stuffing Horn 'o' Plenty.png Horn 'o' Plenty Rainbow Piece.png Rainbow Piece Strange Looking Tombstone.png Strange Looking Tombstone
Soul of Blight.png Soul of Blight Suspicious Looking Egg.png Suspicious Looking Egg Suspicious Looking Skull.png Suspicious Looking Skull Valentine Ring.png Valentine Ring
Wiesnbräu.png Wiesnbräu
Heart Shrine.png Heart Shrines Jungle Sanctum.PNG Jungle Sanctum

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Only supports worlds smaller than small worlds currently and up to 3 saved players and worlds, and 1 player on cloud and 1 world on cloud. More worlds and players can be added, but this must be done manually through the file system.
  • Local multiplayer with up to four players is supported on iOS and Android.
  • New players spawn with a Wooden Sword instead of a Copper Shortsword like on Desktop and Console.
  • After beating Plantera, all dungeon enemies have a 1/13 chance of spawning a Dungeon Spirit when killed regardless of health; while on console and Desktop, only enemies with 100 health or higher have a chance of spawning a dungeon spirit upon death.
  • On mobile every weapon is granted autoswing.
  • In mobile, you cannot write on Signs.
  • In Hardmode, the day and night cycle is the same length as the PC version, but before Hardmode, it is much shorter.
  • All characters are on the Softcore Difficulty Setting.
  • When it rains at night, there is a lightning effect.
  • The Torches' graphics are different.
  • Living Tree comes with torches.
  • On the mobile version, screen size is slightly/much smaller then the Desktop Version's screen size, making some boss fights, events, and catching Truffle Worms harder.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Console/Mobile only items
Weapons & Ammunition Mobile only.pngEgg Cannon • Sharanga • Tizona • Tonbogiri • Vulcan Repeater • Spectral Arrow • Vulcan Bolt • Mobile only.pngHeart Arrow • Mobile only.pngHoly Hand Grenade • Mobile only.pngRoman Candle
Armors, Accessories & Vanity items Dragon armor • Titan armor • Spectral armor • Mobile only.pngBoots of Ostara • Mobile only.pngValentine Ring • Sparkly Wings • Fabulous Outfit • George's Tuxedo • Mobile only.pngOktober Locks • Mobile only.pngDirndl Blouse • Mobile only.pngDirndl Skirt • Mobile only.pngAlpine Hat • Mobile only.pngLederweste • Mobile only.pngLederhosen • Mobile only.pngFestive Top Hat
Pets Beeswax • Brain • Mobile only.pngBroken Heart Crystal • Cabbage • Mobile only.pngGolden Seaweed • Mobile only.pngHoliday Bauble • Mobile only.pngMysterious Package • Mobile only.pngOld Walking Stick • Petri Dish • Mobile only.pngPot o' Gold • Mobile only.pngShiny Black Slab • Mobile only.pngSuspicious Looking Apple • Mobile only.pngTurkey Feather • Vial of Blood • Wolf Fang
Music Boxes Music Box (Ocean) • Music Box (Snow) • Music Box (Space) • Music Box (Tutorial)
Banners Albino Antlion • Arch Demon • Arch Wyvern • Dragon Snatcher • Orca • Shadow Hammer • Shadow Mummy • Spectral Elemental • Spectral Gastropod • Vampire Miner
Other Ocram Trophy • Soul of Blight • Suspicious Looking Skull • Mobile only.pngWiesnbräu • Mobile only.pngStrange Looking Tombstone • Mobile only.pngRainbow Piece • Mobile only.pngCursed Stuffing • Mobile only.pngHorn 'o' Plenty
Console/Mobile only enemies
Pre-Hardmode Albino Antlion • Arch Demon • Dragon Hornet • Dragon Skull • Dragon Snatcher • Orca • Vampire Miner
Hardmode Arch Wyvern • Shadow Hammer • Shadow Mummy • Shadow Slime • Spectral Elemental • Spectral Gastropod • Spectral Mummy
Bosses Ocram • Servant of Ocram • Mobile only.png Lepus • Mobile only.png Diseaster Bunny • Mobile only.png Turkor the Ungrateful